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  • Comment on: Exclusive: 'We know we still have a lot to do,' says NMC leader

    Mordoress's comment 16-Apr-2014 5:55 pm

    Consultation is such misleading term. Most of us know that, as the fee is mandatory, it will rise, rise and continue to rise. "...the overall performance of the NMC had not improved over 2013, . ...the regulator had not met, or inconsistently met, eight out of 24 key performance standards for the second year running." “We are under tremendous pressure to keep costs down..." To quote a previous respondent, "Surely by moving the NMC from the grand building in Central London to cheaper premises would pay for the extra FtP hearings and using cheaper accommodation rather than the 4* hotels for witnesses. Throwing more money at this organization will only fuel their incompetence further.