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How management gets it wrong and how you can get it right 31 October, 2013 Compassion Haiku: daily insights and practise for developing compassion for yourself and for others. 29 October, 2013 Placement Learning in Medical Nursing 17 October, 2013 Psychology for nurses and the caring professions 3 October, 2013 Sisters – Memories from the courageous nurses of World War Two 3 October, 2013 Increasing Value: Commissioning on the Front Line 3 October, 2013 The Nightingale Girls 3 October, 2013 Rheumatology and the Kidney, second edition 17 September, 2013 Multiple Sclerosis – the facts 19 September, 2013 Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease a guide for the non-specialist 17 September, 2013 Leadership for Person Centred Dementia Care 7 August, 2013 Mosby’s Drug Guide for Nursing Students: Tenth Edition 7 August, 2013 Understanding Pain 5 August, 2013 Introduction to Community Nursing Practice 5 August, 2013 A Guide to Practical Health Promotion 17 June, 2013 Better Patient Feedback, Better Healthcare 5 August, 2013 Pancreatic Cancer A Patient and his Doctor Balance Hope and Truth 16 July, 2013 How to write your nursing dissertation 4 July, 2013 Further Essentials of Pharmacology for Nurses 2 July, 2013 Management and Leadership in Nursing and Health Care: An Experiential Approach 26 June, 2013 Setting Up and Facilitating Bereavement Support Groups. 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Valuing the healthcare assistant. 8 May, 2013 Leading Evidence Informed Value Improvement in Healthcare 2 May, 2013 Angina and Heart Attack 30 April, 2013 Epilepsy across the spectrum: Promoting health and understanding 25 April, 2013 The Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal, Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence, seventh edition 25 April, 2013 Dying to live. A personal journey through terminal illness using spiritual logic 23 April, 2013 Reading Research, fifth edition 22 April, 2013 Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN Examination 22 April, 2013 Quick look at Medicine 18 April, 2013 Dementia support for Families and Friends 16 April, 2013 A Survival Guide To Children’s Nursing 7 March, 2013 Anatomy and Physiology (Laboratory Manual) 28 February, 2013 Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job 8 April, 2013 Think about your life. Practical tools for people on the cancer journey 7 March, 2013 Inconvenient People 27 March, 2013 A Nurse’s Survival Guide to The Ward, Third Edition 7 March, 2013 Oxford Handbook of Clinical Skills for Children’s and Young People’s Nursing 28 February, 2013 My Journey: Reflections on Life from a Cancer Survivor 7 March, 2013 Professional discipline and healthcare regulators: a legal handbook 7 March, 2013 Illuminating Florence. Finding Nightingales Legacy in Your Practice 7 March, 2013 Change Leadership in NURSING: How change occurs in a complex hospital system 7 March, 2013 Nursing Leadership: A concise Encyclopedia (second edition) 7 March, 2013 Leadership in Health and Social Care 7 March, 2013 Statistics for the Health Sciences 28 February, 2013 Essential Nursing Skills, Fourth Edition 1 March, 2013 Counselling and Psychotherapy for Families in Times of Illness and Death 28 February, 2013 The Student's Guide to Becoming a Nurse 28 February, 2013 Nursing OSCEs: A Complete Guide to Exam Success 28 February, 2013 Succeeding in Essays, Exams, and OSCEs 8 February, 2013 How to be Happy: Simple ways to build your confidence and resilience to become a happier, healthier you 8 February, 2013 Medicines Management in Children’s Nursing 8 February, 2013 The Cancer Survivors Club 4 February, 2013 Becoming a Registered Nurse: Making the Transition to Practice 31 January, 2013 District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures 31 January, 2013 Face to Face with Emotions in Health and Social Care 31 January, 2013 Prescribed: Writing, Filling, Using and Abusing the Prescription in Modern America 24 January, 2013 The Silent Child: Communication without words 24 January, 2013 Beating Melanoma. A Five –Step Survival Guide 23 January, 2013 Communication in Nursing 17 January, 2013 Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction   17 January, 2013 The First Cut 11 January, 2013 Adulthood and Aging 11 January, 2013 How to Shine: Insights into unlocking your potential from proven winners 4 December, 2012 A Nurse’s Guide to Women’s Mental Health 4 December, 2012 Adult Nursing Practice: Using Evidence in care 20 December, 2012 Disorders of sex development 14 December, 2012 Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer 14 December, 2012 First Do Less Harm 11 December, 2012 Paediatric Advanced Life Support: A Guide for Nurses (second edition) 4 December, 2012 Priorities in Critical Care Nursing (Sixth Edition) 4 December, 2012 Effective Writing in Psychology; papers, posters and presentations (second edition) 4 December, 2012 Responding in mental health – substance use 28 November, 2012 Developing Services in: Mental Health-Substance Use 21 November, 2012 Speaking Honestly With Sick and Dying Children and Adolescents: