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Student nurses 108 Last Post By Elli Earlson, 27-Jul-2014 2:05 pm
Overseas nurses 11 Last Post By Clarissa Greene, 21-Jul-2014 10:29 am
Hospital nursing 29 Last Post By Lena Joberate, 24-Jun-2014 1:59 pm
Mental health 20 Last Post By Mary Kennedy, 31-May-2014 2:50 pm
Independent sector 6 Last Post Posted Anonymously, 14-May-2014 6:04 am
Nursing management 27 Last Post By Euro-MENA Healthcare Recruiters, 7-May-2014 4:01 pm
Adult nursing 27 Last Post By michael stone, 22-Mar-2014 2:20 pm
Healthcare assistants 10 Last Post By Luci Jane, 20-Mar-2014 7:23 pm
Primary care 13 Last Post By fiona frost, 18-Feb-2013 1:18 pm
Midwives 0 n/a

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  • From Elli Earlson, 27-Jul-2014 2:05 pm in no jobs

    I admit I am new in "this business", but I saw lots of offers on few pages . There are some ...

  • From Clarissa Greene, 21-Jul-2014 10:29 am in Working in the U.K. as an American-trained nurse

    Hi Caroline, or anyone else that can help me

    My husband is a US citizen, and for now just a LPN. I ...

  • From Mary Kennedy, 31-May-2014 2:50 pm in Emotional management

    According to me Emotional Management means control your attitude, arrogance, over reacting nature among others. In the conclusion it means to ...

  • From Mary Kennedy, 31-May-2014 2:31 pm in Looking for a career in nursing

    Yeah! This is a good site for searching online nursing schools. Together with this information, some tips and discussions ...

  • From Mary Kennedy, 31-May-2014 2:22 pm in Interview Tips and More

    For those of you about to go through the nursing interview process. Here is the list of questions and suggestions I ...

  • From Mary Kennedy, 31-May-2014 2:17 pm in Which clinical skills do you worry about on placement?

    Psycho social & Legal Issues are the toughest subjects for me. I learnt these subjects for whole night before my exams ...

  • From Mary Kennedy, 31-May-2014 12:38 pm in Getting worried!!

    Hey, no need to worry about your maths status. I am also weak in maths but I am practicing a lot ...

  • From Mary Kennedy, 31-May-2014 11:54 am in Inspire

    Hey, I don't remember any inspirational movie right now.
    But you can give them support and inspiration just ask your fellow classmates ...

  • From Mary Kennedy, 31-May-2014 11:09 am in Student nurses and depression

    Hello ally,

    Can you please provide me your blog's link, I want to read it. Nursing is one of these stressful professions, ...

  • From Mary Kennedy, 16-May-2014 12:53 pm in Epilepsy Nurse

    If you want to become an epilepsy specialist nurse. Doing learning disabilities nursing is best for you because learning disabilities nursing ...