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michael stone

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  • Comment on: Nurses will quit without 'competitive' pay, concedes Simon Stevens

    michael stone's comment 23-Oct-2014 2:00 pm

    I heard him on 'Today'. I think he said, if my memory serves me, not quite this: 'As the economy recovers, NHS pay will need to stay “broadly in line with private sector wages”, the plan said, to avoid frontline staff shortages.' I think he said “broadly in line with private sector wages over the medium term”.

  • Comment on: Terminally ill patients 'need 24/7 support', says charity

    michael stone's comment 23-Oct-2014 10:48 am

    Anonymous | 22-Oct-2014 1:24 pm I already knew that - my question, was whether sprouts as opposed to spouts was deliberate on the part of the writer of the post - not, so far, answered (which doesn't surprise me).

  • Comment on: Terminally ill patients 'need 24/7 support', says charity

    michael stone's comment 22-Oct-2014 9:45 am

    'Anonymous | 20-Oct-2014 7:34 pm the troll sprouts rubbish again!' Ignoring the total lack of any analysis to back up your assertion that my analysis 'is rubbish', is there some subtle comment in there - or did you mean 'spouts' ?

  • Comment on: National system of checks for nursing values unveiled

    michael stone's comment 21-Oct-2014 2:39 pm

    This is the 'other part', of the same 'solution' which includes the '... must have worked previously as an HCA' earlier response. I'm not really sure, that if the 'must have already worked as an HCA' filter is present, you ALSO [strongly] need this 'attitude filter' when people apply for nursing courses (assuming it does go 'work as an HCA first, before you can apply for nursing training': I'm not quite sure, how that 'HCA thing' is working in practice). I think 'attitude' is very important, but the filter needs to work properly (and not do 'more harm than good'). I'm also very uncertain, how significant the 'perceived problem this was intended to address' really is: the Mail et al had headlined 'our nurses don't care any more', which the goverment leapt on. But until you eliminate the staffing issues - Francis and many others, have made it clear that frequently nurses are so-over-worked that, to use my phrase, 'nurses often do not have the time, to make it apparent that they do 'care'' - you can't work out which is the more important. My gut instinct, is that the bigger problem (and probably by a fair margin) is the 'nurses are rushed off their feet, and being asked to do too many things at once' issue - which, as takling it costs a lot of money, isn't going to be the one this goverment pushes to prominence. And nurses shouldn't be getting blamed, for the problems in the NHS which are outside of their control (I do get the impression, that various people 'have a go at nurses' when they are less keen to pick a fight with medics).

  • Comment on: NICE-approved staffing tool helps make strong case for more nurses

    michael stone's comment 21-Oct-2014 2:21 pm

    Anonymous | 20-Oct-2014 7:23 pm I only dispute with experts, things they say which I think are flawed. And I definitely do not 'always have the answer' ! And I'm NOT suggesting that most nurses are anything other than caring and hard-working.

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