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Student life

Ebola virus

'Should we begin our nursing careers fighting Ebola?'


As newly qualified nurses we found ourselves asking an irregular and difficult question: should we go and help combat the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone?

Nurses' uniform

Being a first-year student nurse: the expectations vs. the realities


Let’s face it, we hear a lot of bad press surrounding the nursing profession these days.

Group working

Group working: heaven or hell? Subscription Required


The thought of having to produce work as a group can bring about feelings of dread and fear, sending a shiver up the spine of even the most dedicated student.

To stop and care or walk on by?

To stop and care or walk on by? Subscription Required


Recently, I stopped to help an elderly lady who had collapsed in my local high street


'I was horrified to hear of students' experiences of raising concerns' Subscription Required


A visit to RCN Congress resulted in student nurse, Deanne, contributing to one of the most important reviews into whistleblowing

The 6Cs nursing values

'Jane Cummings has dropped a few of the old Cs to make way for her new ones' Subscription Required


It has been a while since Cummings’ 6Cs theory was first introduced to nurses and midwives.

'Working whilst studying? You can bank on it that you're not alone'

'Working whilst studying? You can bank on it that you're not alone' Subscription Required


Let’s be honest, being a student nurse is a huge financial burden and it’s not always easy to find ways to make some extra cash.

'Was I right to study a masters?'

'Was I right to study a masters?' Subscription Required


As I sit here on a Saturday night, procrastinating instead of revising for my statistics exam on Tuesday, I look back and wonder if I have done the right thing.


'While we cannot change the economic situation in Greece we can support the workforce' Subscription Required


The recent revelation of maltreatment of people with learning disabilities in an institution in Lechain, Greece shocked the learning disability nursing community.

Rehabilitation: a journey of pace and variety

Rehabilitation: a journey of pace and variety Subscription Required


Community hospitals are key in the further rehabilitation and care of patients discharged from acute or emergency settings.

Chris Betteridge and Olivia Lord-SOTM

Making student placements better with the 6Cs


Christian Betteridge, Practice Education Facilitator at 2gether NHS Foundation Trust which serves Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, is January’s 6Cs in Action: Celebrating Excellence winner.

Christopher Kember-SNT-Finland

What could you gain from a placement in another EU country? Subscription Required


Christopher was amazed at the increased responsibility he had on placement in Finland, but he found the exchange programme offered far more than practical skills

'If we don't fight mental health stigma within the nursing profession, how can we ask our clients to do so?'

'If we don't fight mental health stigma within the nursing profession, how can we ask our clients to do so?'


Fighting stigma is part of most trust’s policies and even some people’s contracts, but little seems to be done to support this.

Prince Arthur Nkala-SNT

'I didn't realise that after a person has died, it's hard to treat them as if they are dead' Subscription Required


Prince was not sure how to feel about seeing his first dead bdoy, but helping with last offices helped him recognise the respect and dignity involved in preparing a body

'I realised that not being able to calculate drugs correctly could be a matter of life or death - literally'

'I realised that not being able to calculate drugs correctly could be a matter of life or death - literally' Subscription Required


Why do I find maths so difficult when my peers tend to sail through? Why is my handwriting such a mess? Why does it take me so long to understand? Why am I so dumb?!

'Using your personal judgement is easier said than done when it comes to record keeping'

'Using your personal judgement is easier said than done when it comes to record keeping' Subscription Required


When Elaine received constructive criticism on her record keeping attempt, she was able to step back and take away some key learning points - and not give up!

Who am I to judge whether a life is worth living?

Who am I to judge whether a life is worth living? Subscription Required


Student nurse, Tracy, learnt a valuable lesson that it can be all too easy to make judgements about quality of life issues when it is not your own life you are considering. 

Danielle Garrington-Miller

So, you’ve got the ‘Far Placement’ Subscription Required


How to cope with being allocated a placement miles away from home

Why I no longer wish to affiliate myself with the care makers scheme

Why I no longer wish to affiliate myself with the care makers scheme Subscription Required


After feeling let down by the lack of action offered by the care maker scheme, student nurse Anna offers some crustructive criticism on turning words into action

Tracy Blunt-SNT

'Now that I've performed last offices, I know that I can do all those things I doubted I was capable of' Subscription Required


As a mother of three sons, it’s not often I feel nervous or worried about what I might encounter in my life. Then again, until now, I had never seen a dead body.

