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  • Comment on: NHS England announces changes to 'friends and family test'

    michael stone's comment 22-Jul-2014 3:03 pm

    Just downloaded the report - the report makes the same point: 'In particular, some trusts do not currently ask the follow-up question about why a patient gave a particular response, which necessarily limits the extent to which staff will understand what they are doing well and what needs to be addressed and improved.' Is that because those trusts don't 'get the logic', and it is simple as logic goes - or, cynically, because they have some sort of objection to patient feedback, I wonder ?

  • Comment on: NHS England announces changes to 'friends and family test'

    michael stone's comment 22-Jul-2014 2:56 pm

    'trusts will also be mandated to collect free text comments from patients.' GOOD - a 'like' or 'dislike' without an accompanying 'why' (in other words, without the 'free text explanatory comments') is often near-to-useless !!!

  • Comment on: Local health education cuts spark fears for nurse training

    michael stone's comment 22-Jul-2014 2:53 pm

    I think it would be quite good, if they manage to actually achieve: '... so the provision of education reflects changing service models and delivers (and) an integrated workforce'. I'm not saying that this will achieve that, I have no idea - this might be a simple combination of post-Francis 'criticism' [that 'something 'must be wrong' with nurse training], combined with 'we need to save some money'. I don't really understand how clinical education works - I've sent some recent e-mails to try and find out at what stage, medics acquire their knowledge of law (as opposed to of medical ethics).

  • Comment on: Nurses don’t grow on trees: will NICE’s new safe staffing guidelines improve safety?

    michael stone's comment 21-Jul-2014 2:00 pm

    Fran, nobody has so far explained - or if they have, I've missed it - where the necessary extra money to pay for these extra nurses, is going to come from: even if nurses did grow on trees, there is still a cost to this. I still have this perhaps-overly-cynical suspicion, that one way or another the goverment's response to 'these extra nurses cost a lot' will be to try and use that as another 'lever' to use for dismantling the 'paid for from general taxation NHS', which is the model I support.

  • Comment on: 'Ask nurses the right questions so the profession can progress'

    michael stone's comment 20-Jul-2014 1:17 pm

    Mark, 'controlling the question' is something people like politicians spend a lot of time on: control the question, control the debate. I pointed out almost immediately post-Francis, that the Goverment had to be prevented from trumpeting the 'do nurses care' (inexpensive) question to the exclusion of the 'do nurses have enough time to care' (expensive) question. Something which tends to leave a lot of 'good questions' without any significant airtime. Another handy trick - recently seemingly employed by Justin Welby - is to set up 'a logic chain' you know is flawed, attribute it to the opposition, and then refute it. Welby claimed that supporters of the Assisted Dying Bill, were 'failing 'O'-level logic' because they 'wished to be compassionate', with Welby then DEFINING 'compassion' as 'suffering with someone else'. Well, I'm basically in the 'pro' camp, and I don't want to 'suffer with a dying patient who is suffering intolerably' - my version of 'compassion' would be 'to find some [legal] method of relieving his intolerable suffering'. Although it is very difficult, to express the concept in words: other than saying that 'I don't see why a terminal patient whose own judgement of his situation is that it is intolerable, should not be allowed to end his own life, with some help if necessary - because it is the patient who is suffering, and the patient who is experiencing his own life', it is hard to unambiguously express the 'why'. Because it has got to be the patient's decision - if a doctor or nurse decides 'to kill a patient to relieve his suffering' that change in the decision-maker, would clearly [to me] make that murder.

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