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  • Comment on: Would you value a week away with your team?

    redpaddys12's comment 28-Mar-2014 4:18 am

    All of our senior nurses, Band 8 Matrons, had an extremely busy busmans holiday last June and July when they spent 8 weeks conducting interviews with Nurses in Portugal and Spain to fill the specialist posts that my trust spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on redundancies the year before. Where were these interviews? Madrid? Lisbon? No, the Algarve and the Costa Brava. I asked one Matron why they recruited from these countries, and she said that it was because these Nurses were on zero hour contracts in their respective countries! I then asked why they didn't recruit Nurses from Ireland, after all they speak English from birth, and speak English at work, and how I with my schoolboy Spanish would never get a job in a Spanish hospital because I couldn't speak the lingo. She replied, and this is no joke, that they could tell that most of them LOOKED like they understood the questions asked them! Que?

  • Comment on: Can interviews effectively judge whether a person has caring and compassionate values?

    redpaddys12's comment 28-Mar-2014 4:03 am

    According to the Mail today we cannot even tell if people are able to speak English at interview, never mind finding out if they are compassionate and caring! As for measuring these qualities, they are very subjective. Many Mail readers would think Hitler a compassionate man because he loved his dog and Blair a despot for introducing a minimum wage ( and setting fire to Iraq)!

  • Comment on: Fraud costs NHS £7bn - enough to pay for 250,000 nurses

    redpaddys12's comment 28-Mar-2014 3:40 am

    Save a few quid stoping these recruitment drives in the Algarve and Costa's. Or doesn't the 'bribe' that the Iberian countries pay us to take their 'creme de la creme' count as fraud? Or the company currently renovating our AED who have taken 4 months to knock down a small shed and pour a few hundred cubic metres of concrete? The entire city centre of Liverpool was knocked down and rebuilt in a shorter timespan than planned for our renovations. Is that not fraud? What about Ministers getting jobs on the boards of private companies for the simple fact of selling off OUR property. £50,000 pa for a 3 hour week! Isn't that fraud? Fact is, this country has slowly and surely become the same as any tinpot banana republic with corrupt politicians and policemen being the order of the day, the norm rather than the exception.

  • Comment on: Hunt seeks further contract reform in return for better pay deal

    redpaddys12's comment 28-Mar-2014 3:21 am

    STRIKE!!! Or just let it happen, roll over, have a good whinge, let them take our pensions to pay bankers bonuses, work for free etc, etc.

  • Comment on: 'Burnout is not a moral failure so needs empathy, not blame'

    redpaddys12's comment 6-Mar-2014 6:36 am

    Post traumatic nursing disorder/ shitepan shock/ burnout. Not surprising considering how terrible nursing has become in the last few years. Perhaps we need some confessor nurses that we can speak to in confidence instead of going home and committing suicide about what are really, in the great scheme of things, mainly trivialities. Trouble shared and all that, eh? Then again, perhaps we should all have a shot of medicinal whiskey before we start the shift for a bit of ' Dutch Courage', after all, the Royal Navy conquered the globe on a tot of rum. Saying that, wouldn't want to be sent down under the new ' willful neglect' rap, at least not without taking a few band 8's with me. YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, NMC!

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