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NMC council members swept away in overhaul

Almost all the nursing regulator’s council members have been replaced in a complete overhaul designed to improve how the Nursing and Midwifery Council operates.

The reorganisation follows a review of healthcare professional regulation by the Law Commission, which recommended the overall size of the NMC council be reduced.

An amendment to the NMC’s constitution stipulated that from 1 May the number of lay and prefessional members be reduced from seven each to six each. As a result, all council posts were advertised, despite existing council members terms not having come to an end.

Professor Judith Ellis, who acted as chair for six months last year, was the only existing council member to be reappointed.

Council member for Northern Ireland Nikki Patterson has had her term extended as a replacement could not be found during the initial recruitment round, but the NMC said the “search process will be continued”.

Elinor Smith, nurse director of NHS Grampian, is the representative from Scotland and Carol Shillabeer, nurse director from the Powys Teaching Health Board, is the representative from Wales. They are joined by Maureen Morgan, who is senior fellow in clinical leadership at Keele University and a nurse and health visitor.

Lorna Tinsley, who was senior workforce modernisation manager at the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare between 2009 and 2012, is the only midwife to be appointed to the council.

They are joined by lay members including a former British Ambassador to Romania and to Thailand, Quinton Quayle; chair of the National Lottery Commission, Dr Anne Wright; and chief executive of the Health Foundation, Stephen Thornton.

NMC chair Mark Addison said: “I am delighted by the number and calibre of individuals who put themselves forward. We have been able to make some strong appointments, with the skills, experience and commitment we require.”

Readers' comments (13)

  • I will now be looking for detailed info on these new individuals to gauge whether or not they are new brooms or just a bunch of old handles. In the meantime, with fewer wages to pay, can we have our money (registration/maintenance fee increase) back please?!

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • mags | 17-May-2013 10:16 am

    and of course they must meet with your and all other members full approval before their engagement!

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • Nurses are complaining about the registration fee. All qualified nurses will be able to pay the fees by working 1 shift at the lowest pay rate. That seems perfectly reasonable. Other professional groups pay much more.
    Stop moaning and lets hope this re-organisation will produce a regulator that is fit for purpose.

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  • NIce to see people 'owning' their ever on this site!

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  • Susan Markham

    Anonymous 11:02 & 12:20 have it absolutely right! To quote the latter...

    "Other professional groups pay much more."

    Erm... HCAs pay nothing... so does that mean you don't regard HCAs as professionals?

    So much for standing together eh?

    I do agree though... the current registration is far to low - we should each be paying hundreds of pounds more per month to have unelected individuals with unknown suitability for their posts to adjudicate upon our professional conduct!

    Perfectly reasonable in my opinion... we should all take a pay cut - work longer hours and return to making tea for the Doctors!

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • Anonymous | 17-May-2013 12:20 pm

    I will continue to raise objections about the registration fee until I am happy that my regulatory body is up to scratch.

    You may wish to pay as much money as is demanded and live in 'hope this re-organisation will produce a regulator that is fit for purpose." For me, that isn't good enough. Now give me a regulatory body that is actually fit for purpose and then we can talk money. I don't believe in paying over the odds for a piece of old tat.

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • Catherine Obbard | 17-May-2013 1:19 pm

    what's your problem?

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • George Kuchanny

    New brooms or old handles. Yes. Good question.

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • a piece of old tat - that is right, what do we as nurses get from the NMC? if it's sole purpose is to protect the public then.........yawn, yawn, yawn - let it come out of the public purse.

    what exactly do they do for us?

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • tinkerbell

    out with the old, in with the old. New manager, same as the old manager. They're cloning them somewhere probably as we speak.

    In the old boy network and quangos with funny handshakes. Think it's called a re-shuffle.

    Hopefully I am horribly wrong again and the new recruits actually care and are passionate about what needs to be done to bring about positive change.

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • I am worried that Tinkerbell may be right! These posts tend to go to clones.

    At least the new staff will know that they are being watched more closely and the NMC must show it is fit for the job.

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • The definition of a profession is a group with a body of knowledge, usually tested by examination, which self regulates such as nurses, doctors and lawyers.
    HCA's do not have this and are not a member of a profession.
    Other groups have an occupation.
    That includes many business people.
    The word is often misused.

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • Anonymous | 22-May-2013 12:38 pm

    quite correct and good to point this out every so often.

    it gets confusing however if you cross the channel as in other languages profession refers to any kind of occupation or job.

    I never managed to convince my late English friend living in a French speaking country that my job as an RN was any different from that of a hard working waitress with very long hours and shifts! ...but then the oldest profession is the world is prostitution!

    ...body of knowledge, qualifying examination and self-regulation are probably the key distinctions from the professions and all of the other skilled and unskilled 'professions'!

    Unsuitable or offensive?

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