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  • Comment on: Warning too few nurses are 'migrating' from hospitals to community

    BasketPress's comment 18-Dec-2014 2:07 pm

    There are personal financial aspects to consider: years back we tried to poach a couple of E grade staff nurses (a blast from the past for Alphabetty Spaghetti fans!) for G-grade CPN posts...One compared her take home (shifts, nights, etc) with mine (G-grade with a few weekends) and laughed...It took me until I was a H-grade to catch up with where I had been financially as a top E-grade on shifts and nights...

  • Comment on: Eight pilots to lead innovation in children’s mental health

    BasketPress's comment 18-Dec-2014 2:01 pm

    Yup: I checked that one with my bro-in-law, who relatively recently trained to be a teacher. Nothing on child development either, so how any teacher is supposed to have an idea about difficulties of development (ASD or ADHD spring to mind) is beyond me...

  • Comment on: Eight pilots to lead innovation in children’s mental health

    BasketPress's comment 15-Dec-2014 3:38 pm

    Newcastle, eh? Where the trust has cut CAMHS posts over the last 4 years, is appointing managers on the basis of their relationships rather than knowledge, which has misimplemented CAPA to use it as a triage system with hidden internal waiting lists, which has team leaders making clinicians justify why young people need to stay in the service longer than 6 appointments and then threatening disciplinary measures if anyone argues... Home of what used to be the Roycroft Unit, whose many failings were ignored for years by the relevant management, until a fatal incident meant they could no longer do so... The trust which commissioned an external report into the management of CAMHS, then buried ti because it was highly critical... Why, yes, I do have some personal knowledge of that trust...

  • Comment on: Leaders pledge to improve experience of working for NHS

    BasketPress's comment 11-Dec-2014 11:36 am

    And will they explain their roles in the current rotten culture? None of these "leaders" just magically appeared in their current positions, did they? They all grappled their way up the greasy pole, trampling on others as they went (Simon Stevens worked in my old trust, which has a fine reputation...for bullying and staff dissatisfaction...).

  • Comment on: CQC urges more healthcare staff to come forward with care concerns

    BasketPress's comment 9-Dec-2014 9:01 am

    Anonymous | 8-Dec-2014 6:52 pm Simon Stevens should be well aware of the bullying of whistleblowers and other staff who rock the boat, given the trust he worked for as a manager, which has a well-founded, long-standing reputation for such activities...

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