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  • Comment on: Top nurse urges staff to follow 'moral compass' on poor standards

    andy's comment 5-Sep-2014 9:58 am

    Oops predictive text... That's Water with Rehydrating properties for dehydrated people. Yes anyone can give some. No good watching some get thirsty and not doing something positive.

  • Comment on: Top nurse urges staff to follow 'moral compass' on poor standards

    andy's comment 5-Sep-2014 9:53 am

    Probably already mentioned, I'd like to see 'top nurses' follow their 'moral compass' and actively do something about raising standards, and not just through delegation to others to do it. For that matter 'top' medics, 'top' execs' 'top' directors, and 'top' admin staff should do likewise, as befits their role and status. A chief exec / director can only pour one glass of water, give it to one patient and help them drink it, one at a time. To get 40x or more pay than another valued member of staff and not doing 40x more work or higher efficiency, makes people wonder. Maybe that glass is made from antibacterial silver and the water is imbued with lifesaving dehydrating properties...

  • Comment on: Homeless being discharged onto the streets, survey finds

    andy's comment 5-Sep-2014 9:33 am

    The inadequate social care funding structure is being looked at, though nothing will be done for a long time, is my feeling of how government + councils work. Besides to raise this amount if revenue how much more will front line staff be taxed. Also some migrants, refugees + asylum seekers are also homeless, along with trafficked people. Would they get a bed, food, lodgings, medical + social interventions if they physically / mentally need it. That's why some people come into UK, and probably get much better treatment on the streets here than from where they come from. Everyone should get basic life saving treatment. Everything else, a contribution should be made to pay into the system. I'm sure more creative solutions are out there.

  • Comment on: 'I've got the hump with the NMC'

    andy's comment 5-Sep-2014 9:16 am

    There's a massive shortage of teachers, especially in London (even if standards have risen recently). They're saying they're not paid enough too (compared with city workers) but that's still better than nurses grade for grade. Also as economy gets better, there will be less recruits for teaching due to lack of support, bureaucracy and the stresses involved. Sound like nursing too except nursing work is 24/7/365 and try getting Xmas + New Year off, or few weeks off during summer (bit hard, when other staff wants same time off). So called regulators should work a week (every month) where most nurses/midwives to gain first hand experiences of balancing patients care. Ps I think there's no regulatory body for teachers in England, meaning no deductions from teachers or from employers, and don't see suffering as a result. Time to scrap registered fees. A database of registrants costs a fraction to run. Initially employers can deal with poor care, if needed law courts can deal with criminal cases. NMC can make decisions about registrants from reviewing evidence given to courts. Don't need massive expenses claims either.

  • Comment on: Student nurses to wear 'hello my name is' badges

    andy's comment 3-Sep-2014 10:15 am

    Maybe all staff should wear decent sized badges and introduce themselves as part of good practice and manners. Too many times I've mistaken pharmacists, therapists, physicians, surgeons, some nurses and managers, when they come around wearing regular clothes, hard to see or no ID badges and still not introduce themselves. Maybe 36-point bold comic sans typeface is a good start.

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