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Olympic opening ceremony will 'reaffirm greatness of NHS'

Midwife Jane Logan will be among 800 volunteers from the NHS performing in tonight’s opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics.

Her segment will last for 12 minutes and will celebrate the NHS by linking it with story-telling and literature. 

Ms Logan, who will be wearing a traditional medical-themed costume, is a senior lecturer in midwifery at the University of Bedfordshire and a midwifery link lecturer at Luton and Dunstable Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

She said: “I am truly proud to be involved in this extraordinary event.”

Ms Logan paid tribute to the ceremony’s director Danny Boyle, who she said had been a “consistent source of outstanding support, encouragement and laughter to the NHS volunteers”.

“He has patiently signed thousands of autographs, smiled for thousands of photographs and hugged, what feels and sounds like, every single NHS volunteer taking part in the ceremony,” she said.

“It has been a pleasure to meet and work for this enigmatic and inspirational man who publicly, has never wavered in his belief that the 800 NHS volunteers taking part in tonight’s show, with the many other volunteers, have the ability to master and deliver an outstanding performance.

“It has been an amazing experience and has reaffirmed how great the NHS is.”


Readers' comments (28)

  • tinkerbell

    Wonderful. Well done Danny Boyle for featuring our great NHS. Well done the Queen for participating in our Great Bristish sense of humour with James Bond. 'Nobody does it better'.

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  • Congratulations to all. A wonderful spectacle and highly professional performance. I hadn't realised the nurses were real and not professional dancers until I read this. they and the children and everybody else were brilliant and have done our country proud.

    I had never noticed dancing mentioned in our multi tasking, multi skilled, multi talented job description - I must have missed it!

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  • George Kuchanny

    Oh Danny Boyle the pipes the pipes are calling! (or was that Danny boy?)

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  • Anonymous

    I thought the 'NHS bit' was one of the better parts - probably why a Tory MP has said the Opening was more left-wing than Beijing's !

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  • tinkerbell

    I'm a bit dim but ... | 28-Jul-2012 9:48 am

    and allegedly another tory MP tweeted 'it was crap'. Who were the scary monsters depicted trying to steal the children, trying to destroy goodness, the fight between good and evil. It was sad to see so much of what was great and good about our country is now going, soon to be gone or gone including the founding principles of our NHS along with much of our public sector. The every day heroes who work hard for the money.

    Unelected tory spivs didn't like it? Who'd have thought? Right back atcha. Just goes to show we are still living in a democracy despite the tories unrelenting efforts to have it otherwise.

    I imagine scrooge, with the capital L,(not even going to mention his name) went to bed early muttering 'crap' too.

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  • michael stone

    tinkerbell | 28-Jul-2012 1:54 pm

    Although I'm with you, there have been a few comments recently to the effect that this NT site seems anti-Tory.

    I'm not sure if there are very few right-wing nurses, or if it so happens that most of the people who post here are left-wing.

    But it does seem true, that the posts on NT are left-leaning: perhaps this is nature's way of counter-balancing The Mail (I don't read the Mail, but I come across comments about it) ?

    I thought the NHS section of the cermony was good, although overall I wasn't awe-struck by the ceremony on my TV: but I can appreciate that the organisation/choreography was a remarkable achievement. I just wonder, it it would have seemed much more impressive at the stadium, than when viewed on tele ?

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  • tinkerbell

    DH Agent - as if ! | 28-Jul-2012 2:08 pm

    anti tory, how can you say that, now you've made me cry.

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  • " I just wonder, it it would have seemed much more impressive at the stadium, than when viewed on tele ?"

    I am sure this is so asI keep coming across clips on the Internet of the event which show up details I hadn't even noticed on my small older type TV screen. It was also dependent on which shots the TV cameras filmed at any one time. Nevertheless, it appeared to be a great show which everybody was enjoying.

    I must confess I fell asleep during quite a bit of the long procession of all the countries although I made sure I saw GB at the end. I just hope the first half hour I missed, thanks to CNN, and Becky Anderson reporting on some concert in Hyde Park plus all their commercial breaks, will be shown again as I found that very frustrating indeed and wish I had chosen a different channel from the outset.

