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  • Comment on: Holly Blake: 'Nurses recognise their own health can affect care quality'

    michael stone's comment 25-Sep-2014 2:49 pm

    This one is complicated. About the only clear thing, is that 'preaching at others to lose weight if you yourself are obese' isn't likely to go down well. But if the very job of nursing tends to make nurses 'overweight', that isn't easily countered by individual nurses. And personally, as I'm now fairly old, was never all that 'upbeat' about life even before I became depressed a few years ago, which seems to have left me even less 'enthusiastic about life' than before, I can only say that I'm now probably much less receptive to 'healthy living advice' than I might have been (my memory is going, as well) when I was 20 or 30. Although, of course, '20 yr olds are immortal - so they don't bother, either'. Perhaps there is a 'golden time slot' - aged 40 to 50, perhaps ? - when people really do pay attention to these 'messages' (ignoring the 'just after a heart attack' one). Or perhaps most other people, are different from me.

  • Comment on: NICE backs self-testing devices for patients at risk from blood clots

    michael stone's comment 25-Sep-2014 2:38 pm

    Diabetics monitor their own blood-sugar levels, so why not also with patients who are at risk of blood clotting ? Although using anti-clotting drugs with a wider [safe] therapeutic window than some of the older drugs, would help for self-management, I suspect ?

  • Comment on: Longer nursing shifts 'hit patient care', warns major study

    michael stone's comment 25-Sep-2014 2:31 pm

    Thanks for giving me another perspective on this one: I was only thinking about 'tiredness during the later stages of a 12 hour shift' but the recent posters, have introduced 'does it also affect off-duty behaviour' and I hadn't considered that. Although 23-Sep-2014 10:44 pm clearly doesn't consider long shifts problematic, either during them or in terms of how they affect life more widely. But as I've said, it must in theory be possible to objectively measure this one: it must be possible to discover, if nurses who are working long shifts, are making more mistakes than those who are working shorter shifts (although in all honesty, I would look at the methodology of any study claiming to answer that one, very closely - some comedian would probably 'come up with an answer' by looking at Finnish nurses working 8 hr shifts, and comparing them to Greek nurses working 12 hr shifts', or some similar piece of idiocy !).

  • Comment on: Longer nursing shifts 'hit patient care', warns major study

    michael stone's comment 24-Sep-2014 11:17 am

    The divergence of opinion, is illuminating. This is something, which is probably capable of 'objective measurement' - which would provide the answer. But the question, presumably amounts to 'do 12 hour shifts result in nurses becoming 'tired' much more than shorter shifts' - because it is ruddy obvious, that tired people tend to make more mistakes.

  • Comment on: Little change in NHS culture on whistleblowing, warn campaigners

    michael stone's comment 24-Sep-2014 11:08 am

    Anonymous | 24-Sep-2014 10:43 am So do I - I've just sent them to his team. I told them, that I am fairly sure Sir Robert already understands the issues: but it never hurts, to try and make certain ! The e-mail address for Sir Robert's team is:

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