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michael stone

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  • Comment on: High consumption of dairy foods 'lowers diabetes risk'

    michael stone's comment 17-Sep-2014 11:33 am

    What you fancy, might not do you good, but you will probably enjoy it. Who was it, who effectively commented that 'If you stick to all of this['puritanical'] 'healthy guidance', you might not live longer, but it will certainly feel as if you do'. In the sense of Einstein's 'a second of sitting on a pin, feels much longer'.

  • Comment on: Major new campaign to champion pride in nursing profession

    michael stone's comment 17-Sep-2014 11:28 am

    'Anonymous | 16-Sep-2014 12:45 pm Good nursing and high quality care do not sell newspaper.' That is one of the significant factors, in this: it is the examples of poor care, or 'systemic failures', which make the headlines. And there is no doubt, that this irritates most of the people, who are doing better. But I do think, the goverment has been, effectively, 'nurse bashing' to some extent: it was very obvious, how almost as soon as Francis had pointed at the problems, the goverment seemed to be talking about 'do nurses really care any more ?' and NOT talking about 'are there enough nurses on the wards, with enough time, to show that they would like to care ?'. However, I also think that the nursing profession, was to a significant complicit: pushing 'the 6 C's', as opposed to shouting from the rooftops 'there are not enough of us !', looks rather 'compliant' to me.

  • Comment on: High consumption of dairy foods 'lowers diabetes risk'

    michael stone's comment 16-Sep-2014 2:51 pm

    I'll 'run with this one' - I like cheese, I'm not overweight. I'm still waiting for the definitive research, covering the question of 'exactly how bad for your health is it, if you stress-out about whether you are managing to follow all of the latest dietary health advice'.

  • Comment on: Community nurses under pressure over end of life chats

    michael stone's comment 16-Sep-2014 2:46 pm

    Hi P. Docs in A&E, probably have only limited understanding of disability. I've discovered that many Palliative Care Consultants who write guidance about the Mental Capacity Act, are very unclear and often wrong, about the Act. And that the 999 Services, have got a very poor understanding, of what end-of-life at home involves. What happens, is that clinicians - especially non-specialists and more junior clinicians - 'get tied up in tick-box red-tape'. A GP sent me something a couple of weeks ago, which explains the problems they face fairly well: 'I recently had MCA training and it was made clear that the hope of the act was that it would be empowering of the patient and perhaps the development of the IMCA role demonstrates that aspiration. We also have the whole 'safeguarding' agenda pushing in the opposite direction. So they get told contradictory things: there, patient self-determination, clashes with 'safeguarding'. The 'nurses asking about CPR wishes inappropriately or too 'bluntly' apparently comes from GPs being told they need to find out if elderly frail patients, would want to be rushed to hospital, or just left to die in peace, if they arrest at home. WITHOUT adequate consideration, of the complexity of 'asking that question'. Your problems - as you pointed out - seem to involve the issues with 'quality of life', although this medical concept of 'not extending a death' might be intruding, as well. It is horribly complicated, and HCPs frequently get it wrong - mind you, it isn't always easy, to see what 'getting it right' amounts to !

  • Comment on: Law will force healthcare organisations to display CQC ratings

    michael stone's comment 15-Sep-2014 2:03 pm

    'scores on the doors' I wonder how long it took them, to come up with that one ? But there are 2 parts to this one - the other part, being exactly how the CQC rates these organisations.

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