Am I entitled to Disabled Students' Allowance?

Am I entitled to Disabled Students' Allowance? Subscription Required


Many student nurses are unaware they are entitled to DSA, meaning they miss out on valuable emotional, practical and financial support

Mary Taggart-SNT

You're already a 'good nurse' Subscription Required


It’s easy to let yourself be swallowed up in trying to become a good nurse, but, as Mary points out, you already have the characteristics of a great nurse

Stevie Beeby-SNT

'My final placement: how has no-one noticed how rubbish I am?' Subscription Required


Stevie-Jade’s final placement initially knocked her confidence, but speaking to her mentors helped her realise just how normal her fears were


'As the next generation of nurses, we shouldn't have to stand for behaviour that gives us a bad name' Subscription Required


Should you raise concerns if you witness poor care on placement?

Kieran Uttley_SNT

'When it comes to community placements, you have to take the rough with the smooth' Subscription Required


Kieran was disappointed with his first community placement, but on reflection he realised that the aspects he had seen as “bad” were valuable learning opportunities

Amy Wixey-SNT

'My passion and enthusiasm for learning disability nursing has driven me through' Subscription Required


As she starts second year, Amy looks back on the year just gone and reflects on how her feelings towards the course have changed as her confidence developed

Helen Reeves-SNT

Is it ever appropriate to share your own experiences with a patient? Subscription Required


When Helen’s patient’s experience mirrored her own father’s, she was torn as to how much was OK to share.

Sometimes a simple 'no' requires a little more understanding

Sometimes a simple 'no' requires a little more understanding   Subscription Required


We all know nutrition can be a key factor in aiding recovery, but how can you help a patient when they point blank refuse meals?

Ask yourself 'Is there anything I could do personally to improve the health service?'

Ask yourself 'Is there anything I could do personally to improve the health service?' Subscription Required


Mikey’s own experience of being a patient has helped him realise that as student nurses we can all play a part in changing the future of healthcare

Colin Phillips-SNT

Managing patient expectations: do some patients expect too much? Subscription Required


While most of the ward staff were busy dealing with an emergency situation, Colin was surprised by another patient’s reaction


Student loans do not reflect the needs of healthcare students - help make this right Subscription Required


After realising that student loans do not take into account that healthcare students have longer academic years, Alice is calling on student nurses to join her in campaigning for a fairer system

Rachel Sherwood_SNT

Never judge a placement by its cover Subscription Required


Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you’ve seen where your next placement will be?

Amanda Smillie_SNT

'Getting knocked back was heart breaking but finally getting that job made it worth it'


After being rejected on the grounds that she didn’t have enough experience, Amanda started to feel that she would never find her first nurisng job

Helena King_SNT

'I'm a psychotic professional' Subscription Required


Helena’s personal experiences of the mental health system are helping to shape her into the nurse she wants to be

Kieran Uttley_SNT

Learning disability nursing might be a small branch but, for some, it’s the most important Subscription Required


Choosing which field of nursing to study was not difficult. I spent time thinking seriously about it and researching each option, but I always knew learning disability nursing was for me.

Ben Mullin_SNT

The hospital hypocrisy Subscription Required


Third year student, Ben, asks why it’s so common to see coca-cola machines outside diabetic wards and smokers outside the hospital doors.

How do you prepare to start a nursing course?

How do you prepare to start a nursing course? Subscription Required


In the build-up to his nurse training, Andrew wants to get a good idea of what the course will entail. Can you help?

Andrew OConnell_SNT

People tell me they wouldn't be able to do children's nursing, but I know I can Subscription Required


As the start of his course fast approaches, Andrew reflects on how he ended up on the path to becoming a childrens’ nurse

Laura Richards_Poppy_SNT

Is it safe for student nurses to speak up about poor care? Subscription Required


Meet Poppy, a student nurse who bravely spoke out about poor care on placement twice, and experienced a different reaction each time

Gemma Logan_SNT

Stop. Take a minute. Look how far you’ve come. Subscription Required


Gemma’s life was turned upside-down by tragedy during her course, but today she’s able to look back on how much she’s grown as a person and as a nurse

Stepping out of your comfort zone is part of becoming a nurse

Stepping out of your comfort zone is part of becoming a nurse Subscription Required


What would you say if one of your role models asked you to present in front of 200 of your peers?

