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Full survey results: what do nurses think of the Francis report?

Nursing Times revealed on Wednesday the key findings from a survey of nearly 3,000 nurses on the recommendations of the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust public inquiry report. We have now published the full results

The survey “How do you feel about the Francis report recommendations?” was conducted online between 6-15 February. A total of 2,939 nurses took part in the survey.


1. Do you welcome the Francis report recommendations to regulating healthcare assistants? %
No 5.3


2. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 shows no benefit and 5 shows great benefit, how far do you think the regulation of HCAs will improve patient care?%
1 (no benefit to patient care)       3.9
5 (maximum benefit to patient care) 35.2


How far do you think regulation of HCAs will improve your working day as a nurse?%
Regulation of HCAs will be of great benefit to nurses  73.2
Regulation of HCAs will not affect nurses  21.5
Regulation of HCAs will disadvantage nurses  5.4


Would you like to see the RCN separate its role as a trade union and professional organisation? %


How far do you agree with the recommendation that ward nurse managers should step out of the office and ensure they develop a clinical aspect to their role?%
Strongly agree  78.1
Agree   16.4
Neither agree or disagree   3.6
Strongly disagree   0.7


The report suggests specially training “older person’s nurses” should lead improvements in care on wards with significant numbers of older patients. Do you think this will improve patient care for this group? %
Yes  79.6
No  20.4


How far do you agree with the idea that new laws should require all NHS staff and directors to be open and honest when mistakes happen?%
Strongly agree      68.4
Agree   23.7
Neither agree or disagree 6.2
Disagree  1.2
Strongly disagree  0.6


Do you agree with the idea of assigning patients a “key nurse” for each shift who is responsible for coordinating their care needs?%
No 12.2


How difficult or easy do you think it will be for ‘key nurses’ to be implemented in practice?%
Very difficult 21.8
Difficult   48.5
Easy 29.7


Do you think that the Francis report should have called for regulation of NHS managers? %
Yes  93.8
No 6.2


The Francis report has suggested that badges and uniforms should clearly distinguish between HCAs and registered nurses for the sake of patients. How important do you think this is? %
Very important    75.3
Average importance 20.9
Not important at all 3.8


Should students do three months’ work experience before their course? %
Yes, three months 50.9
Yes, more than three months 25.6
No     23.5

Readers' comments (11)

  • i agree with all of the high scoring results

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  • at work I was asking the staff what they thought about the Francis Report and not one of them had any idea what I was talking about. no patients or relatives have spoken about it either.

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  • I also asked a couple of senior nurses what they thought about the report. They didn't know much about it either.

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  • angie lush | 21-Feb-2013 5:18 pm

    I do too.

    as for 10.34 am

    it is the duty of qualified nurses to keep themselves informed!

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  • Sorry to comment without giving my name but I don't want to offend my colleagues; instead I am going to try some slightly subliminal means to bring aspects of the Francis report to their attention. It will be much more constructive. The fact that you have read the above article shows that you are interested too and can do the same.

    Down load and print an executive Summary for the coffee room, Place links on their computer desktops, pint individual pages and post them on the notice board.

    Best of all, talk to them. We all lead busy lives; it is hard to fit everything in. Act as advocate. Francis is not going to go away.

    Be positive.

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  • Oops. Pressed the wrong button, but what the hell?

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  • maybe the path into nursing should start as an HCA. The police are now effectivly only recruiting from Specials and PCSO's so why not do the same with nurses. Put the starting age for being eligible to start Pre Reg courses to 21 and unless the applicant has been working as an HCA then they won't be eligible.
    Personally I'd say that Pre-reg needs to be seperated from degree and a continuing edcation process for all nurses should build to degree level maybe taking the model of the Open University as the basis.

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  • I don't agree that student nurses should start as HCA's first, otherwise you will lose the value that those who have chosen to change career to nursing will bring to the profession.

    I am coming up to my 40th birthday this year and family/financial constraints meant I couldn't start my training earlier so I became a student nurse in January this year when the time was right for me.

    What I bring to nursing is my experience in industry of managing my time and people, communication and customer service skills and so much more including my values which mean I am a caring compassionate individual who wants to care for others with the respect and dignity that we all deserve and should receive.

    I have experience in a care setting but not as a HCA. I agree student nurses should have some health care experience to discourage those that don't understand what they will be up against as this will probably mean fewer drop outs from the course.

    You also need to bear in mind that there are also HCAs out there that should not be HCAs or Nurses by saying that nurses have to be HCAs first you still have the problem of vetting who should be in the HCA/Nurse role...

    If anything there should be measures put in place to make sure that if someone does want to enter the nursing profession they are properly vetted and whilst on the course/in placement they are closely monitored so that any issues/problems with their caring/compassion can be addressed and appropriate action taken where necessary.

    If anything the Francis report has shown me the kind of nurse I don't want to be.

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  • I'm horrified that senior nurses anywhere would not know about Francis. Where on earth have they been?

    Where is their Director of Nursing/Chief Nurse in driving the discussion?

    John Tallon: Don't worry about using your real name, it was a great comment and I saw nothing to offend anyone. Great ideas.

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  • Hurrah for the Francis report!!
    All of a sudden the jobs are out there folks, look on the NHS Jobs website and check out how many trust are now recruiting big time...Trusts have covered up these vacancies for too long in cost cutting exercises, resulting in patient safety issues across the board and nurses who are exhausted and disillusioned through long term staff shortages.
    I have worked with ward managers who never leave their office and matrons, who in doing their job thoroughly know that a ward is short staffed and have donned apron and gloves and got stuck in.
    HCAs do a damned good job under difficult circumstances, and should be applauded and recognised as an essential part of the team. Get them regulated and have a national training programme so that their skills are easily transferable between trusts.
    Finally, all potential student nurses should spend a minimum of 4-6 months as a volunteer or on a work experience programme, and they should be assigned a 'mentor' who would supervise and assess these individuals against a range of minimum standards culminating in a reference for the university.

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  • I agree that it is worrying if there are nursing staff that aren't aware/concerned about all that has come out of the Francis Report. Have they been living in a cave? As for all nurses being HCA's before training, I also agree that may possibly prevent some good applicants from other fields. Personally, I was an HCA before Uni, and the practical and emotional experience it gave me was invaluable. Caring experience of some sort I feel is a must. During open days for Uni all of us were asked if we had it, and those that hadn't were asked to get some before applying. Even then about 20% dropped out after a short period of training. Nursing is a fantastic rewarding role but if you can't cope with body fluids/disruption to sleep/the strong emotions of complete strangers (to name some of the challenges) then maybe another career would be more suitable.

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