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  • Comment on: Should we have a standard prescription chart across the NHS?

    andy's comment 18-Apr-2014 2:19 pm

    No variable dose medication prescription and a high number of tick boxes. Imagine how long it takes to write / rewrite a full chart, what it might look like, then would medics like to dispense + administer those prescriptions for a few shifts please ;)

  • Comment on: Should we have a standard prescription chart across the NHS?

    andy's comment 18-Apr-2014 2:09 pm

    Would this be like an electronic variety where I don't have to decipher script or squint my eyes to work out what's prescribed, the dose and when to give something, assuming it's the right medication for treatment ;)

  • Comment on: NICE calls on nurses to up their game on infection control

    andy's comment 18-Apr-2014 2:02 pm

    Heat, Pressure + Avoiding close contact areas (such as hospitals, shops, public transport, schools, etc) are 3 ways to prevent spread of infections.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: 'We know we still have a lot to do,' says NMC leader

    andy's comment 16-Apr-2014 12:55 pm

    It sounds like its heading towards £200 pa and still they're not fit for practice. Personally I think they can hold hearings in meeting rooms of various trusts (which does not have to be where the registrant worked) around the country. They should also throw out cases which should have been resolved at a local level. If NMC can't be lead by a nurse, then maybe a nurse should apply to lead the GMC or even head the Department of Health.

  • Comment on: Unison votes in favour of ballot over pay action

    andy's comment 16-Apr-2014 9:53 am

    Gareth Phillips | 16-Apr-2014 7:14 am I agree, teachers can and will strike when they feel their conditions are being eroded. Teachers in England are not in a registration body (GTCE) which was disbanded a few years ago, saving money for everyone and the education system has not collapsed as a result. They still have challenges to face such as lack of resources, support, targets, etc. I think from qualified status upwards, they earn higher salaries, including enhancement for previous experiences when entering the profession, they move up pay grades each year which has yearly inflationary rises and I've not heard of teacher being down-banded. Striking does work, not sure about effectiveness of working to rule. But not voting MPs from the current government's parties in all future elections would send a clear message that they are elected by the population to serve our needs, not the other way round.

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