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michael stone

michael stone

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  • Comment on: 'Crises and criticisms can only hit morale'

    michael stone's comment 22-Jan-2015 1:23 pm

    'While staffing guidance will help, the fact that this stipulates nurse-to-cubicle ratios could be misinterpreted. As we’ve seen, many A&E units do not have enough cubicles available, so patients wait in corridors or in ambulance bays for hours.' I 'spotted' this when I first heard about this on Radio 4, the mention of 'nurses per cubicle' - but I had previously avoided making the over-cynical comment, that it won't be long before some bean-counter decides that by removing all except one or two 'cubicles', compliance with this will be easier and cheaper. 'Open plan' A&E.

  • Comment on: Whistleblowers who suffer harm must receive apology and practical redress, say MPs

    michael stone's comment 22-Jan-2015 1:17 pm

    The point is, the Health Select Committee can't actually enforce these 'shoulds'. Which Bob mentioned, above.

  • Comment on: Former nursing director referred to CQC under new ‘fit and proper’ regulations

    michael stone's comment 22-Jan-2015 1:14 pm

    BasketPress, re your: 'I have yet to meet a manager, from any background, who could tolerate you questioning the basis on which they make any decision, or in fact tolerate being questioned at all.' It seems to be very common, and not confined to nursing, for people to not be exactly 'receptive' towards their decisions being questioned. The 'paradoxical' aspect of that, is we [public] are forever being told that 'the NHS is going to be more open, and to learn from critical feedback' (my phrase to describe this particular theme) - you can't 'learn from critical feedback', if you think your decisions were all perfect. If 'the NHS' were good at listening to critical feedback, there wouldn't be the furore over 'whistleblowing', would there ?

  • Comment on: ‘Zero suicide’ goal risks blame culture if applied ‘clumsily’

    michael stone's comment 22-Jan-2015 1:07 pm

    This is complicated, because all politicians react whenever a mentally-ill person commits suicide, after having been apparently 'turned away' by the NHS. But suicide isn't illegal, and the fact that someone is 'suicidal', or even has taken an overdose of something with the intention of suicide, doesn't automatically indicate mental illness (or, more accurately, doesn't necessarily indicate the absence of the mental capacity needed to, for example, refuse treatment for such an overdose). Clearly the NHS should not be criticised by politicians, if it fails to prevent 'legal suicides' - it would be better, if somehow we could arrange society, so that less people felt the need to consider suicide.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: CQC report 'like knife in heart', says Hinchingbrooke chief nurse

    michael stone's comment 19-Jan-2015 11:42 am

    If the NHS is supposed to imprive 'using transparency as a mechanism' then the CQC has got to be honest. Does honest criticism of a hospital 'damage its standing' ? Yes. It is somewhat 'paradoxical'.

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