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  • I jut checked on the GOSH website to see whether they still wear those old fashioned uniforms but it appears not.

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  • Brilliant spectacle, but did you see all those nurses sitting on the patients beds? They'll all be up infront of the infection control matron on monday!
    Anon 2.25pm- check the BBC website, as well as the Daily Mail, they'll have a repeat.
    Note, Tory MP's, that the show concerned itself with what the PEOPLE of Britain are proud of. See they didn't have a big section of City Spivs roaring round the stadium in Ferraris to the Dennis Leary tune 'I'm an asshole'

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  • redpaddys12 | 28-Jul-2012 9:11 pm

    good idea, but unfortunately I have access to neither of these as I am not in the UK otherwise I wouldn't have missed any of it. However, I have managed to get snippets on the news throughout today which have helped to fill in some of the gaps so now I have the gist of what the beginning was all about although I have missed some of the music. I expect there will be a DVD later on if I still feel so inclined.

    Unfortunately BBC iPlayer isn't accessible outside the UK either.

    DT gave very good live coverage of most of the Jubilee, Wimbledon and also of Hollande's election but for some reason not the Olympics as far as I can see. The former were good as they didn't have all the irritating commentary.

    I was quite shocked when I heard a snatch of the commentary on British TV for the tennis where the commentators screech almost hysterically like the French. all one of these latter could cry out when somebody won a point was 'oh la la, oh la la la la, oh la................etc., etc! I never heard anything like it and it did not seem to add any sort of intelligent comment to the event, but I deviate from the article.

    GOSH spectacle was great and very original. hopefully it will warm
    some of the 80,000 hearts plus all those who watched on tv across the country and around the world towards the NHS and its nurses once more.

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  • Anon 10.50pm
    Daily Mail site is accessible outside the UK. Try You Tube instead, especially the James Bond and Mr Bean parts.

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  • I watched it in Malta on BBC iplayer, but you have to download the expat shield first (which is free) to be able to watch anything. I must admit I thought the best bits were the Rowan Atkinson spoof of chariots of fire, James Bond and the Queen and the end with the lighting of the flame I thought that was fantastic. It was good to see the NHS promoted though! there has been too much bad press on that recently!

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  • I actually wrote a blog post about this, and whether the NHS is a reason to moan or celebrate, you can see it here take a look if you are interested :)

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  • Honourable mention to the well upholstered Scots lady who sang 'Abide with me', and the team of dancers for a beautiful interpretation, would bring tears to a glass eye.
    On a different note, although very multi-cultural throughout, there was definately ( to my eyes) a very strong Christian backbone to the show which I have never seen in any of these opening ceremonies before. Take that Beijing and Sydney!

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  • tinkerbell

    redpaddys12 | 30-Jul-2012 3:49 am

    'a very strong Christian backbone'

    Yes there was and it was good.

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  • How come apart from a verse of 'Flower of Scotland' and 'Bread of Heaven' there was nothing mentioned about Scotland and Wales? Could it be because these lands want to leave the Union? Wouldn't blame them if they did.

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  • tinkerbell

    I found this piece of music towards the end very soothing, 'Calibans Dream'. It played during the handing over of the torches and lighting of the cauldron (was it called a cauldron?). I have been trying to find out what it was since the opening ceremony and today have found it on Youtube in case anyone wants to hear it again.

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  • I absolutely loved the music, they way it helped to tell the story. My fave part was the cauldron, what a great design. The dancing nurses and doctors could symbolise how we manage to provide excellent care despite budget cuts. Anyone who believes that we are anti tory on this site is probably right - not because we support labour but because of the obvious damage that the conservatives are doing to the NHS. In a society which is increasing in numbers and with people living longer, how can any govt justify cuts which affect patient care?!! So that's why we were mostly happy to not celebrate what the conservative govt have given us. In fact what exactly have they given us? The nightmares that were featured in the opening ceremony!

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  • It is wonderful to read about all the positive reactions to the opening ceremony after all the doom and gloom.

    please keep up all the optimism for the improvement of our health services, and take time out to enjoy the rest of the games.

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