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  • Comment on: North west London health service reorganisation 'damaging to patient safety', says RCN members

    andy's comment 29-Jan-2015 9:16 am

    “We have always said it would take three to five years to implement the out of hospital improvements that our residents deserve" Would it have made better sense to keep existing services intact, while improvements came online in the community? New hospitals, new staff and probably same management.

  • Comment on: Practice nurse training 'key aspect' of NHS England £10 million intiative

    andy's comment 28-Jan-2015 9:31 am

    Nursing staff and other primary care workers are cheaper + quicker to get in place than doctors. But should not be a quick fix to resolve GP shortages. Current nursing shortages are already affecting patients care. HEE would also need to educate the country what modern staff can currently do + even more with further development.

  • Comment on: Nurse and midwife strike action suspended after new pay offer

    andy's comment 28-Jan-2015 9:07 am

    If this 1%, previously recommended by the Pay Review Body, is 'the best that can be achieved by negotiations' and 'signal the start of a period of negotiations to deliver long term pay reform in the NHS' then I am even more worried about the future of the NHS. Just feels like this government could claim they listened, gave staff what they wanted and secured patients care. This should of happened when they got elected, not 100 days before the next election. It's not a 10% rise which would be more like what staff are worth, and that would secure the staff needed for safe patients care.

  • Comment on: Thousands sign petition against dilution of NHS unsocial hours payment

    andy's comment 13-Jan-2015 11:47 am

    The usual 'previous administration was rubbish...' doesn't wash anymore. It's 4+ years and things feel worse with more cuts to come. Current unsocial hours uplift is nothing to cheer about, still wrecks family/social life but at least its some recognition. This government wants cheap healthcare, wrecking the NHS, causes more patient harm in the process and costing more in the long run. Staff should not be working unpaid overtime or flat bank rate work. It's financial abuse and keeps pay down. Agency rates is more like what regular staff should be paid. Time to change this government. Who's better? who knows but keeping more of the same should not be an option.

  • Comment on: Tories pledge to make it harder for public sector workers to strike

    andy's comment 12-Jan-2015 11:46 pm

    Yes, be ideal if there were far better turn outs. Can't help silent majority being tuned out and turned off politics, with all the political rhetoric on the airwaves. Would like to see MPs get 40%+ of eligible votes for each constituency, so we would have confidence of knowing our MPs have strong support of their constituents. Sorry forgot that this doesn't apply to politicians. People don't have to be in a trade union if they don't like what trade unions do. They can still work without being in one. For those that are, this is yet another example of the government wanting to ignore what these members have to say. Before this gets implemented, I will encourage people not to vote for any party that has a pledge like this. Union member or not, we're all in this together and will likely to suffer from poor government policies together.

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