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  • Comment on: Carter review recommends new measure of nurse productivity

    Basket Press's comment 8 February, 2016 11:22 am

    Chief execs to lead campaigns against bullying and harassment?

    Don't make me laugh! My last chief exec was one of the worst offenders in that regard...

  • Comment on: Mental health nursing services now at ‘tipping point’

    Basket Press's comment 27 January, 2016 9:30 am

    What also should be borne in mind is what those figures about community MH nurses disguise: down banding of posts; loss of senior, experienced nurses and their replacement by people on lower bands with little or no experience in MH.

    For instance, back in 2012 my old CAMH service had a "re-structuring" in which several Band 7 nurses (all with predominantly clinical roles) were removed. If we were replaced, and a couple weren't, it was by Band 5 posts. To make matters worse several of the folk appointed did not have a MH background, rather LD.

    This has also happened in OT and psychology.

    Numbers never tell the full story.

  • Comment on: Employers must offer nursing staff more revalidation support

    Basket Press's comment 21 December, 2015 5:50 pm

    Anonymous 15 Dec 7.45 pm

    If you have followed the many news stories about this subject you would know that the problem is not re-validation itself (you might even know that there was a system before it called PREP which fulfilled a similar function), but, as with PREP, that it is difficult, if not impossible, to get access to any training as employers do not support this for nurses in many areas, employers discourage, if not outright forbid, nurses from engaging in reflective practice or any other of the required tasks, and generally make life difficult for us to do anything outside straight clinical work.

    And before anyone throws in the usual "Well medics have done this for years!", doctors have training time built into their contracts, which nurses don't, and medical managers don't, IME, put as many obstacles in the way of doctors as are put in the way of nurses when it comes to post-qualification training.

  • Comment on: Senior nurses urged to tackle 'shameful' NHS bullying stats

    Basket Press's comment 3 December, 2015 7:20 pm

    The term "senior nurse" is being used somewhat inconsistently here: by this is something like a Band 7 (which I was) meant? If so, why are nursing directors being talked about? Some clarity might help...

    My experience, and that of the other 7s in my service, was that we were targeted by managers (8a and up, usually of a nursing background) and scapegoated for the failings of higher management and commissioners. Said managers would also bully Band 3 and 4 admin staff.

    The higher up nurses, right up to the DoN, were part of the problem, condoning this behaviour towards clinical and admin staff and refusing to investigate any complaint we made.

    Asking those towards the top to do something about bullying is in the asking a leopard to change its spots territory...

  • Comment on: 'Attacks' on pay cause 10% nurse salary cut since 2008

    Basket Press's comment 26 November, 2015 9:48 am

    When my old DoN (the one referred to in my previous post) was appointed I was over-qualified for the job, as the job description and person spec did not require a degree nor post-registration qualifications, both of which I had...

    However, I did not have a certain name, which they may as well have put in the person spec.

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