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  • Comment on: Bournemouth trust to set up 24-hour bullying helpline for staff

    BasketPress's comment 25-Jul-2014 7:45 am

    Michael, I would love to be wrong, but the existence of bullying within the NHS has been acknowledged for many, many years, which is why every trust has policies on bullying and harassment, respect at work or whatever they call it. Then the people to whom one reports/complains are the group responsible, IME and that of many people I know, for the bullying and who write these cosmetic policies while failing to observe them... And the situation described by Anonymous above sounds very familiar. If this action by Bournemouth DOES lead to more action being taken against bullies, brilliant! However, the record of how existing policies aren't used does not fill me with confidence.

  • Comment on: Bournemouth trust to set up 24-hour bullying helpline for staff

    BasketPress's comment 24-Jul-2014 9:31 am

    And then the trust will do what? My old trust had all manner of anti-bullying and harassment policies; several senior clinicians, including me, made formal complaints against one particular manager for bullying and harassment (none of the admin staff, including one who was assaulted by this manager, did as they all felt they would be ignored); none of the complaints were adequately investigated (I was a complaints investigator) and so nothing was ever done, aside from lifting the edge of a very sizeable carpet... Every trust has anti-bullying policies, but do ANY of them ever take action against bullying management? This looks like yet another hollow gesture, designed to give the appearance of action - typical NHS!

  • Comment on: 'Employers must back speaking out safely drive'

    BasketPress's comment 23-Jul-2014 7:54 am

    OK, that link to NHS Employers has no information about how to contact Francis (no surprise as NHS employers generally are the problem...). Nor is there anything on the relevant bit of about actually contacting Francis... Anyone got the contact details: I have a thing or 3 I want to say...

  • Comment on: 'Dedicated' nurse wins payout after receiving threats for blowing whistle

    BasketPress's comment 8-Jul-2014 2:40 pm

    Anonymous | 7-Jul-2014 5:16 pm Good luck with that! The local press in the north east are useless: they ignored many complaints by staff and patients and families at a certain unit in a large trust in the area at which there was eventually a fatal incident which meant the trust in question had to be seen to do something. Even then the local press merely reported the trust press releases... The national press are not much better (I have, for example, recently been struggling to get The Guardian to acknowledge some factual errors in some of their MH reporting) and the nursing press, IME, rarely want to know (yes, Nursing Times that includes you!). Attracting attention to poor care and the like remains very difficult.

  • Comment on: Correct staffing key to good NHS 'customer care', says business leader

    BasketPress's comment 3-Jul-2014 7:36 pm

    Anonymous | 3-Jul-2014 6:40 pm Fair point. However, many people, certainly in trusts I worked for, in management posts HAD been clinicians, so there is little excuse for them seeming not to know what is obvious to sharp end nurses.

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