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michael stone

michael stone

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  • Comment on: Nurses among first ‘physician associates’ to begin training in Devon

    michael stone's comment 1-Mar-2015 12:34 pm

    'While not doctors and unable to prescribe, they work to the medical model of clinical diagnosis. The role is designed to supplement the medical workforce, thereby improving patient access.' At first sight, this rather puzzles me. Am I being told that these people will diagnose the illness, inform a doctor [or possibly a nurse-prescriber] of the illness, be believed by default, and that then the doctor will 'just do the prescribing for the illness' part ? It seems a bit odd, to be training people in diagnosis and not allowing them to prescribe the treatments, when these days a lot of nurses can prescribe anyway. It also intuitively seems likely (so I might be wrong) that quite often it is just as hard to get the diagnosis correct, as to get the prescription correct - so I'm just a bit puzzled by this. I suppose it would make [theoretical] sense, if I could be bothered to read up on exactly how and where these people are supposed to fit into the system.

  • Comment on: UKIP moots return of enrolled nurse and end to graduate training

    michael stone's comment 1-Mar-2015 12:22 pm

    So your comment has disappeared without trace, Red ? I couldn't be 100% sure, because I wasn't certain where it should have been (but browsing over this one, and over your comments in your profile, didn't seem to show it, so I was pretty sure it had disappeared). I don't speak much French - does that translate to 'I am Redpaddy and I'n dozy' ?

  • Comment on: UKIP moots return of enrolled nurse and end to graduate training

    michael stone's comment 28-Feb-2015 1:45 pm

    andy | 27-Feb-2015 3:25 pm Well, UKIP does seem to be to the right of the Tory average, doesn't it ? And right-wing Tories, don't wholeheartedly support public services, do they - or have I misunderstood their ideology ?

  • Comment on: Chief nurse and chief exec resign at country’s largest trust

    michael stone's comment 27-Feb-2015 2:15 pm

    Anonymous | 20-Feb-2015 9:50 am You wrote: 'we were taught, and it was frequently and strongly emphasised, that the personnel is the most costly and valuable asset in the organisation. what has gone wrong and how can it be addressed?' This is way outside 'my area of expertise', but my 'best guess' would be this. Your statement that staff is the most costly thing to the NHS is correct (and I think that is right), and when the budgets become tight [or some politicians want to spend less on the NHS irrespective of what could be afforded], or the NHS is criticised while politicians are in charge, there is a 'squeeze' from above to 'get more work out of the staff'. So the pressure from the top, pushing downwards, is a chain of 'make the staff more 'efficient''. But healthcare is very often about human-to-human interactions, and 'compassionate behaviour' - continually 'pushing the staff to do more in the same working day' leaves less and less time 'for compassionate staff to display compassion', and also leaves them stressed-out. But as I've said, that is only a suggestion - my 'gut suspicion' and not 'expert opinion'. It can probably only be addressed - beyond genuine extra efficiency (in other words, changes which allow staff to 'work cleverer as opposed to just being 'flogged harder') - by either giving the NHS more money (to pay for more staff), or by reducing some of the services offered by the NHS to reduce the load on the same number of NHS staff. I doubt that squeezing the NHS in an ever-tightening vice will help.

  • Comment on: UKIP moots return of enrolled nurse and end to graduate training

    michael stone's comment 27-Feb-2015 1:52 pm

    redpaddys12 | 25-Feb-2015 10:11 am Mike, great minds and all that! I'm not often described as a great mind on this website (fool and idiot are more common descriptors) - much more interestingly, your comment (which at least one other person and I have referred to) seems to have been removed without any statement to that effect ? Rather naughty in my opinion - if a comment is removed, NT should leave a 'comment removed' notice in the discussion thread !

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