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Designing outdoor spaces for people with dementia

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18 November, 2013

Title: Designing outdoor spaces for people with dementia

Authors: Annie Pollack and Mary Marshall

Publisher: University of Stirling

Reviewer: Nigel Jopson, home manager at Wispers Park care Centre, Surrey

What was it like?

This book looks at the way that space can be more usefully used when thinking about people with dementia. It gives background as to why outdoor spaces are essential and ways in which they can be better used.

There are many examples from around the world on ways in which outdoor spaces have been designed specifically for this purpose. The book is fascinating and brings together a lot of ideas that people have been using.


I did get some ideas and also reinforcement of things I have been introducing in different places. It is a shame in someways that it concentrates on original design and does not give enough information about small scale changes.

Nice to see activities and relatives also considered

What were the highlights? 

I found this book gave good information on how to consider outdoor spaces when designing new builds.

Strengths & weaknesses:

Strengths are that it does exactly what it says and looks at designs. I felt it might have been more useful to give smaller ideas that can be introduced to existing facilities that are trying to update

Who should read it?

I think this book will be useful, even essential, reading for companies designing new units. It should be on the bookshelf of architects, planners, CEOs and others involved so it can be used as a tool from the very start of planning new units.

For staff already in an existing unit it may have some use as a reference to adapt a few ideas.

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