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  • Comment on: What the NHS has got to learn from other industries

    BasketPress's comment 24-Feb-2015 11:19 am

    Anonymous | 22-Feb-2015 2:28 pm Snag is "management theory" is pretty much an evidence-free area, long on assertion and short on fact (see the likes of Matthew Stewart's The Management Myth), lacking anything that I recognise as decent evidence (disclaimer - science degree before coming into nursing). As clinicians we are, rightly, moving further into evidence-based practice: it would be very helpful for management to follow the same route.

  • Comment on: Digital expert warns district nurses not to ignore technology skills

    BasketPress's comment 23-Feb-2015 9:53 am

    Couple of things: electronic notes systems can improve quality of patient care by allowing different HCPs access to notes in different locations, and by getting us away from certain people's unreadable hand writing. However, clinicians MUST be involved in designing the system (I used one which was designed by managers and IT bods and it was seriously flawed. Mobile systems are a good idea in theory, but in practice can be less helpful, especially in many rural areas where network coverage is poor (my work mobile phone could not get a signal when I was at home; much of my county is in a blackspot for one network or another and no network gives good coverage across the county, rendering use of tablets/laptops for e-notes away from base a hit and miss affair. Anonymous | 21-Feb-2015 2:58 am Electronic records are in many ways no different from paper records: they are your record of care delivered; if it's not written down it didn't happen, which is why we need accurate notes, the means of recording those notes is secondary (try going into court and arguing that you did do something when you have no record of it and see what a barrister will do to you). Clinical notes and information must be entered by clinicians, who are accountable for that.

  • Comment on: Senior nurses likely to be 'disappointed' with pay offer, warn unions

    BasketPress's comment 4-Feb-2015 5:26 pm

    The headline is misleading: how many senior nurses (as in actually in nursing as opposed to managerial posts) will be outside this deal? This looks like it goes to the top of Band 7 and there are precious few CLINICAL nursing posts, aside from the hens' teeth nursing consultant posts, above that... As for "senior managers", many of them are on pay deals outside Agenda (all my old trust board, including the director of nursing were) and have been coining it with rises of up to 9% (again that was my old trust, but you had to dig into the accounts as they didn't want to make it too public). Still a pay cut though.

  • Comment on: Number of NHS nursing staff hits record levels

    BasketPress's comment 2-Feb-2015 9:31 am

    There is also the issue of the loss of skills and experience to take into account: my old MH trust was getting rid of Band 7s (we were too expensive for the liking of managers on 8c or 8d...) and replaced us with, at best, a 6, more often a 5 without any experience of very specialised areas... So, tell me how standards of care are being maintained?

  • Comment on: 'Should I let on that I’m unhappy?’

    BasketPress's comment 30-Jan-2015 4:31 pm

    As one who has yo-yo'd in and out of depressive episodes most of their life and a former mental health nurse, I would concur with what has already been said: you need to do something about it. Now whether that something is some class of talking therapy or something pharmacological can only be decided following discussion with someone who knows something about it - GP, occupational health, university counselling service and the like. I thought that my experiences of depression helped me do my job better, as I had some idea what people were talikng about and experiencing.

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