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Tiger Girl's Comments

  • Comment on: Cochrane review questions benefit of Tamiflu

    Tiger Girl's comment 11-Apr-2014 2:46 pm

    'Although one day does not sound like a lot, in a disease that lasts only six days, it is' From Wendy Barclay: I'm wondering if she has ever had a bad atatck of flu, herself ? I still 'shout at the TV' whenever a football manager says 'he's got a touch of flu today, but he'll be fine for the weekend' (that 'flu' ISN'T like the flu I had !). It might last 'for 6 days' but those 6 days are very different - I can recall 'about a day' of feeling absolutely terrible, when I had flu as a kid. I was laying in bed, soaked in sweat, muscles aching, headache, virtually too weak to stand up, and if I tried to close my eyes, it felt as if someone had tied a rope to my ankles and was swinging me round in a circle. I'm not sure that shortening the overall length of the illness by a tiny bit, would be a good trade if the side effects of this drug are 'it causes nausea and vomiting and increases the risk of headaches' - I wouldn't take that trade-off, knowing how bad I was anyway (in the 24 hours directly before the 'fever breaks and you just feel weak/drained for many days' stage).

  • Comment on: Five a day fruit and veg 'not healthy enough', warn researchers

    Tiger Girl's comment 5-Apr-2014 9:48 am

    P. Damien | 2-Apr-2014 2:56 pm The rationale was that canned fruit is usually in very sugar-rich syrup - not sure it said canned vegetables were bad.

  • Comment on: Five a day fruit and veg 'not healthy enough', warn researchers

    Tiger Girl's comment 2-Apr-2014 10:50 am

    An interesting aspect of this, is that vegetables were considered to be more helpful than fruit: so what does the main picture above show? Two apples, a pear and a banana.

  • Comment on: Kylie to take on NHS ambassador role *

    Tiger Girl's comment 2-Apr-2014 10:43 am

    Very little mention of this if you Google it, except for the NT story - Kylie is very high profile, so ...

  • Comment on: Concerns raised over 'inadequate' care for heart failure patients

    Tiger Girl's comment 2-Apr-2014 10:35 am

    From memory, a few years ago the average time between a diagnosis of heart failure and death was less than 2 years - shorter than for many with a diagnosis of cancer. Yet for some reason, heart failure receives much less attention. Is that because heart failure usually comes with old age?

  • Comment on: Health secretary to launch raft of new patient safety measures

    Tiger Girl's comment 26-Mar-2014 12:00 pm

    tinkerbell | 26-Mar-2014 11:33 am It should be simple - but it isn't simple if nurses are being told to raise concerns and to admit to mistakes, but trust lawyers/accountants are being told to prevent litigation costs, is it? What is corrupt, in my view, is politicians who only present part of the argument: for example trumpeting 'some nurses don't care any longer' without mentioning to the same degree 'many nurses are so time-pressured they can't reveal their compassion'.

  • Comment on: NICE issues guidance on drugs in care homes

    Tiger Girl's comment 17-Mar-2014 10:55 am

    Pity that NICE has to point out the obvious!: The institute said the “starting point” for its guideline was that residents should have the same involvement in decisions about their care and treatment – and have the right to access appropriate services and support – as other patients. Prescribers should assume care home residents are able to make decisions about their own medicines, it said, but should check if they are concerned.

  • Comment on: Minister backs 'assisted dying' bid

    Tiger Girl's comment 13-Mar-2014 1:22 pm

    Anonymous | 11-Mar-2014 4:39 pm I refer you to the comments made by Yes But to save me from duplicating the same point.

  • Comment on: Minister backs 'assisted dying' bid

    Tiger Girl's comment 11-Mar-2014 11:47 am

    Anonymous | 10-Mar-2014 4:31 pm You write- Assisted dying, is an absolute minefield in that you're attempting to legalise an illegal act (murder). This potential legislation invariably only allows for someone to provide the necessary drugs for the patient to end his or her own life, with the patient then self-administering: that isn't murder, is it? These proposed acts are currently stopping short of including a solution for the awful situation of people such as Tony Nicklinson, who couldn't actually self-administer.

  • Comment on: 'Challenging poor practice is an important part of a student’s role'

    Tiger Girl's comment 19-Oct-2013 12:14 pm

    I heard a whistleblower on BBC Radio 4 this morning - I think the name was Lisa Martin. Awful story, as usual: you do the right thing, then find yourself unemployable. Telling people they have a duty to raise concerns, simply isn't enough!

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