Sue Greenwood_SNT

Taking on new challenges Subscription Required


Becoming a Care Maker helped Susan reflect on her role and reassess her priorities

Callum Metcalfe_SNT

When a placement takes you by surprise: my first community nursing experience Subscription Required


Before I started my community placement I was not excited. My placement was with a city team, covering seven GP surgeries and I was expecting a slow paced day spent mainly dealing with leg ulcers.

Win a place at this year's IPS conference!

Win two tickets to this year's IPS conference!


Just answer this simple question for your chance to attend IPS’s annual conference in Glasgow* (worth £599 each)


'Brain injuries remain largely invisible' Subscription Required


Without the specialist help he recieved following a traumatic brain injury, Mikey believes he would not be able to continue studying to be a nurse

Mark Gagan_SNT

‘Don’t speak until you are spoken to’ and other lessons from the past Subscription Required


Lecturer, Mark Gagan, recalls a the strict hierarchical system that existed when he trained. How things have changed!

Catherine Jelly_SNT

Are students with dyslexia supported in their nurse training? Subscription Required


Student nurse, Catherine, found healthcare professionals gave mixed reactions to her dyslexia diagnosis

Hannah Fox_SNT

My first placement: An emotional rollercoaster Subscription Required


Hannah found she experienced a different emotion every hour while on placement at a nursing home

Amber Flounders_SNT

How do I deal with end of life care as a student nurse? Subscription Required


Facing end of life care on my first placement, with limited experience was a challenge. I found myself questioning myself, my experience and my student nurse title.

'It's my patients and their families who teach me to be a nurse'

'It's my patients and their families who teach me to be a nurse' Subscription Required


Regardless of the move to degree-only training, or the increasing emphasis on evidence-based practice, compassion and care still underpin nursing and are by far the most fundamental aspects of the role.

Leah Moger_SNT

Final year nerves? Don’t let them beat you! Subscription Required


Approaching the last term of my second year is a frightening and daunting thought. But I have a sense of accomplishment for everything I’ve done so far.

'Never underestimate someone's will to live'

'Never underestimate someone's will to live'


The news that NICE are not going to fund a new breast cancer drug had personal resonance for student nurse, Caroline

Victoria Robins_SNT

Does being supernumerary hold us back? Subscription Required


Let me start by saying, I completely understand and agree with the reasoning behind student nurses having supernumerary status.

Lloyd Page_SNT

Death by Indifference Subscription Required


Support Mencap in campaigning for better healthcare for people with learning disabilities

Alice Donnelly_SNT

The first week on a new placement Subscription Required


Starting a new placement is probably the scariest, yet most exciting, part of the student nursing calendar

What can US nursing students learn from the UK health system?

What can US nursing students learn from the UK health system? Subscription Required


American students from Loyola University in Chicago have been given a unique opportunity to experience the UK health system

Kirsty White_SNT

Ever been asked why you chose to be a nurse? Subscription Required


When you first start a nursing course, you are asked countless times, “why do you want to be a nurse?”. Some answer it without thinking; for others it takes more time.  

Emma Corbett_SNT

Seeing a dead body for the first time: The calming effect of performing last offices Subscription Required


Student nurse, Emma Corbett, recalls her first experience giving last offices, having never experienced working with a dead body before

'How does mental health stigma affect service users' lives?'

'How does mental health stigma affect service users' lives?' Subscription Required


Elaine’s research into stigma opened her eyes to the reality many service users’ face

'The momentum of that life cannot simply have ended with her last breath'

'The momentum of that life cannot simply have ended with her last breath' Subscription Required


Caroline found herself considering death and humanity after nursing a patient at the end of her life


Do men still face stigma when choosing nursing as a profession? Subscription Required


Mikey questions whether nursing is still lagging behind in the race towards gender equality

Louise Foster_SNT

Top 10 tools for your first surgical placement Subscription Required


Get ahead of the game in the high-pressure, fast paced life of the surgical ward by keeping these crucial tools to hand.

