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Charity music video launched to promote 6Cs of nursing

A video of the “Care Makers song” featuring the 6Cs and a host of nursing VIPs, including chief nursing officer for England Jane Cummings, was shown live for the first time on the NHS Employers stand at lunchtime.

The song has been written and recorded by Sam McPhail, a Care Maker and student nurse from the University of Bradford, to help staff remember each of the 6Cs that embody the chief nursing officer’s ideal values for nursing staff.

It is available to download from iTunes for £1, with all proceeds going to The Yorkshire Cancer Charity, which was set up by Kate Granger, the doctor who has terminal cancer and is behind the #Hellomynameis campaign.

The video was produced free of charge in-house by NHS Employers, and a freelance producer Jonathan Wright, who was so impressed with the care he received after he had a heart attack that he wanted to provide his services free of charge.

The Care Makers Song

The Care Makers Song trailer

Readers' comments (21)

  • I can't believe what I am seeing, how embarrassing. It's almost as if Jane Cummings and her little minions here have got rose tinted glasses on and are refusing to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture being the commissioning of services and cost cutting exercises, including resources and staff. The NHS is so target driven and this song seems to be from a different planet.

    The song says patients come first and that's the way it should be. Sorry to disagree but my family come first, I'm not a martyr. I'm a human being. Our pay is frozen for the 3rd time and I have bills to pay. It's a job fundamentally, my job is to care of course and I feel I do a bloody good job at it. But I'm not a saint like this song says we should be. Compassion is pretty difficult to give when physically and mentally exhausted. Where is the compassion and care for us.

    Jane Cummings, if you are reading this, could you do something for your nurses instead of pandering to the government. I am really missing the point of your job role.

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  • Anonymous | 18-Jun-2014 10:53 am

    what is her job role? I tried to find it on the Internet under the DH and its replacement site and I wrote to them to request it and was just directed back to the same link where I could not find it. Job descriptions in the NHS should be public and open for all to read.

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  • Well said Anonymouse @ 10.53 am. You took the words right out of my mouth. How ridiculous is this? I attended a conference recently for Nurses and the lead speaker appeared to be floating around in a daze with an inane grin. Urging Nurses to get out there and keep doing your best! Also talking in an extremely patronising manner. I am sure GP delegates at conferences are not spoken to like this. Hey hum - you get what you pay for I spose. :-0

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  • Really! a song to remind us of the 6 c's!

    How patronising, I agree with all of the above.

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  • There are no words for this.

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  • I agree with all of the above too. A good intention Student-Nurse-Care-Maker a huge mistake Chief Nurse.

    Dear Jane Cummings,

    Please stop sounding like a politician and more like a nurse.

    A very-disappointed-in-you-and-your-team-Nurse.

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  • Jane Cummings Please resign.

    This is nauseating and patronising.

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  • Patients are at the heart of our role.

    Where were they on this video?

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  • Majority of us carry out the 6c's with no reminder daily but I am sorry to say there is a minority who need to be reminded !
    Well done with a pretty catchy song

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  • This is a band wagon that has been jumped on.

    Without Francis there wouldn't have been a song. They weren't singing about compassion before the Mid Staffs debacle. It is utterly insincere.

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  • From your international colleagues in Australia ... that's just plain embarrassing! A nice student project it is but an appropriate choice to promote the values of the UK nursing profession IT IS NOT!

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  • might win back the reputation among the public of nurses as angels or earn somebody a star role in a revival of the 'Carry On' films but does little to enhance a professional image where nurses need to be taken seriously.

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  • Is a breezy singalong really an appropriate sentiment in the current climate of pay cuts, understaffing and public distrust? The 6Cs are accused of being a substanceless, incoherent answer to complex systemic problems and I'm not sure this is helping...

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  • Who thinks Jane Cummings has any real power in the government?

    She may be reading these pages and may know what everybody thinks of her and may care about nursing. However, she may not have any power to do anything.

    Can she affect Trust Fund budgets?
    Can she force Trusts to employ more Nurses?
    Can she affect the mix of skills on wards?
    Can she act on behalf on Nurses in any disputes?
    Can she affect pay?
    Can she help whistleblowers?

    I think her main role is a nurses' lightening rod, someone nurses can blame to stop them attacking the government and going on marches outright.


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  • what does she do?

    why is her job description not available on line?

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  • .../contd from above

    after all, as taxpayers, we are paying her salary and have the right to know what services she provides for us. maybe unless she plays an important role it is one which could be cut back or is she just an important visible representative for the profession in a gov. position without any clout?

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  • Oh dear! When im struggling on a 28 bed acute medicine ward with only 3 trained nurses... don't worry... Ill just sing this song and all will be well?

    Lets address the real issues in the nursing sector and stop manipulating naive student nurses.

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  • agree with all above!! patronising!!

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  • Anonymous | 21-Jun-2014 10:35 am

    you need it playing over the loudspeakers all day long until and message gets across (through subliminal advertising) and until everybody is thoroughly sick and tired of it, so patients and colleagues won't notice the shortfall. you may even get a pay rise for all the extra 6Cs and care they are led to believe they are getting! :-)

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  • The Laryngospasms

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