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Smoking Cessation Nursing

News and practice for smoking cessation nurses

How common medicines can affect bone health

How common medicines can affect bone health Subscription Required

Drugs used to treat common conditions can adversely affect bone health. Nurses need to be aware of the risks and prevention strategies

Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking?

Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking? Subscription Required

E-cigarettes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking. However, it is still not clear whether they are a safe and effective way of quitting

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Hospitals’ duty of care in smoking cessation

Hospitals’ duty of care in smoking cessation

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says hospitals have a duty of care to help all patients who smoke to stop and has issued guidance on this

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Hospital nurses’ role in smoking cessation

Hospital nurses’ role in smoking cessation Subscription Required

Hospital nurses are ideally placed to advise those with long-term conditions on smoking cessation and the effects this can have on their condition and treatment

Creating smoke-free homes for children

Creating smoke-free homes for children Subscription Required

Discussing passive smoking with parents is not always easy. A tool has been developed to equip nurses with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the issue


Give smokers 'more help to quit' while in hospital, say specialists

Trusts are being urged to do more to follow national guidance and help patients quit smoking while they are in hospital, in the wake of new research on its efficacy.

Pregnancy smoking 'hits fertility'

Smoking while pregnant 'hits fertility' of male offspring

Mothers who smoke during pregnancy could damage the future fertility of their sons, a new Australian study suggests.

Low status jobs linked to increased type 2 diabetes risk

Long hours in a low-status job can increase diabetes risk by almost a third, research has shown.

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'Never too late' to reduce dementia risk

'Never too late' to reduce dementia risk, say Alzheimer's experts

Health officials should run an “it’s never too late” campaign to make the public aware of lifestyle changes they could make to help stave off dementia, a new report suggests.

Warning over e-cig risk to children

Warning over e-cig risk to children

Health officials should be prepared for an increasing number of children accidentally exposed to concentrated nicotine thanks to the rising use of e-cigarettes, doctors have said. Archive

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The big question: should there be more restrictions placed on the use of e-cigarettes?

The World Health Organisation has recently said that electronic cigarettes should face greater restrictions on their use, sale and promotion.

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The physiological effects of smoking on the respiratory system Subscription Required

Smoking causes fatal diseases to develop in many parts of the body including cancers of the upper and lower respiratory tracts (mouth, nasopharynx, larynx, and lung), the oesophagus, and the kidney.

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