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Sandy Beech

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  • Comment on: Exclusive: New nurses in London set to get job guarantees

    Sandy Beech's comment 16 January, 2016 9:03 am

    Vacancy rates high and yet posts are difficult to fill, leaving staff to struggle to deliver quality care.
    Inadequate remuneration + lack of appropriate support are a couple of many causes of failing to retain staff.
    To get development + promotion staff have to apply for jobs, even internally (in some cases their own jobs), so most will also apply externally to where talent will be recognised and rewarded.
    London like most large cities is very expensive place to live. But surrounding it are more opportunities to work and some are offering HCA, recruitment premia + development packages to be competitive.

  • Comment on: Hospital trust admits rotas denied nurses sufficient rest

    Sandy Beech's comment 16 January, 2016 8:45 am

    Looks like eroster safeguards not set up, removed or overridden by senior managers.

    Most of us can't afford private care. Pray our caring colleagues aren't on the edge of burnout when we all need care at some point.
    Though some people could get karma returned to them in some form, for not looking after healthcare staff years earlier.

  • Comment on: RCN warns against taking nursing off migration list

    Sandy Beech's comment 16 January, 2016 8:35 am

    Cant get enough home grown students, blocking migrant nurses from coming in, agency cap in place... whatever DH say about figures in training + nurses recruited (no mention numbers leaving over same period) and potential numbers of student places, the reality is unsafe staffing + skills mix in hospitals + community. Patients left to wait longer for everything.
    Nurses are missing / delaying breaks, staying late for various reasons esp documentation, stressed all due to lack of staff, resources + higher numbers of patients with more complex needs.

    Failure of retention is key. Recruiting is very expensive when failing to retain high quality + experienced staff, and leaves a massive gap in patients care when they leave before new recruits are in place (not to mention time to bed in + consolidate practice).
    Overtime isnt generally paid, as trusts want to pay bank rates (generally lower than substantive rate). If there isnt enough bank staff, they're forced to take agency (capped) or more likely make frontline staff cope on existing numbers and pray nothing untoward happens to patients or staff. Though can't see agency use going down due to lack of visible staff. Agency will go to people/trusts who pays and not bother with trusts that don't, leaving them understaffed. NHS staff can work as p/t agency in their own time, possibly before quitting NHS. Like doctors, others are leaving to private or third sector, or abroad, in nursing/non-nursing roles.

  • Comment on: Patients given badges to reward quality nursing

    Sandy Beech's comment 16 January, 2016 7:36 am

    What about writing letters of compliments of staff who delivered excellent care, individuals and teams, and send them to the chief exec / PALs at the trust?

    And even better nominate AND award more frontline nurses for Honours (not just for senior positions as quite a lot don't get /want to climb the ladder) to recognise their service to the nation + overcoming challenges everyday by facing + dealing with anxious / distressed patients, right across the entire spectrum of care, + not being helped due to lack of resources, support, appropriate remuneration and poor policies right from the top.

  • Comment on: Plans to change nurse break-times spark petition

    Sandy Beech's comment 14 January, 2016 7:21 am

    How about making compulsory breaks PAID. It's tough enough with trying to fit everything into a shift without staying late to finish off documentation.

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