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Geraldine Fox

Geraldine Fox


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  • Comment on: NMC poised to decide on unpopular fee rise plans this week

    Geraldine Fox's comment 29-Sep-2014 1:56 pm

    i fear the instalments will not be 'monthly' as the NMC have already stated that they would not be able to police continual payments.more like quarterly payments. as regards comments posted about venues and cost etc. have the NMC not heard of skype? the NMC are continuing to fail and it is us nurses who are paying the is a foregone conclusion tht the fee will rise. the question is when will it stop?

  • Comment on: Petition against NMC fee rise reaches 100,000 signature target

    Geraldine Fox's comment 2-May-2014 10:22 pm

    The NMC were given £20 million to clear the backlog(or 'historical' cases as they prefer to call them!) which they have failed to do.they state they are to protect the public first and foremost.we, as nurses, are the public too.nurses are being slated left,right and centre by bad press,no wage rise,pension cuts,no increments but we still strive to do our job to the best of our ability.pity the NMC aren't doing theirs! the government need to investigate them for their continued failings.if i was failing in my job i would quickly find myself in front of the NMC on my fitness to practice!

  • Comment on: Would you share crockery and cutlery with your patients?

    Geraldine Fox's comment 7-Nov-2012 8:58 pm

    i do have my own mug at work which i do not want to share with other staff,just as a matter of preference.this is a result of working in a prison and sharing cups with the prisoners,some of whom were not in the best of hygiene and i seemed to develop a lot of cold sores then?! ? a link,i don't know.i do use our residents' cutlery and crockery for my break times.they have been through the dishwasher.

  • Comment on: NMC delays decision on fee rise

    Geraldine Fox's comment 14-Sep-2012 8:08 pm

    2002-2013...= 279% increase!!!!

  • Comment on: NMC delays decision on fee rise

    Geraldine Fox's comment 14-Sep-2012 8:06 pm

    please see below..the figures speak for themselves.the proposed fee increase will NOT just be for next year but will need to be increased again...and again...and wonder they don't want an external financial audit!



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£25.00 - £35.00 per hour