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  • Comment on: RCN members oppose covert filming in care homes

    redpaddys12's comment 28-Jun-2015 9:28 pm

    1) Battery life? Security/ encryption? The POLICE have these in circulation NOW. Do you actually know how these things work? 2) Its not complacency, its technology, and is an assist, not a CRB check. 3) So violent patients and visitors have the right not to be recorded on CCTV? Could you tell the Home Office that so they can remove all the intrusive CCTV that follows us EVERYWHERE as it's against our privacy? Bet you have CCTV covering your car-park, but property is always seen as more valuable as a person eh? 4) Sense of humour bypass? I was being serious... Cameras are from £20 quid on Amazon. Camera on the carer, in the communal areas, not in bedroom. Audio only pehaps when doing personal hygeine. Secure network? Have a dedicated PC not connected to the net, modern PC data compression on the camera feed, downloaded at end of shift. 24/7 monitoring of feed- no, just for when an allegation occurs, zip along to the relevant place/ time, data kept for 14/7, much like the CCTV data in our hospitals are now stored. As said, its not GCHQ, and you aren't looking after our nuclear deterrent, and kids use the same tech when mountain biking.

  • Comment on: RCN debate on strike action splits nursing opinion

    redpaddys12's comment 28-Jun-2015 4:00 am

    Ann Frith Read my quote again. 'Middle-class management sycophants' is not the same as ' middle-managers'. You are quite right about that part about the political parties- doesn't matter what party is in power, Red or Blue, the RCN doesn't want to upset either ( although, as a Union, you should join the TUC and support Labour), rather it bends over and gets shafted ( at least Labour uses a bit of lube first). The RCN has about as much in common with a true Union ( like the RMT) as I have to David CaMoron, otherwise our pensions wouldn't have been stolen or our enhancements now put in jeopardy to pay for 24/7 NHS.

  • Comment on: RCN members oppose covert filming in care homes

    redpaddys12's comment 28-Jun-2015 3:30 am

    " Sighs". What is it with some nurses and a bit of critical thinking? 1) Camera does not have to be attatched to a crash-helmet or car dashboard! Worn by Police/ Soldiers and security guards around the world on their top pockets ( not much room for multiple biro's though), weigh a few grams, are inexpensive, tough, cleanable and connect by wifi to an ordinary PC like the one's in your office, you don't have to turn your care setting into GCHQ. 2) Plenty of malicious staff abound in the care setting, otherwise this wouldn't be proposed in the first place, and not every manager is as infallable as some commentators ( btw, it's probably the one in your care-home who kisses your derriere- there's none so blind as those that will not see/ incorporate CCTV) 3) They work both ways and can record unruly behaviour by residents and their visitors allowing YOU to prosecute/ remove THEM! 4) You can get £250 from ' You've Been Framed' for everytime a residents teeth fall out when they are talking/ singing/ blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, meaning the system will pay for itself.

  • Comment on: NHS warned focus on finance risks 'disastrous consequence'

    redpaddys12's comment 27-Jun-2015 2:48 am

    The thing is, the NHS could save literally hundreds of millions and be much safer if there was more standardisation, be it equipment, protocols or even headed notepaper.

  • Comment on: RCN members oppose covert filming in care homes

    redpaddys12's comment 27-Jun-2015 2:41 am

    Surely any privately run care home would use the installation of CCTV as a selling point, the cost of installation coming from the residents increased fees? Cheaper still, just clip one of these cycle helmet/ dashboard cams on the staff as they walk through the door. Good staff would NEVER be scared to wear one, the malicious bullies would be a different matter.

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