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Health worker receiving the influenza vaccination

Why do health workers decline flu vaccination? Subscription Required

Influenza is highly contagious but myths about the flu vaccine may lead to nurses declining vaccination, putting them at risk of transmitting the virus to their patients


Appropriate glove use in dermatitis prevention Subscription Required

The rise in glove use in healthcare has been accompanied by increasing reports of dermatitis. Royal College of Nursing guidance advises on how and when to use gloves.

A student

Why do students fail to disclose health problems? Subscription Required

Many student nurses fear disclosing information about disability or health. This study explored their concerns and developed a web zone to improve knowledge


Improving training in motivational interviewing Subscription Required

Practitioners from different clinical backgrounds can use motivational interviewing. A university set up a module on the technique for health and social care professionals

A nurse at work

Benefits of napping on night shifts Subscription Required

Napping on breaks during a night shift can boost nurses’ health and patient safety

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Figures reveal 9% hike in violent assaults on NHS staff in a year

Physical assaults on nurses and other NHS staff in England have risen by almost 9%, according to latest figures, which unions warned could represent the “tip of an iceberg”.

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More than a third of NHS staff have now had flu jab

Latest figures suggest that a record number of NHS nurses are likely to be immunised against influenza this winter.

Ebola virus

Thousands of US nurses stage protests over ebola protection

US nurses took part in vigils, rallies and strikes yesterday in protest at what they claim are inadequate measures to deal with ebola, which they say are symptomatic of an overall erosion of care standards.

Working changing shift rotas over long period can 'age brain'

Long-term shift work has an ageing effect on the brain that leads to an impaired ability to think and remember, a study has found.

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Staff still at too high a risk from sharps injuries, warns union

There are “startling variations” between trusts and regions in how safety sharps are bought and used, according to data collected by Union.

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Prevention of occupational infections among healthcare workers

Prevention of occupational infections among healthcare workers

The 5th POINTERS (Prevention of Occupational Infection, Treatment and Exposure Reporting Strategies) Conference highlights the prevention of bloodborne viruses (BBVs) in the healthcare setting. Archive

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'Community nurses do have the power to save our NHS'

'Community nurses do have the power to save our NHS' Subscription Required

In advance of the Queen’s Nursing Institute’s annual conference, I have been reflecting on the collective power of community nurses to improve the health of our nation - and when I say “community nurses” I mean nurses across the whole range of specialties.

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Standard principles: hospital environmental hygiene and hand hygiene

Standard principles: hospital environmental hygiene and hand hygiene Subscription Required

This article describes standard principles for infection prevention and control focusing on hospital environmental hygiene and hand hygiene, both of which are crucial to the prevention of healthcare associated infection (HCAI). The guidelines do not address the additional infection control requirements of specialist settings, such as the operating department or for outbreak situations.