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Substance Misuse Nursing

News and practice for substance misuse nurse specialists

How common medicines can affect bone health

How common medicines can affect bone health Subscription Required

Drugs used to treat common conditions can adversely affect bone health. Nurses need to be aware of the risks and prevention strategies

Managing misuse of novel psychoactive substances

Managing misuse of novel psychoactive substances Subscription Required

Health professionals need to be aware of emerging novel psychoactive substances as their use is increasing, particularly among younger people

Recognition and treatment of social anxiety disorder

Recognition and treatment of social anxiety disorder

New guidance from NICE on social anxiety disorder aims to reduce delays in diagnosis and treatment, and to improve the quality of life of people with the disorder

Brief intervention for alcohol misuse Subscription Required

Brief interventions - “having a word” at the right time - can be effective in making people reconsider their drinking behaviour and cut their alcohol intake significantly

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GP and patient talking

Communication in cross-cultural cancer care

This article explores the issue of communication between health professionals and patients with cancer from different cultures, and the limitations in using professional or family interpreters.


Hepatitis C awareness among South Asians Subscription Required

A trust established links with the South Asian community to reduce health inequalities in access to services for hepatitis C virus testing and treatment.


Substance misuse in older people 2: identifying and treating substance misuse Subscription Required

Substance misuse problems may be more difficult to identify in older people, so screening and assessment should be carried out to prevent further harm.

Over-the-counter drugs are misused

Types of substance misuse and risk factors Subscription Required

Substance misuse in older adults is common but remains under-recognised.

Public Health England

Public health efforts must focus on six areas to 'make biggest difference'

Public health initiatives need to focus on six key areas in particular to improve the nation’s wellbeing, according to the head of England’s national public health body.

Cot death rates remain higher than expected

Cot death rates remain higher than expected

The number of unexplained deaths among babies is not reducing fast enough and health officials must do more to prevent cot deaths, a charity has said.

Legal highs 'deadlier than heroin', warns think-tank

Deaths linked to legal highs could surpass those related to heroin use within just two years, according to a new report by a think-tank.

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Pharmacies 'could tackle obesity'

Pharmacies could be route to 'tackle obesity crisis'

Pharmacies should be allowed to do more to tackle the obesity crisis, experts said after they found most people in the UK live within easy walking distance of a chemist.

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Cannabis factory found in Cardiff mental health hospital

A cannabis factory was found in the grounds of a mental health hospital, police have confirmed.

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Anna Thompson_SNT

Substance misusers are not a lost cause Subscription Required

Courageous, strong, brave, committed, supportive and kind. These are the words I most associate with the service users I have been working with over the past four weeks.

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60 seconds with... Colin Tyrie, senior public health development adviser

We talk to Colin Tyrie, senior public health development adviser in substance misuse at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust, who qualified as an RGN in 1990 and as an RMN in 1995.

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Student nurse fob watch

'Be clear about your motivation for the profession'

We talk to Karen Jordan, senior nurse practitioner, substance misuse and wellbeing, at Spectrum Community Health CIC, who has been a nurse for 35 years.

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Young people

"School nurses need the tools to meet government vision" Subscription Required

Despite school nurses’ remarkable contribution to the health of young people, we are facing a shortage of these vital practitioners - and increasing demands for their services.

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Cocaine may affect the way the body stores fat

Cocaine may affect the way the body stores fat

“Cocaine users ‘thinner’ because drug alters metabolism,” The Independent explains.

Binge drinking rates could be higher than thought

Binge drinking rates could be higher than thought

“England is a nation of secret boozers,” The Independent argues, as it reports on a study investigating the discrepancy between alcohol sales in England and the amount people say they drink in surveys.


Huge rise in gout cases

‘Disease of kings’ is on the rise as more people get gout due to rising rates of obesity, according to the Daily Mail.


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