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Joy Dyer

A 'rather fantastic journey'


Joy Dyer has seen many changes in both healthcare and the matron’s role over the past 30 years in the independent sector

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Creating & Sustaining Civility in Nursing Education

Creating & Sustaining Civility in nursing education


‘While this book focuses on the work of a nurse educator with incivility and creating a culture of civility, anyone who works within the healthcare setting and interacts with patients would benefit from reading this book. ’

You can deliver strong productivity

You can deliver strong productivity


Don’t use excuses for lack of progress. Learn process skills to ensure you get things done

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Right diagnosis - but the treatment will kill the patient

Right diagnosis - but the treatment will kill the patient


Suggesting we haven’t money to pay healthcare workers when we’re still bailing out banks that are ripping people off is laughable.

'Relentless attacks on nursing leave people tired to the bone'

How tired are you? On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is “I’m not tired at all - in fact I could jog to work, do a double shift, get home, feed the kids, polish the dog then jog out to my second job at Pete’s All-Night Car Wash and Curtain Repair Shop where I am in charge of ironing the drapes and colour coding the sponges.” And 1 involves a little bit of dribble slipping down your chin as you choose not to answer stupid questions in a magazine.

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Does modern healthcare rely too heavily on assessment tools and not enough on clinical judgement?

The big question: does healthcare rely too heavily on assessment tools and not enough on clinical judgement?


A recent study found pressure ulcers in intensive care patients may have been either over- or undertreated because a widely used tool may not be sensitive enough for critical care.

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Dora Frost

Obituary: Dora Frost MBE, SRN, BTA


June Clark pays tribute to Dora Frost, one of the most commited activists the RCN ever had.

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