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Trust withdraws from South West Pay 'cartel'

The South West “pay cartel” has lost a member after unions agreed a draft proposal on changes to terms and conditions as part of national talks.

The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals Foundation Trust has announced it will withdraw its membership from the South West Pay, Terms and Conditions Consortium of 20 NHS trusts.

The decision comes after unions agreed a draft proposal from NHS Employers at a meeting of the NHS Staff Council Executive on Friday.

The agreement, which will see significant reduction in staff terms and conditions, will now go to each union’s executive committee for consultation.

Although a final deal is far from guaranteed Tony Spotswood, chief executive of The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals Foundation Trust, said his organisation would no longer take part in the group, dubbed a ‘cartel’ by unions.

He said: “The board is encouraged by the progress made in the national negotiations and wishes to see these continue as we strive for pay, terms and conditions that fully reflect the needs of the service going forward.”

The trust has said it is not expecting its £10,000 joining fee to be returned.

The decision has been welcomed by health unions who accuse the consortium of undermining the national talks.

Unison head of health Christina McAnea, and chair of the Staff Side Council said: “This is the right decision and good news for patients and staff. We hope other trusts in the South West cartel will review their involvement in the consortium.

 “Unison will work with them to address the serious financial issues they are facing.”

Peter Carter, chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “The RCN has long been arguing the pitfalls of regional pay are numerous and represent nothing more than an attack on nursing staff at a time when resources are stretched. It is promising that these arguments appear to have been listened to.

“We hope this marks the beginning of a retreat and we urge the remaining trusts involved to follow this example and realise regional pay is not the answer.”

A spokesman for the consortium said the group was “disappointed” at the decision of the Bournemouth trust.

She added: “Whilst encouraged by recent progress on aspects of Agenda for Change, members believe it is right and fair that any review aimed at producing fit for purpose pay, terms and conditions should include all staff groups, for example doctors, dentists and senior managers including chief executives.”

Readers' comments (18)

  • excellent news. What happens to the 10k they spent on joining this cartel and also the bonus the CEOs received? what a complete waste of money and time, not to mention the anger and stress it has caused the nurses.

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  • Lets hope the other Trusts start to withdraw, and the pay cartel crumbles (wishful thinking probably!!) I wish the Trust I work for would!

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  • Anonymous | 13-Nov-2012 6:10 pm Excellent news??? Are you having a laugh?

    "The agreement, which will see significant reduction in staff terms and conditions, will now go to each union’s executive committee for consultation."

    Pathetic, the lot of you. The trust don't need to be in the cartel anymore because THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED!!!!!

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  • tinkerbell

    mike | 14-Nov-2012 6:38 am

    Exactly Mike. At first glance you would think 'great' but then with a little more thought involved i thought 'hey hang on a minute'. And they have the cheek to ask for a refund of their cartel joining fee. Will that £10,000 be distributed amongst all the staff who are now going to be working for LESS but think this is a good deal?

    I am starting to wonder if being a nurse makes you 'big and fit, six foot wide but thick as s**t'.

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  • does this mean that this trust is no longer in the cartel and their staff will stay under AfC with no change to their wages, terms and conditions?

    if they are not in the cartel what will have to go to individual unions?

    if others withdraw now then what happens to the money that they paid to join the cartel and the bonuses they received?

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  • "The agreement, which will see significant reduction in staff terms and conditions, will now go to each union’s executive committee for consultation."

    And this is good news! Once again the Unions show a lack of back bone and workers left worse off!

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  • Who is it that have started to and will continue to destroy the institution that is the NHS: Management and government, we at the rock face and the people we serve are suffering from all angles and one day the worm will turn!

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  • The only good thing is that this Trust may inspire others to leave the cartel, and continue the national pay negotiations. I know that conditions are being altered, without our agreement, but at least the piecemeal, divide and conquer aspect of the cartel will weaken, and the importance of national pay for a national health service will be maintained. If NHS staff make the most of this and act together, with commitment, things may yet turn around.

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  • tinkerbell

    Roy Clements | 14-Nov-2012 12:30 pm

    Yes Roy, so let's not delay the worm turning as it NEEDS to turn NOW because as it stands, and at this unrelenting pace of destruction by government and management there will be nothing left to salvage for those of us out there on the coalface.

