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All discussions tagged with: nursing

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Alternatives anyone 0 n/a
Does anyone else find the term 'Male' nurse slightly offensive and annoying? 24 Last Post By stevengarbs 22-Sep-2014 9:16 am
duration of catheters 3 Last Post By stevengarbs 22-Sep-2014 9:51 am
Enrolled Nurse Conversion Courses 143 Last Post By anne adam 2-Feb-2015 4:45 pm
Inconsistencies in the regulation of documentation 4 Last Post By Luci Jane 23-Mar-2014 5:08 pm
Licensure Exams as a Requirement in the Nursing Profession 0 n/a
Looking for a career in nursing 4 Last Post By Amol Yewale 5-Mar-2015 12:06 pm
New Television Series on Nursing - Can you help? 1 Last Post Posted Anonymously 11-Dec-2009 7:24 pm
Nurses in the BNP 98 Last Post By Ian Mckendrick 18-Mar-2014 8:57 pm
Proposed job cuts 8 Last Post By lolita eichman 13-Oct-2009 10:05 pm
Report on Nursing Malpractice 0 n/a
Student Nursing 60's Style 25 Last Post By stevengarbs 22-Sep-2014 9:33 am
The Guardian Live Q&A session - NHS Careers 0 n/a
To become a Nurse/ODP with an NVQ Level 3? 1 Last Post By Lainey Smith 15-Oct-2012 3:18 pm
To become a Nurse/ODP with an NVQ Level 3? 2 Last Post By mike 15-May-2011 12:23 pm
Uniform Cross Conatamination 1 Last Post By james hill 16-Oct-2012 6:16 am
waking up residents in care home 18 Last Post Posted Anonymously 14-May-2014 6:04 am
What do other members of staff expect? 0 n/a
Where do the Carers get Care ? 0 n/a
With advanced practitioners and nurse consultants, shouldn't nurses at that level be paid a similar wage to a GP? 0 n/a

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Most recent posts

  • From Amol Yewale, 5-Mar-2015 12:06 pm in Looking for a career in nursing

    Hello guys,

    The career of a CNA is one of the most popular careers today, mainly because it offers a vast array ...

  • From Amol Yewale, 28-Feb-2015 6:40 am in Student Nurses and All Nurses

    Hey friends,

    It is true that cna training is possible through online.There is only one reputed college, who provide the cna training ...

  • From Amol Yewale, 24-Feb-2015 3:22 pm in Nursing

    Hi everyone,

    Nationalmedicalacademy is the trusted and famous medical institution for providing the good nursing assistant traing programme to the nurses.As a ...

  • Posted Anonymously, 23-Feb-2015 6:56 am in Working in the U.K. as an American-trained nurse

    If you call the NMC,RCN and a Nursing Agency, such as Continental, you will receive good information about how to work ...

  • From anne adam, 2-Feb-2015 4:45 pm in Enrolled Nurse Conversion Courses

    I also am an enrolled nurse and have tried several universities I believe they don't run the conversion course now ...

  • Posted Anonymously, 27-Jan-2015 11:41 pm in Time off sick

    we should ask ourselves when sick are we a liabilty if we attend work when we are ill? ...

  • Posted Anonymously, 11-Jan-2015 2:16 pm in Students performing intimate procedures

    The NHS seems to be heading towards gender neutral assumptions which can cause huge distress for many patients and put them ...

  • From Laura Studleey, 3-Oct-2014 6:10 pm in bank nurses Terms and conditions of employment

    could someone tell me what the terms and conditions for a nurse are?

  • From Anna vanevska, 29-Sep-2014 3:59 pm in Kings BSc or Middlesex diploma?

    Hi @Alex , you should try to online nursing.I just completed my online nursing from online. Thanks

  • From stevengarbs, 29-Sep-2014 10:56 am in Interview Tips and More

    Wow, congratulations in advance! Don't be late on the interview and prepare some question about the job your applying. Be confident ...