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michael stone

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  • Comment on: Nurse turned politician calls for cap on agency shift charges

    michael stone's comment 1-Aug-2014 2:01 pm

    '“The NHS should be using its ‘purchasing power’ to negotiate a better deal,” she said' I agree with that - agency staff should be a last resort, but if agencies know that, and use it to unreasonably inflate the rates they are charging, that needs looking at.

  • Comment on: Overweight nursing and medical staff should slim, says NHS chief

    michael stone's comment 1-Aug-2014 11:48 am

    Jill Garnett | 31-Jul-2014 1:56 pm It probably does touch a nerve. There is also a more fundamental point, here: it is always easier 'to [with great clarity of vision] see what others are doing wrong' (than to see your own flaws). So this type of 'suggestion/comment/debate' almost always provokes 'heated responses'.

  • Comment on: 'Nursing has for too long been outside assisted dying debate'

    michael stone's comment 31-Jul-2014 2:26 pm

    The BMJ was recently discussing this at length - medics, apparently, being less reticent than nurses. The debate was fairly intense, and very divided (as this one always is). But one nurse, whose now dead wife was also a nurse, did make the 'pro' argument very eloquently: The 'forceful' part of his post, is: 'Moving on, in Autumn 2011 Maureen became much more ill and it was then found that her benign tumour had become aggressively malignant and deposited secondaries in her liver and other organs and that no treatment options remained. Back at home, the Hospice Nurses were assiduous in their care, adjusting the drug types and dosages frequently but the pain was defeating their best efforts. By early December 2011 Maureen was crying and screaming with the uncontrolled pain and leaving me feeling helpless in my inability to comfort her as she wanted it to be ended. She had lived a full life and made massive contributions to her community both before and after retirement, and now wanted it to be over.' I support, subject to the actual wording of any Act, 'assisted dying'. But there are many problems, several of which are not 'assisted dying' but 'are closely related to it', some of which I've mentioned on BMJ so I'll just put the links up here: And there does seem to be confusion, between 'assisted dying' or 'assisted suicide' and 'euthanasia - I've covered that one on BMJ, as well: There is, as I commented in that one, a very tricky issue, for 'suffering but [long-term] mentally-incapable patients' - unlike assisted dying/suicide, which wouldn't need a fundamental change in the law [because any change, would be further 'strengthening' patient autonomy, which is already a fundamental principle of English law], the problem I described in that piece (below) is much more difficult: 'That does not resolve the serious issues of mentally-incapable patients who are suffering intensely during their dying – they cannot ‘ask for death’ in the same way, and I have enormous problems with the idea that anybody except the person who is suffering, should be able to make that decision'.

  • Comment on: Overweight nursing and medical staff should slim, says NHS chief

    michael stone's comment 31-Jul-2014 11:22 am

    Who could have guessed, that this one would have comments flooding in ?

  • Comment on: Prime minister 'misleading public over NHS', claims Labour

    michael stone's comment 29-Jul-2014 3:16 pm

    Don't they ALL 'mislead the public' ? Although I agree with the thrust: I feel sure that if we didn't already have the NHS, it wouldn't be something Cameron created. There is a weird piece of tax legislation, which apparently makes it virtually impossible for in-house hospital pharmacies, to resist tenders from private companies when pharmacy services go to tender (the private companies can claim a 'tax break', which isn't available to an NHS pharmacy).

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