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michael stone

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  • Comment on: Nurses could save NHS millions with better waste recycling

    michael stone's comment 24-Apr-2014 2:02 pm

    Wandering off-topic, I once read a nursing textbook dating ca 1935. So most medicine was private (that was before the NHS) and one of the pieces of advice, was 'being alert to the doctor's costs'. It suggested 'salvaging, washing and reusing the parts of bandages that were not too-badly soiled'.

  • Comment on: Barts launches new online bid to help staff raise concerns

    michael stone's comment 24-Apr-2014 10:03 am

    A system which allows 'nervous' staff to raise issues anonymously, does not FORCE people to use it, surely ? Anyone who wants to raise issues in person could still do so - what would stop them ? I live in Coventry, and one of our local [ex] consultants asserts that he was 'bullied and hounded out of the NHS' (my phrase) because he raised safety concerns about too many beds on wards (5 instead of 4, which prevented access to equipment in the '5th' bed). This isn't about questioning the professionalism of staff - it is simply about getting necessary concerns actually raised and discussed.

  • Comment on: Barts launches new online bid to help staff raise concerns

    michael stone's comment 23-Apr-2014 10:57 am

    'has begun using an online system that encourages staff to discuss concerns and ideas directly and anonymously with senior managers.' FINALLY - a 'system' which allows frontline staff to raise and discuss issues with quite senior (i.e. 'empowered to actually make decisions') management, and to do so anonymously (so that 'fear of being bullied' is diluted or removed). ABOUT TIME !!! I hope this: 1) Works; 2) Is then rolled out widely.

  • Comment on: Acute kidney injury five times more prevalent than thought

    michael stone's comment 22-Apr-2014 1:55 pm

    '... found that AKI is five times more prevalent in English hospitals than previously thought.' This type of [apparent] lack of accuracy in 'figures', makes you wonder when the NHS makes such a point about 'behaviour based on evidence'. But this does look like one to get on top of quickly !

  • Comment on: Nurses must act together on staffing concerns, say campaigners

    michael stone's comment 19-Apr-2014 9:36 am

    Well Jenni, working together on this one, is something of a no-brainer, isn't it !

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