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Ellen Watters

Ellen Watters


I qualified as an enrolled nurse in the 80s and worked in orthopaedics, care of the elderly and in trauma theatre in Edinburgh. I did the conversion course in 96 and worked for 4 years in respiratory medicine. I completed a diploma in cancer and palliative care in 2000.

I left the NHS in 2003 and have worked as an information nurse specialist for a cancer charity ever since. It is very rewarding and varied but I do sometimes miss patient contact and working with other nurses. I have worked with some amazing and inspirational nurses in my time.

I have completed further studies in CBT and in Social Sciences

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Comments (69)

  • Comment on: Filipino nurses protest outside national newspaper office

    Ellen Watters's comment 1-Jun-2015 3:47 pm

    No more (or less) than I'd expect from the Daily Fail. Some of their journalistic principles and practices leave a lot to be desired.. I have had cause myself to report several Daily Mail journalists for bad practice and downright incorrect information.

  • Comment on: Why are so many student nurses experiencing “bad” placements?

    Ellen Watters's comment 21-Jan-2015 10:14 am

    It's such a shame that any student should experience this and can potentially taint future opportunities for them. What about mentors? They have some responsibility here surely or should be flagging it as a concern to their managers. A comprehensive plan at the start of the placement with regular meetings throughout should pick up any concerns., And even if the mentor says that there may be times when this all goes pear shaped for whatever reason, at least the student is aware and as long as it's not a regular or longstanding occurrence it may be possible to get back on track..

  • Comment on: Sister says working A&E night shift is 'more stressful than war zone'

    Ellen Watters's comment 16-Jan-2015 4:12 pm

    Having worked nights in trauma theatre and A & E I can totally relate to this. But from the other side of the fence; I had cause to take my elderly mum into A & E last year as she'd fallen in a nursing home breaking her hip. It was a Friday night and I was shocked at the conditions the staff were working in. I felt stressed out watching them. My mum had dementia and she was surrounded by drunks covered in blood cursing and swearing and police and staff trying to keep a lid on it all.. I described it then as a war zone and my poor mum was confused and frightened.. Sadly mum died as a result of her fall and this is one of my last memories with her..Not a pleasant one at all..

  • Comment on: NMC poised to decide on unpopular fee rise plans this week

    Ellen Watters's comment 29-Sep-2014 12:58 pm

    Anonymous | 29-Sep-2014 12:22 pm I agree, shocking waste of money. The consideration to be able to pay by monthly direct debit will help though..

  • Comment on: Scheme to tempt back former nurses to NHS set for launch

    Ellen Watters's comment 29-Sep-2014 12:56 pm

    A good support system and a fair wage might tempt me back .. There are many aspects that I miss.

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