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  • Comment on: Exclusive: Return to practice courses to be free in bid to tempt former nurses

    andy's comment 26-Sep-2014 9:47 am

    Why RTP when you could be an MP? Better pay, gold plated pensions, decent expenses claims procedure, loads of recess during school holidays, fewer all night sessions, you're probably better qualified than some MPs about healthcare + definitely more caring. On the flip side, you might get institutional bullying, subjected to heckling and get whipped by the whips! ;)

  • Comment on: Labour leader promises funding for 20,000 more NHS nurses

    andy's comment 26-Sep-2014 9:35 am

    Ex senior civil servant said cuts to public sector likely to last another 5 years. How governments value nurses is mainly rhetorical and not through actions, as far as I'm concerned. Real terms erosion of terms + conditions, enforced by politicians who are much better off, and are not dealing with public, patients + relatives who do need the proper health + social care. They just want votes + headline grabbing snippets to sound good.

  • Comment on: Low status jobs linked to increased type 2 diabetes risk

    andy's comment 26-Sep-2014 9:25 am

    Could this be why some nurses are out of shape and risk of diabetes? Through lifestyle, stress + status of work

  • Comment on: Most hospital trusts have raided EU for nurses in past four years

    andy's comment 26-Sep-2014 9:20 am

    Great to have skilled staff working here. Next time abroad + needing treatment / care, how long will waiting times be? how is staffing levels + skill mix? It takes time to establish excellent teams. Care needs to be taken not to waste resources building up a transient work-force, in all probably move on or return home with better skills + experiences. Also doesn't stop other countries poaching UK trained, skilled + experienced staff either.

  • Comment on: Longer nursing shifts 'hit patient care', warns major study

    andy's comment 26-Sep-2014 9:03 am

    Great! Higher unsocial hours payments, unlikely. More time to try to document fully + concisely everything done, whilst not getting distracted + losing train of thought. Not written = Not done ;) Longer shifts requires better pacing + more breaks, away from work area. How many times breaks ihave been delayed, whilst trying to leave the ward, as someone else needs help and no staff around, as we're all busy... Ever timed how efficient people work, when fresh vs tired? and how many errors + poorer decisions creep in? Spare beds on the ward, so we can cover 24 hour shifts next possibly?? Beds stay warm, bit like on submarines, as staff rotates on/off duties + breaks ;-) lol whatever next. Time politicians, execs + directors regularly worked these shifts with same staffing levels, pay + conditions.

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