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  • Comment on: 'Should I let on that I’m unhappy?’

    BasketPress's comment 30-Jan-2015 4:31 pm

    As one who has yo-yo'd in and out of depressive episodes most of their life and a former mental health nurse, I would concur with what has already been said: you need to do something about it. Now whether that something is some class of talking therapy or something pharmacological can only be decided following discussion with someone who knows something about it - GP, occupational health, university counselling service and the like. I thought that my experiences of depression helped me do my job better, as I had some idea what people were talikng about and experiencing.

  • Comment on: Support group established to help NHS staff who are being 'bullied and abused'

    BasketPress's comment 29-Jan-2015 2:09 pm

    Dear Sarah Dugan, You do know that, if my old trust and neighbouring ones are anything to go by, there is a widespread belief that supposedly anonymous staff surveys are not in fact anonymous? So people will tell you what you what they think you want to hear... And that even if "the vast majority" don't in reality experience bullying that doesn't mean that you've eradicated it. Even when trusts contract out their staff surveys to outside bodies staff names are clearly linked to the "anonymising" code numbers on forms and we only have the word of someone we've never heard of, let alone met, that trust HR or management never see the numbers attached to particular names. Many people do not believe that these surveys are actually anonymous, which reduces their value and makes it very hard to draw meaningful conclusions from them.

  • Comment on: ‘Zero suicide’ goal risks blame culture if applied ‘clumsily’

    BasketPress's comment 25-Jan-2015 11:26 am

    I notice that the Henry Ford health systems "model" is mentioned again. It should be pointed out that their model excludes most of the highest risk groups by dint of being a typical American insurance-based model, ie one must be able to either afford to pay directly or pay for health insurance in order to be treated by them. Their figures which apparently show a reduction in suicides should be treated with extreme caution as their client group is affluent enough to be able to afford treatment and are actively seeking treatment. The NHS is not able to exclude high risk groups in this way... Oh, and to back up a point made by Mr Stone: when I did overdose assessment for a living I only ever asked a psychiatrist to see 10% of my patients and only half of those had a diagnosable mental illness...

  • Comment on: Former nursing director referred to CQC under new ‘fit and proper’ regulations

    BasketPress's comment 22-Jan-2015 10:14 am

    To support previous commenters, it is my experience (30 years in nursing) that nurses do not make good managers. There are several reasons for this: one is the appalling state of NHS management training, which is full of jargon, buzz words, the latest fads and totally lacking in a coherent evidence base. However, no-one seems to challenge the orthodoxy because to do so would stop you getting on the management gravy train. I have yet to meet a manager, from any background, who could tolerate you questioning the basis on which they make any decision, or in fact tolerate being questioned at all. Nurses who enter management also appear to "go native" faster than any other clinical discipline and adopt the mantles and mantras of "managerialism" far faster and more completely than others, appearing to forget where they came from and what they should be there for. And that is before we examine the idea of personality disorders and their prevalence in management...

  • Comment on: Former nursing director referred to CQC under new ‘fit and proper’ regulations

    BasketPress's comment 22-Jan-2015 10:06 am

    The comments attributed to Peter Carter in the above item are extremely disingenuous in claiming that nursing or medically qualified managers can be subject to "dual regulation": how many times have either the GMC or NMC (or the UKCC) taken action against a manager who just happens to still hold the relevant registration? A vanishingly small number... It is about time there was some form of regulation of managers to hold them to account in the same way as all the clinical disciplines.

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