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patrick newman

patrick newman

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  • Comment on: Specialist team jailed for conspiring to defraud hospital trust

    patrick newman's comment 5-Sep-2014 3:57 pm

    “From day one, John Mulholland and his associates set out to defraud the NHS of hundreds of thousands of pounds." Another instalment in the inglorious record of this Trust. Day one was in 2007 so as big a story is the total failure of the Trust to manage and periodically audit the contract. Of course it is not unknown for contracted staff to 'moonlight'.

  • Comment on: Bid to curb parking fees will be ignored, ministers told.

    patrick newman's comment 2-Sep-2014 2:48 pm

    Not a case of Hunt micro managing hospitals - more micro harassing them. Surely the CCG's and Healthwatch has a role in this if they feel patients and their visitors are getting a raw deal. The unions should also be actively negotiating exemptions for staff based on need.

  • Comment on: Labour pledge on GP access must include nurses, says RCN

    patrick newman's comment 13-May-2014 2:18 pm

    £100M is trivial sum in a £100+bn health budget. What would be good to hear is Miliband saying the NHS funding will reflect true inflation and compensate for demands of demographics. Perhaps he has not realised that the NHS is not ring fenced. In the meantime things are set to get worse with 10% cut to the DH admin budget which will affect PC.

  • Comment on: 'The appetite for pay protests appears strong'

    patrick newman's comment 24-Apr-2014 11:26 am

    Health workers have been subsidising the finances of the NHS for the last four years. Had they kept up with real inflation (at least RPI) the NHS would have been in a financial crisis two years ago. Think out of the box for industrial action - look at working to contract where patient care is unaffected?

  • Comment on: Unison votes in favour of ballot over pay action

    patrick newman's comment 15-Apr-2014 12:20 pm

    Unison needs to prioritise non-strike industrial action which is more likely to get both staff and public support. Most staff will be personally unable to take conventional strike action.

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