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  • Comment on: Hunt appeals to nurses to save NHS money by reducing errors

    BasketPress's comment 16-Oct-2014 6:19 pm

    My old trust gave pay rises of over 9% to most of the (off Agenda for Change scales) senior managers last year while they were presiding over a reduction in clinical staff. Might Mr Hunt like to address that sort of waste of NHS money? And the waste of money caused by the re-organisations he and his colleagues have inflicted on the NHS.

  • Comment on: NMC calls on nurses to 'put honesty at the heart of healthcare'

    BasketPress's comment 16-Oct-2014 7:41 am

    Agree with the above comment. There is also the snag of the legal advice given to many trusts, which told us not to apologise as this could be construed as an admission of fault and used against us or the trust in litigation. So how are those mutually exclusive ideas to be reconciled?

  • Comment on: More nurses needed to hit new mental health targets, says RCN

    BasketPress's comment 13-Oct-2014 11:57 am

    And where was the RCN when MH nursing posts were being cut? I can't recall my local RCN branch doing any protesting when my trust was cutting nursing posts, including mine. Mind, I can say the same about Unison too...

  • Comment on: National waiting times to be introduced for mental health patients

    BasketPress's comment 11-Oct-2014 10:38 am

    And why is no-one publicly challenging the likes of Clegg when they spout this nonsense? It is just reported uncritically, even though riddled with factual errors and evasions. Even The Guardian, which is better than most of the mainstream media, took until yesterday before any critical comment appeared, and even then that was letters from readers in MH NOT any of their medical or society journos...

  • Comment on: Did you know only 30% of quality improvement projects get embedded and are sustained?

    BasketPress's comment 8-Oct-2014 6:01 pm

    Shortly before I retired last year I had a long conversation with my manager. I had 25 odd years experience in CAMHS, had been in that post and location for over a decade; he had no previous experience of CAMHS, nor of the rambling, mostly rural, locality. I explained to him why what he wanted us to do in terms of changing the service wouldn't work - we'd tried it about 8 years before and it just didn't fit with the area and our partner organisations - and that we were doing things the way we did for purely pragmatic reasons, like they worked better than anything else we'd tried... Didn't want to know; wanted us to get on and do it, thus wasting huge amounts of time and effort trying to make something work which wouldn't... 'Twas ever thus: get a new manager and they, despite usually knowing less than any of the clinicians, start throwing their weight around, wanting to make a mark, but in reality peeing everyone off and making things worse. Or then we have the "flavour of the month" style of NHS management: how many different trends have come and gone over the years because it is the latest fashion? "Essence of Care" anyone? That's been and gone at least twice. The "Tidal Model"? I could go on for hours... The main problem is that most of these trends have little or no evidence to back them up, so when the emperor stands naked for all to see he grabs at the nearest vestige of clothing and round we go again...

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