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Frederic Coutin



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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: Nurses to rotate mental and physical health roles

    Frederic Coutin's comment 5 June, 2012 10:50 am

    If the rotation programme generate some positive outcome, why not generalising this idea in general hospital between different department I.e. renal, colorectal, elderly care, orthopaedic, oncology....and so on. After all, general nurses should be able to look after general public regardless of their condition. Further more it would increase hugely their skill and knowledge and experience different leadership and management style...

  • Comment on: Riots force nurses to work round the clock

    Frederic Coutin's comment 12 August, 2011 11:03 am

    Well done to all staff who kept the service running and who covered the shift from other staff who couldn't get to work. You should be praised and receive a merit title from your hospital and eventually receive a reward. I hope the Hospital provided them free meal and facilities to get showered and changed, it's a minimum. You've shown the shiniest bright side of nursing and demonstrated responsibility, commitment and solidarity. So can only say, well done...

  • Comment on: 'I went from mild discomfort, to anxiety then panic as I held onto a full bladder'

    Frederic Coutin's comment 8 July, 2011 5:30 pm

    Just to make a short comment here. I found disgraceful to conveniently use incontinent pad rather than help a patient to use commode. That how patients develop pressure sores which add additional cost of care. In summary: lazy and shoddy care cost us all!

  • Comment on: Are we gearing up for a summer of strikes?

    Frederic Coutin's comment 1 May, 2011 12:34 pm

    Here is a link of where the NHS lost the most of it's money, and people still dare to call me Margaret Thatcher...

  • Comment on: Are we gearing up for a summer of strikes?

    Frederic Coutin's comment 28 April, 2011 11:58 am

    Maybe it's time to privatize or partly privatize the NHS? Charging for the care we provide would generate income that could be re-injected in the public sector. Also, if the Government was pledging to lower tax to generate jobs instead of increasing them that result in job cut, we wouldn't be at this tough period that we are coming through right now.

    It's also time to promote those who deserve through performance management instead of promoting those who still lack of proficiency, lack of leadership, team working, lack of action in resolving issues. Some Management post need to be review as some are purely waste of space and cost a lot in tea bags....

    The reform have to be done within the NHS but the Government have to give us the right tools and empowerment to do this. Some nurse e.g. A&E nurses, need to be given the authority to turn down those who still use the emergency department as GP service and this without even going through admission process.

    GP are there to assess those who need A&E admission, not patients themselves. Junior Doctors also need to review their assertiveness and stop allowing overnight stay for what can be review as outpatient. The cost in the NHS come from bad gestion and management.

    So either we allow to perpetuate such bad management in this case we start to privatize or partly privatize the NHS and then try to create job, or we prioritize a better management system that reduce admin work, waste of time and unnecessary use of precious resourcing that can be allocated to those who need.