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michael stone

michael stone

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  • Comment on: Treasury 'looking' at replacing student nurse bursaries with loans

    michael stone's comment 6-Oct-2015 2:59 pm

    I might have this wrong - not anything I follow closely - but I gather that: 1) One concern, is that some nurses train but then tend to drop-out from practising quite quickly; 2) Because of the funding for nurse training, some people are attracted to a nursing degree without 'being deeply committed to a career in nursing'. Perhaps, one approach might be to restrict the 'free university education' to nurses who do stay in the NHS after qualifying - perhaps to pay back any tuition fees in stages, while the nurse works in the NHS (so that, for example, if you've nursed in the NHS for 6 years, you are by then 'fully reimbursed'). Although, as I've said, I might be making incorrect assumptions about the current costs of doing a nursing degree, because this isn't something I closely follow.

  • Comment on: UK's palliative care ranked top in international list

    michael stone's comment 6-Oct-2015 2:50 pm

    I've been listening to the comments to this report today [and it examines, I understand, things such as 'policy' to a large extent]. Simon Chapman was on BBC Radio 4 at lunchtime, and he said there is a variation on the one where a football manager, responding to 'Why are you so successful ?', said 'In all honesty, the opposition isn't up to much'. So although the UK is a world-leader in end-of-life care, to an extent that is more a reflection of how poorly a lot of other countries are doing, rather than a statement that we are doing it really well, most of the time.

  • Comment on: Pressures facing nursing staff highlighted by RCN survey

    michael stone's comment 6-Oct-2015 2:40 pm

    Hi Lynne, From my lay perspective, I include patients, family and friends in 'the front line' - they tend to not be 'listened to', either. But certainly, nurses who are working with patients, should be listened to - I keep reading about 'an end to the top-down approach' but there is very little evidence, so far as I can see, that a GENUINE 'bottom-up' methodology is being employed to try and improve the NHS. It isn't a case of simply canvassing front-line opinion, and then more 'senior' decision-makers going away, and deciding things - somehow (I'm not sure exactly how) you need to get 'the front line' inside the decision-making group:

  • Comment on: Pressures facing nursing staff highlighted by RCN survey

    michael stone's comment 6-Oct-2015 10:17 am

    It is this series of NT comments, that people should be reading - not 'reports from academics'. The truth is usually apparent, when you read 'what the front line is saying'.

  • Comment on: Pressures facing nursing staff highlighted by RCN survey

    michael stone's comment 5-Oct-2015 2:37 pm

    So hardly any nurses, and hardly any GPs then: this isn't encouraging, as a potential user of the NHS. Should I be 'cheered up' by those Goverment announcements, to the effect that 'it is all in hand' ? PS You can replace 'hardly any' with 'too few' or 'not enough' if you prefer.

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