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  • Comment on: Fresh strike date announced by unions in NHS pay dispute

    andy's comment 1-Nov-2014 11:00 am

    Fire Brigade Union are out on strike for 4 days - a bit more of an impact than for 4 hours. Think gender pay gap is another big issue needing to be addressed (including gender related industries/workforce) and not just in supermarkets. Don't think government/politicians will listen and do very much about it - unless their own pay + pensions are brought in-line with the national average, or my preference is all public sector staff receive the same remuneration as the do, as everyone serves the population.

  • Comment on: NMC calls on nurses to 'put honesty at the heart of healthcare'

    andy's comment 15-Oct-2014 3:20 pm

    Can we start off by expressing concerns that restrictions of resources + staffing levels caused by on-going policies has caused healthcare quality treatments + care not being delivered at the standards we'd like. It is not just caused by nurses. Potentially on an understaffed ward, if 1 patient deteriorates, all other patients and staff are now at increased risks of harm / distress. Not enough money? There's money where the government wants to put it - however it will cost much more for future healthcare of patients if nurses aren't supported now.

  • Comment on: NMC pledges to monitor impact of fee rise on size of nursing workforce

    andy's comment 9-Oct-2014 4:38 pm

    Oh great! How much will this monitoring going to cost? It shouldn't cost, as they should just be able to find out when people don't reregister. There isn't a part-year refund for those who leave (either through retirement or otherwise) before the end of their registration year. If it's for patients care and not about the registrants, then its time either fund it elsewhere, like through the government from taxation (as we have to pay that too, except for those that can't work) or scrap the fee altogether - as it's payment to an organisation with nothing back for the people paying. Didn't they scrap dog-licences years ago, we work very hard and do the best we can ;)

  • Comment on: NMC approves rise in registration fee to £120 a year

    andy's comment 4-Oct-2014 0:29 am

    Never in the field of nursing + midwifery has this much been paid, by so many giving their hearts + soul, and so few benefit from their (NMC's) work. If anything, nurses + midwives are paying and waiting to get struck off for something, sooner or later. They should scrap the pretence of looking after patients, and just stick with their core function of maintaining database of registrants. There are better organisations to look after patients' interests and needs; and other organisations much better to develop quality + standards of practice for registrants.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Return to practice courses to be free in bid to tempt former nurses

    andy's comment 26-Sep-2014 9:47 am

    Why RTP when you could be an MP? Better pay, gold plated pensions, decent expenses claims procedure, loads of recess during school holidays, fewer all night sessions, you're probably better qualified than some MPs about healthcare + definitely more caring. On the flip side, you might get institutional bullying, subjected to heckling and get whipped by the whips! ;)

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