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Rowena Corbin

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Comments (8)

  • Comment on: Are you buying your manager a Christmas present this year?

    Rowena Corbin's comment 18 December, 2012 4:10 pm

    How sad that nearly all negative. I have a lovely line manager, practice manager, GPs, receptionists etc etc.
    Nursing team all swap presents. Anyone else it is individual decision.
    Hope everyone has a great Christmas and 2013.

  • Comment on: 'The LCP is only as good as the people who use it'

    Rowena Corbin's comment 15 November, 2012 11:58 pm

    A dear friend of mine has just had the 1st anniversary of her husbands death at age 52, she says she was coping quite well in the circumstances until she read about the "death pathway" in the DM. This left her distraught, wondering if she should have questioned the care he received in the hospice for the last few days of his life. She is now riven with guilt.
    I saw the pain and distress he was in while at home the week before his death. All I can do is assure her that the DM talks a load of c**p in order to have a sensational headline so that they can sell more stock, and assure her that in 30+ years of nursing, including on an Oncology unit, I have never seen anyone given drugs to hasten their death.
    As someone said above, the LCP, like any other protocol/pathway is only as good as the staff implementing it. Maybe this comes down to adequate training and staffing levels.
    Contrary to what the DM and their ilk would like the public to believe, 'bad' nurses, HCA's, Drs etc are in a very small minority, most of us work our bootys off to ensure our patients are receiving the best care possible.
    Rant over, except to say that all helath care staff should stop buying the DM and find another source of internet news.

  • Comment on: The big question: should cleaning be part of the nurse remit?

    Rowena Corbin's comment 1 August, 2012 8:17 pm

    WHAT!! Since when have nurses not cleaned beds? I only moved to Primary care 3 years ago - has the job changes so much in that time?
    Cleaners are there to do the general cleaning but why do some nurses think that clearing up is beneath them? (sometimes even their own mess).

    Yes, we nurses are highly trained and skilled, but ensuring the ward/clinical area is clean is surely part of patient care, health and safety, infection control etc, & therefore everyones responsibility.
    P.S. Do cleaners work 24/7 in some hospitals? If not - is everything just left to pile up until one is on duty?????

  • Comment on: The big question: Whose role is it to provide professional advice to nurses?

    Rowena Corbin's comment 23 June, 2012 12:13 pm

    The unions should of course be our source for support and advice on our day to day working dilemmas/queries.
    The NMC however, produce the Code of Conduct and various other guidlines so surely they should be the 'expert' source for support and advice on issues relating to these.
    If their role is to protect the public, let the public purse pay for them.

  • Comment on: NMC to cease offering professional advice

    Rowena Corbin's comment 23 June, 2012 12:03 pm

    I would really like to make some pithy comment on this issue but I have sat here for some time and am just lost for words!

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