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Mummy I want a wee! Tales about travelling with children

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24 April, 2009

Now I’m in the 2nd year, the workload suddenly seems to have tripled, the amount of reading & homework is mind-blowing.  Plus, there is the Pharmacology module we are currently studying – I just don’t understand it.  Five minutes into a three hour lecture I was lost.  So, to even stand a chance of passing the exam I have a lot of work to do. 

Then we get gifted with a two week holiday when apparently we will all manage to do the reading & homework we have been set. 

The holidays started well, kids and partner were packed into the car with relative ease for the long journey to Somerset. We managed to not forget anything, however, car journeys with young children are not enjoyable. 

Twenty minutes in, my little girl starts kicking my chair and the rest of the journey went something like this: 

Mummy, I want a wee.

Mummy, I want a poo.

Mummy, I want a drink.

Mummy, I want an apple.

Mummy, I want a banana.

Mummy, I don’t want this apple, it has a mark on it.

Mummy, are we there yet?

Mummy, she’s kicking my chair.

Mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy……  

We were bullied into stopping at one of the Motorway Services after the eldest insisted she had to wee.  She locked herself in the toilets for 20 minutes and provided myself and every other person in the vicinity with a running commentary on her progress, much to the amusement of the toilet attendant. 

On arrival, everyone behaved really well.  We had lots of fun visiting relatives, feeding piglets, rolling down hills, feeding ducks (well one duck), playing football, flying kites, playing at the park, going out for lunch or dinner, looking round historic market towns and rummaging in random shops selling quirky weird things.   

I had packed myself some reading in the vain hope I may actually manage to get a minute to myself to start learning pharmacology.  I didn’t even manage to get it out of my bag.   

My cunning plan to get time to myself to read when kids were in bed all went wrong.  When it came to bedtime, would they go to bed?  No!  By the time we had persuaded them to go to sleep; I was ready to crawl into bed myself. 

So, I now have 3 days of holiday left to try and do all the reading and work we have been set in.  Will I manage it? 

Well, I also have my little boy’s 2nd birthday party this weekend, a birthday cake to make, goody bags to organise, all the washing to do, the mother in law visiting this evening, tea to make and probably a million and one other things that I have forgotten about.   

But, yes, I will do it.  I will find the time from somewhere, even if it means I have to stop sleeping. 

I’m not going to let a little thing like lack of time stop me learning, I didn’t start this course to only do it half hearted.  I do everything to the best of my ability.  But I also want to spend time with my family, I want to enjoy my children. 

I want to watch my little boy open his birthday presents and laugh with delight.  So university work can just wait for now, let me be a mother. 

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