Unlocking the Silence 20 November, 2012 Dyslexia and other Learning Difficulties 20 November, 2012 Working with children and teenagers using solution focused approaches 13 November, 2012 Interventions in mental health – substance use 12 November, 2012 Perinatal Mental Health: A clinical guide 25 October, 2012 Neuroscience Nursing Evidence Based Practice 25 October, 2012 Excellence in Compassionate Nursing Care – Leading the change   5 November, 2012 Care Planning in Children and Young People’s Nursing 22 October, 2012 Valuing People with a Learning Disability 19 October, 2012 Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Nursing 18 October, 2012 Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient (Third Edition) 17 October, 2012 (Re)Thinking violence in Health Care settings. 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Second edition 18 September, 2012 Handbook of Service User Involvement in Nursing & Heathcare Research 17 September, 2012 Long-term conditions. 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Practical and positive ways of adapting to chronic pain   19 July, 2012 The Textbook of Non-Medical Prescribing   18 July, 2012 A Wartime Nurse   16 July, 2012 Successful Mentoring in Nursing 12 July, 2012 How To Get Better Value Healthcare 12 July, 2012 A Misted Mirror   6 July, 2012 A woman’s disease. The history of cervical cancer   6 July, 2012 Using research in practice   5 July, 2012 Dignifying Dementia; a Caregiver’s Struggle   2 July, 2012 Care in Mental Health - Substance Use 20 June, 2012 Effective GP Commissioning: Essential knowledge, skills and attitudes   26 June, 2012 CriticAir: Starting to Read ECGs 1   20 June, 2012 Advanced Practice in Healthcare   20 June, 2012 Teaching as if life matters: The promise of a new education culture   19 June, 2012 Art Therapy and Creative Coping Techniques for Older Adults   6 June, 2012 Clinical Wisdom and Interventions in Acute and Critical Care, A thinking-in-action approach, second edition   18 May, 2012 Nursing and Health Survival Guides for: Drugs in Use, Clinical Skills, and Health Promotion   18 May, 2012 Critical care nursing science and practice (second edition)   1 June, 2012 Health Promotion and Public Health for Nursing Students   17 May, 2012 Nurse! Nurse! A student nurse’s story   28 May, 2012 The Cancer Survivor’s Companion – Practical ways to cope with your feelings after cancer   17 May, 2012 Heal your brain: how the new neuropsychiatry can help you go from better to well   17 May, 2012 Facilitating Learning in Healthcare   17 May, 2012 Listening to children and young people in healthcare consultations   17 May, 2012 A Nurse in Time: my life as a trainee nurse in the 1930s   14 May, 2012 Clinical Responsibility   10 May, 2012 Healthcare Management, second edition   10 May, 2012 Terrorism and Public Health. A balanced approach to strengthening systems and protecting people. 2nd Edition   1 May, 2012 Legal Aspects of Nursing   27 April, 2012 Understanding Crisis Therapies   24 April, 2012 Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People   18 April, 2012 Critical Care Nursing - Learning from Practice   18 April, 2012 Matron on Call   16 April, 2012 It is Not Out of Reach: Your Stepping Stone to Success   22 March, 2012 It Shouldn’t Happen to a Midwife   26 March, 2012 Women’s Health Research: Progress, Pitfalls and Promise   26 March, 2012 A loving approach to dementia care   22 March, 2012 Gift of Time   15 March, 2012 Nursing before Nightingale, 1815-1899 (The History of Medicine in Context) 5 March, 2012 Developing Advanced Assessment Skills: Patients with Long-Term Conditions (LTCs)   5 March, 2012 Nursing Research in Action: Exploring, Understanding and Developing Skills. 3rd Edition 5 March, 2012 Laugh ‘til it heals. Notes from the world’s funniest cancer mailbox 1 March, 2012 Nurse past present and future; the making of modern nursing   1 March, 2012 Long-term conditions: Nursing care and management   27 February, 2012 The Nightingale Shore Murder: The life and death of a Queen’s Nurse   10 February, 2012 Fundamentals of Nursing (2nd Edition)   11 January, 2012 Show Stress Who’s Boss!   11 January, 2012 Perspectives on Care at Home for Older People   3 January, 2012 Examination of the Newborn   8 December, 2011 Perspectives on Cancer Care 22 November, 2011 The Moon and Madness Title: The Moon and MadnessAuthor: Niall McCraePublisher: Imprint Academic, 2011Reviewer: Carol Cooper, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, Sheffield Hallam UniversityWhat was it like? 26 October, 2011 Assessing Evidence to improve Population Health and Wellbeing Title: Assessing Evidence to improve Population Health and Wellbeing (Transforming Public Health Practice)Author: Carmen AceijasPublisher: Learning Matters Ltd.Reviewer: Paul Watson, School Nurse, Norfolk Community Health and Care (NCH+C). 20 October, 2011 Bread, Jam and a Borrowed Pram: A nurse’s story from the streets Title: Bread, Jam and a Borrowed Pram: A nurse’s story from the streetsAuthor: Dot May DunnPublisher: Orion Books, 2011Reviewer: Jenni Middleton, Editor, Nursing Times, EMAPWhat was it like? 14 October, 2011