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  • Comment on: NICE sets out guidance on safe nurse staffing levels for hospitals

    andy's comment 17-Jul-2014 10:32 pm

    The numbers should be based on RNs who deliver direct patient care, not just any RNs on shift. Ratios could potentially change from 1 RN to 5 Patients, to 1 RN to 9 patients. On top of that RNs are expected to complete all the administrative tasks, which takes them away from patient care, otherwise if its 'not written, its not done'. Then when one or two people's acuity rises; how quickly can you expect to find another RN to help the ward out? Even with 1RN to 8 patients, a frequent situation people could find themselves in is: 3 patients wanting to go to toilet together, 2 confused and 2 at higher risk of falling and maybe 1 asleep (or may have deteriorated quietly) and all happening in the middle of the night.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Senior nurses to advise nursing regulator on future strategy

    andy's comment 17-Jul-2014 10:13 pm

    great, nothing seems to change... a severe lack of nurses who are hands on, on the frontline and patient facing, day in, day out; being told what to do by those who know better with a list of 'you must do...' it will be great to see these leaders work a week, in every couple of months or so, as HCAs and not just doing audits, paper-pushing and delegating it to others to do. Then come up with some workable solutions that befits their status of ensuring patient safety.

  • Comment on: Nurses in Wales handed living wage increase but no 1% pay rise for all

    andy's comment 13-Jul-2014 9:04 pm

    not voting for blues or yellows, working to rule, supporting those who do go on strike (wont any nurses unions go on strike?) and getting everyone else to do likewise. when patients care suffer though lack of staff and resources, people are quick enough to complain, except to do what needs to be done. We'll end up going to foodbanks at this rate.

  • Comment on: 'We want the code to articulate what it means to be a nurse', says NMC

    andy's comment 6-Jul-2014 0:58 am

    How much are these consultations + revisions costing? The more bureaucracy that gets added into any system, the more it costs, and also core messages could become more diluted. How much does it cost to maintain a register of nurses and midwives? Then work from there. Any registrant who isn't up to scratch should be taken through the courts, and dealt with under existing laws. Such as abuse would come under assault, then it would show up on someone's DBS checks, and cannot work in practice until they have served their time and if appropriate make changes to their practices, before being allowed to deliver any care again. Under duty of candour, its been said many times NMC and the government aren't fit for practice, and yet, nothing much seems to change!

  • Comment on: RCN ceases providing indemnity cover for most members

    andy's comment 6-Jul-2014 0:46 am

    I suppose the question is why do we need to join any union? as employers are supposed to support their staff and to help them deliver high quality patient care. Is it just for the indemnity - then wouldn't it be better just to go straight into paying for a insurance policy to protect you in your practice instead and not to join any union? Also why pay when people can still benefit from union members who contribute their fees which goes towards collective bargaining of the unions with employers, which means that non-union members can also benefit without having paying into a union. At present, if things move towards industrial action and strikes, then union members might get protection, that's if people are bothered to take any action.

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