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  • Florence

    The Tory government is just ruining the NHS.They talk about the BBC having an overloaded management structure!! Try the NHS !! The unions are allowing them to do it. And alot of Nurses are sitting back too. I understand why alot of us feel tired & deflated. I identify with those emotions.
    In my work place there is so much apathy. My ward manager is frightened for her job so she just '' kow-tows'' to whatever is thrown at us.
    There is very little discussion about any of the recent events like raising of NMC fee, proposed changes to our contracts and we are not encouraged to seek union support if needed.
    I was the talk of the ward ( mostly positive thankfully) when I spoke up at a team meeting about proposed bed closures in our unit. Our 2 Band 7 Managers stood there and didn't say a word.
    And yes interesting question about what will happen to the £10,000 joining fee for the Trust who has left the cartel ??

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  • How much is top quality children's cancer care? on the news the other day about postcode lottery funding again. How much do ppl think their MI contributions are worth in the course of their working life? The health system needs more government input not less. It's should take it from elsewhere.
    1 trust, hope more will follow, but a crap deal is still a crap deal in this bid to minimise cuts. The argument should be for more funding + investments. Not to keep bouncing along the bottom like a 'dead cat' otherwise there isn't much for the future.

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  • That should read 'NI Contributions' ;)
    If cuts are needed, chop of heads of rich bankers, politicians + lawyers.

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  • I sorely hope those thick skinned 'whatever' above band 7, the trust boards, bankers and others 'whatever' read these and comments made by loyal, caring and hardworking staff. Not only on this article but on many others. That said I doubt, even if it was spelt out in words of one syllable they could understand the true picture, besides they have their own agenda: flog off as much of GB Ltd, line their pockets and retire. As for the band 6 and 7's I feel sorry for them being piggies in the middle many, NOT ALL, management lackies doing the masters bidding. End of rant for now.

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • tinkerbell

    on a lighter note i don't know if anyone else here watches 'getting on' with Jo Brand. It so real life it's hilarious. In one episode they've moved to a new ward where none of the equipment works and she is putting stickers on everything that say 'i'm broken, please mend me'. She has pinned one to herself.

    This is how nurses are feeling 'broken'.

    In tonights episode the drs and staff have got their memory sticks mixed up and at the same time the nursing staff have entered a christmas card competition but got the wrong memory stick and have sent out a christmas card with a picture of someones vulva on it by mistake as the consultant is doing some research on vulvas.

    Because of patient confidientiality they have to tell the patient but as the patient is elderly and unconscious they have to tell the patients daughter who bursts out laughing to relief of the nurses, doctors, so the matter is not taken any further.

    Jo brand says 'well is it a breach of confidentiality would you recognise your own wotsit?'.

    She's always getting told off.

    You can just see the headline in the Daily Maul can't you?

    Unsuitable or offensive?

  • Left to the union sides to do the masters bidding whilst having a bun fight because ones got 'Royal' in it and the other is made up of electricians, to come to the answer that the cartel trusts wanted in the first place.
    We need our Unions to be Alphas, instead all they do is go around with their tail between their legs smiffing each others bottoms. Pathetic.
    Remember this as the last hurrah, as soon as you stop the night enhancements and weekend money every nurse in the land will pack in working in hospitals ( of course we won't, we're a bunch of snivelling, whining weasely quislings who would rather work for free to care after some stranger, then to fight for their colleagues and feed and house their own families)

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  • Thank you 14/11/12 6:04 for speaking up in your meeting , we all need to do whatever is right and proper to start chipping away at the boulder before us.
    Someone else commented on Band 6 & 7 being piggies inthe middle.
    I feel that these piggies in the middle has been and still is a weak link in the chain, because if this area of the battle is easy then the distructive forces will feel that Band 5s would be a pushover.
    There are a lot of us Band5s so we must continue to resist this distructive force.
    We must not give up. Even if we fail then in our hearts we would at least be satisfied that we stood up to the force.
    Now is the time nurses don't lose this moment in time as it may not come again in our life time. Lets fight for the future of Nursing in this our beloved country.

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  • Note to self: Watch Jo Brand 'Getting On'.
    Sad thing about humour is that the topics, though funny on the surface have very serious underlying truthes. I really enjoy humour for what it is but take on board the 'truthes', I wish managers and political leaders would do the same, be honest and support the country. I would love to look at the TRUE accounts of GB Ltd to see exactly where our money goes, weed out the misplaced billions and then allocate the funds the NHS needs to do its job.

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  • Yep. The government must be rubbing their hands with glee. Nurses? What a bunch of mugs?! You can sell them anything and they honestly think they are getting a good deal!!!

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