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  • Comment on: When was the last time you really talked about suicide?

    BasketPress's comment 20-Aug-2014 12:43 pm

    I worked for several years in a CAMHS overdose assessment team, so talking about suicide was the bulk of what I did. This service was closed down for non-clinical reasons (management politics, commissioners thinking we were too expensive). In my next job I was involved in preparing a multi-agency care pathway around adolescent self-harm and devising related training. I had to do much of this "under the radar", fiddling my diary to create time, as my manager (not a mental health nurse, nor indeed anything MH, by background) didn't think it was good use of my time nor that of anyone else in the service. The care pathway won awards, as did the training package, which is still in use today. Draw your own conclusions about how important services directed at the suicidal were seen as by our management and their paymasters...

  • Comment on: Mental health sector hit by dramatic reduction in nurse posts

    BasketPress's comment 18-Aug-2014 1:43 pm

    Yes, my old trust was down-banding posts from 2011 on, as well as reducing numbers of posts. They were doing it to OT and psychology also.

  • Comment on: Trust faces protest over claims that nurse's career was 'ruined'

    BasketPress's comment 10-Aug-2014 2:19 pm

    Anonymous | 10-Aug-2014 2:10 am You assume the system works... It doesn't! I complained about a manager's behaviour (bullying), as did other senior clinicians. The investigations of said complaints, by other managers and HR, breached trust policy and procedures. So, who do you then complain to or about? As the people you are complaining about are the people you have to complain to, who knew fine well what was going on but CHOSE not to address it. This included up to board level... So, when your trust board knows what is happening and CHOSE to do nothing where do you go? As I have pointed out elsewhere my local press is useless...The nursing press don't want to know... Where do you go?

  • Comment on: Trust faces protest over claims that nurse's career was 'ruined'

    BasketPress's comment 8-Aug-2014 8:50 am

    Anonymous | 7-Aug-2014 6:10 pm At the risk of sounding cynical and/or of indulging in conspiracy theories, if a trust's managers have taken against someone then, yes, something that simple CAN be used. I had a colleague (a consultant psychiatrist) who was disciplined for an alleged breach (as in it didn't really happen, but medical management claimed it did) of patient confidentiality following raising child protection concerns. It is, of course, a complete coincidence that this consultant was the most vocal critic of enforced service changes and its attendant staffing issues and the role played in that by more senior medics. It does not pay to under estimate the vindictiveness of the management of some trusts.

  • Comment on: Top nurse urges staff to follow 'moral compass' on poor standards

    BasketPress's comment 7-Aug-2014 5:41 pm

    Julie Fagan | 7-Aug-2014 5:20 pm Some trusts are more subtle than that: my old employer would "re-structure" services and get shot of those who had most challenged management. When the "re-structuring" of my old service was announced I predicted who of the Band 7 nurses would lose their jobs, on the basis of who had most challenged management over many issues - unfortunately, as I was one of them, I was correct... A year sitting in limbo before I retired doesn't show up anywhere.

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