'I wish I hadn't been so hard on myself'

'I wish I hadn't been so hard on myself' Subscription Required


Second year mental health nurse, Stephen McGhee, remembers his first day of placement on an acute ward in East London.

Callum Metcalfe_SNT

'You should never dismiss a placement before you’ve arrived' Subscription Required


When I heard the title of my postoperative nursing placement it did not excite me, to me “low dependency” suggested a slow area, but I was completely wrong.

Is a student nurse really only worth €6.49 (£5.34)?

Is a student nurse really only worth €6.49 (£5.34)? Subscription Required


The starting salary for graduate nurses in Ireland has recently dropped making it harder to remain in Ireland and work as a nurse


'What I learned from being a patient' Subscription Required


Student nurse Mikey found out first-hand what it’s like to be a patient and gained a new understanding of how to care for patients in a confused state

'Community nursing is not a dead end job'

'Community nursing is not a dead end job' Subscription Required


Amy Perry qualified three years ago and wants to dispel the myths about her job

Lucy Cleden Radford_SNT

Training as a student nurse has made me grow up Subscription Required


On joining her nursing course Lucy felt anything other than an adult, now she’s discovering that nursing has required her to grow up …

‘His death taught me about life as a student nurse’

‘His death taught me about life as a student nurse’ Subscription Required


Experiencing a difficult patient death on his last night shift as a student nurse helped James to shape the type of nurse he wants to be

Jayne Kendall_SNT

Raising concerns: ‘Would I be willing to risk failing a placement to report a member of this close-knit team?’ Subscription Required


Jayne looks back on her first placement and questions whether, if the need arose, she would feel able to speak out about poor care

Universities must stop students becoming part of a culture of poor care

'Universities must stop students becoming part of a culture of poor care' Subscription Required


SOS Student Ambassador, Caroline, reflects on the role universities play in teaching students the importance of questioning poor care

Alice Eveleigh_SNT

Raising concerns: 'Nothing is worse than that feeling of being alone' Subscription Required


SOS ambassador, Alice, was horrified at the treatment she witnessed and felt it her duty to speak out

Care Maker scheme - more than just a number

Care Maker scheme - more than just a number Subscription Required


Chief Nursing Officer for England, Jane Cummings, explains why a desire to make a real difference for patients, carers and staff makes you an ideal Care Maker

‘There is no excuse for nurses to fail those without a voice’

‘There is no excuse for nurses to fail those without a voice’ Subscription Required


Caroline questions whether hard work really is enough for everyone in society to get where they want to be

Megan Pritchard_SNT

Don’t bottle it up: talk to your mentor Subscription Required


Student nurse, Megan, found communication between student and mentor is one of the most important elements of a good placement experience

Nicola Pountney_SNT

‘Do you consider yourself a leader?’ Subscription Required


Nicola’s involvement in the National Junior Leadership academy made her realise how badly the definition of leaders in the health service needs updating


“Nurses need to be stronger, tougher and louder” Subscription Required


Constant negativity in the media aimed at nurses and the health service, has student nurse Sarah worried about the future of the career she is training for.

Callum Metcalfe_SNT

'I thought I would never be able to give an injection again' Subscription Required


Callum’s experience of a needlestick injury left him shaken, but the supportive staff helped him see the positives

Donato Tallo_SNT

‘It makes me sad and angry to hear patients referred to by a bed number’ Subscription Required


Newly qualified nurse, Donato, found that learning to give patient-centred care was one of the most important parts of his course.

Jade Day_SNT

How did you prepare to start your nursing course? Subscription Required


Soon-to-be student nurse, Jade, asks “Should student nurses spend a year working as a HCA before starting their course?”

Anna Thompson_SNT

Substance misusers are not a lost cause Subscription Required


Courageous, strong, brave, committed, supportive and kind. These are the words I most associate with the service users I have been working with over the past four weeks.

An operating theatre placement will open your eyes to interprofessional working

An operating theatre placement will open your eyes to interprofessional working Subscription Required


Rarely signposted but positioned at the heart of most organisations, the operating theatre can be a daunting place for student nurses.

