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Immunology Nursing

News and practice for immunology nurse specialists

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust

Trusts hopes to boost flu jab uptake with staff ‘selfie’ campaign


Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust has launched a new campaign to encourage NHS staff to get the flu vaccination to protect their patients this winter.

Public Health England launches national flu vaccine campaign


This year’s national flu vaccine campaign has been launched to encourage patients deemed most at risk from the virus to get immunised.

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Rabies: risk, prognosis and prevention

Rabies: risk, prognosis and prevention Subscription Required

Rabies is a lethal infection that is prevalent in many regions worldwide. It can be prevented by vaccination and by prompt post-exposure treatment

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Advising pregnant women on the risk of travel abroad

Advising pregnant women on minimising travel risks Subscription Required

Although travelling while pregnant is generally safe, steps should be taken to minimise risks by providing a comprehensive risk assessment before travel

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What will it take for people to realise that making money out of other people's misery is utterly unacceptable?


It’s Hallowe’en again, and as sure as ghouls emerge from graveyards, we have another crop of “hilarious” costumes making a joke out of mental illness.

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Study finds clue to why colds trigger asthma

The Mail Online reports how “a simple cold can set off a deadly asthma attack: Scientists discover chemical can send the immune system into overdrive”.



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