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This week's Nursing Times

'Nurse goodwill vital as winter pressures hit'


As the pay debate hots up, the temperature is plummeting outside, signalling the impending arrival of winter pressures.

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Sign language

Meeting Deaf patients’ communication needs Subscription Required


A literature review revealed that health professionals’ communication with Deaf people is often inadequate, leading to lack of understanding and putting patients at risk

Health worker receiving the influenza vaccination

Why do health workers decline flu vaccination? Subscription Required


Influenza is highly contagious but myths about the flu vaccine may lead to nurses declining vaccination, putting them at risk of transmitting the virus to their patients

Factors influencing glove use in student nurses

Factors influencing glove use in student nurses Subscription Required


Glove use may prevent the spread of micro-organisms in healthcare settings, but student nurses’ use of gloves appears to follow ward culture rather than formal policies

Embedding the 6Cs across health and social care

Embedding the 6Cs across health and social care Subscription Required


The 6Cs have their origin in nursing and midwifery practice but are rapidly being embedded across all aspects of health and social care

Clinical article archive


'People who acquire disability may grieve their loss forever' Subscription Required


In this fast-living digital age there have been astonishing developments in the field of biomechanics, prosthetics and transplant surgery, as well as stem cell research, which has already shown tremendous results.

Criminologists identify range of 'red flags' for killer nurses


A spike in death rates during shifts should not be the determining factor in identifying hospital nurses that may have murdered patients, researchers have claimed.

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Four Seasons

Unregistered nurse may have worked at Scottish care home


An unregistered nurse is reported to have worked as a deputy manager at a Scottish care home, which was the focus of an investigation in 2012.

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Two children

CMO raises concern at drop in toddlers having flu vaccination


Parents are being urged to vaccinate their toddlers against flu to protect them from severe illness this winter.

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Ebola virus

What you need to know about Ebola Subscription Required


Unclear on the symptoms, risk factors and modes of transmission of Ebola? WHO’s factsheet

Jane Cummings

'We can learn from sharing our experiences and successes'


It was Sir Winston Churchill who said: “The further back you can look, the further forward you are likely to see.”

Christopher Nicholson

60 seconds with...Christopher Nicholson, lead clinician, cardiac and respiratory service, at the Minerva Centre, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust

We talk to Christopher Nicholson, lead clinician, cardiac and respiratory service, at the Minerva Centre, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust, who qualified in 1997.

How Your Doctor Sees You

How Your Doctor Sees You


This book is a brilliant showcase of all the different types of scans and imaging healthcare professionals use when dealing with patients.

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