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Why are skin tears an increasing problem in tissue viability?

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29 March, 2012

Key points

  1. Skin tears usually occur in immature skin in neonates and in older people
  2. Evidence on their prevalence and incidence is limited and generally dated
  3. Nurses should be aware of the risk factors associated with skin tears and minimise risks to patients wherever possible
  4. Prevention should start with early identification
    of those at risk
  5. The most important aspect of assessment and management is to minimise further trauma and preserve viable tissue


Let’s discuss …

  • Why are skin tears and increasing problem in tissue viability?
  • How would you identify a patient who is at risk of skin tears?
  • Think about patients you care for who are at risk of skin tears. How could you minimise this risk?
  • How would you assess and manage a skin tear?

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