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michael stone

michael stone

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  • Comment on: New role to support ward staff on dying patients’ wishes

    michael stone's comment 18-Aug-2015 10:38 am

    I tend to agree with the previous poster (1:01 am) but I question the wording 'in including the person making decisions on behalf of the patient' re Welfare Attorneys: if the attorney is there to make best interests decisions [ie has (legal) powers over the decision being made], the inclusion is the other way around (the attorney asks the staff for input before the attorney expresses a decision to whomever needs to be told of it). As for the article, this bit is 'spot-on': She added: “Education is key. I am really looking forward to working with staff on our wards to embed the plan which focuses on giving compassionate care and is a move away from previous processes and protocols.”

  • Comment on: Lack of ‘vital’ protection for community nurses who work alone

    michael stone's comment 18-Aug-2015 10:30 am

    I raised this issue with my local PCT back in 2009. I think the first thing to do, is for regions to canvass their own nurses about the issue, as I suggested to my PCT.

  • Comment on: 'Peter Carter led RCN through tough times'

    michael stone's comment 17-Aug-2015 1:46 pm

    Anonymous | 17-Aug-2015 11:10 am I discussed some legal points with the RCN's Legal Director a few years ago by e-mail, but I don't usually find trying to discuss stuff with the RCN all that purposeful. I can't remember if Peter Carter has ever actually replied to me, but I've an idea I have sent material to him. It took you a long time to get round to abusing my post above - perhaps you've been away on holiday ?

  • Comment on: Care home abuse allegations increasing under 'strained' system

    michael stone's comment 16-Aug-2015 12:27 pm

    Gerald Hudson | 14-Aug-2015 4:00 pm Gerald, Your Derbyshire Councillor was adopting an 'ethical position' on the 'profit point' - as it happens, I'm not keen on profits for companies being made from 'NHS-linked healthcare' either, but that isn't the point here. Neither is the 'which system offers the best value for money' question. Almost everyone - judging by the reports you frequently find in the media - is currently saying that councils are paying less for care in the private sector, than they spend on care in any care homes which they themselves run. Now, that seems unfair - but, if it is true, and bearing in mind that most councils are very 'cash-squeezed' at the moment, why would they be trying to decrease the use of privately-run care homes, in relative terms ? I sympathise with your 'I've been trying since 1993 ...' problem - although only since 2009, I feel much the same about my 'campaign' about certain end-of-life behaviour: it isn't just pushing a rock uphill, it often feels like you are pushing a rock uphill, in heavy rain, on a hill made of loose sand !

  • Comment on: Care home abuse allegations increasing under 'strained' system

    michael stone's comment 12-Aug-2015 2:12 pm

    Gerald Hudson | 11-Aug-2015 6:17 pm Care of the elderly is definitely underfunded - no recent goverment has tackled that issue head-on. You are right that the consequences of underfunding can turn up as 'safeguarding failures', but I doubt that there is a deliberate move to get rid of private care/nursing homes: under-paying for the service they provide, could have the effect of forcing some to close, but I do not think this is 'a campaign'.

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