Chloe Marsh_SNT

Dealing with death and my own feelings of failure Subscription Required


Chloe knew that at some point during her Year to Care, she would need to confront her feelings about death

Alex Malet3_SNT

Have you considered an elective placement abroad? How about Sierra Leone? Subscription Required


Sneha and Alexandra found their capacity building elective in Sierra Leone opened their eyes to new learning opportunities

Rachel Davies_SNT

Why intensive care might interest you Subscription Required


All student nurses should experience a critical care placement, argues staff nurse Rachel Davies

Donato Tallo_SNT

Give up, give in or give everything Subscription Required


Keeping focused as a third year student is essential for success

Anna Parkin_SNT

What was life like for a student nurse in the 1940s? Subscription Required


When she heard I was preparing to start my nurse training, my 85-year-old neighbour, Mrs Marjorie Trousdale, offered me some insights into her own experiences as a student nurse in the late 1940s.


Men in nursing Subscription Required


James Merrell, a third year student nurse, at Bournemouth University, takes a look at the reasons why an increasing number of men are entering nursing.

Ben Mullin_SNT

Good quality patient care is in your hands Subscription Required


You may have seen the petition circling social networking sites fighting for an improved nurse to patient ratio.


Celebrating 30 years of nursing at the University of Southampton Subscription Required


On the 25 September the Faculty of Health Sciences, at the University of Southampton, held an alumni evening to celebrate 30 years of its nursing degree, which commenced in 1982. Over a hundred former nursing graduates attended.

Leanna Siekiera_SNT

I just want to care and be a nurse ….just like you Subscription Required


Leanne’s poem is in response to the negatively she and her peers often experience when on placement

Chloe Marsh_SNT

'I'm excited to start the 'Year to Care' scheme' Subscription Required


The benefits and drawbacks of the Year to Care scheme have been much debated, but for Chloe, it represents a chance for her to find her calling

Claire Harries_SNT

We want you! Become a care maker


Are you passionate about delivering high standards of patient-centred care and committed to making a difference?


Is nursing becoming too academic? Subscription Required


We all know that compassion, patience, kindness and care are just some of the traits that make a good nurse.

Anna Thompson_SNT

My learning journey and the joy of older person's nursing Subscription Required


I came into nurse training knowing that when I qualified I intended to work with older people in mental health care settings.

Colette ONeill_SNT

Who's who? Subscription Required


Throughout my training, I was continually asked by patients and families “who is who?”

Pressure ulcers don't need to happen

Pressure ulcers don't need to happen Subscription Required


After seeing first-hand the pain and misery pressure ulcers can cause, student nurse Charlotte stepped up and did something about it

Recognising and valuing learning in practice

Recognising and valuing learning in practice Subscription Required


An insight in to the role of nurse mentors and teachers

Joni Breen_SNT

Dementia Matters Subscription Required


Are you working with patients with dementia? Joni’s “Dementia Matters” card helps healthcare professionals improve the care they provide


Intentional rounding: what do you think? Subscription Required


Student nurse James Merrell discusses engaging staff with intentional rounding and the moral and ethical implications it carries

Justine Barksby_SNT

Reflections from the ‘accused’ Subscription Required


Justine felt hurt and betrayed when a student she had tried to support made accusations against her.

Bridgit Forya_SNT

Personal care novice: tackling the nerves on duty Subscription Required


Giving personal care for the very first time can cause anxiety to both patient and carer - however these useful tips should help abate any unease of the situation.

Rachael Starkey_SNT

'You don’t need to sacrifice everything to be a student nurse' Subscription Required


Before I started my nursing course last September, I excitedly trawled through articles, forums and blogs looking for every single piece of information I could find about being a student nurse.

What barriers prevent you from supporting students?


Mentors often report not being able to give students the support they would like, how can this be changed?

Creating supportive environments for students

Creating supportive environments for students Subscription Required


While placements are essential to help students develop skills and relate theory to practice, unsupportive mentors can increase anxiety and prevent students from learning

'Are general nursing students ignoring mental health?'

'Are general nursing students ignoring mental health?' Subscription Required


On the adult branch we’re mainly guided by a medical model, patients’ physical care needs are at the forefront of all interventions and conversations.


'Some people think mental health is violent and something to be hushed up' Subscription Required


Currently, I am on my summer holidays following my first year as a student nurse.

'I’d never before heard screams like our little patient let out that day'

'I’d never before heard screams like our little patient let out that day' Subscription Required


Working as a student children’s nurse, I can sometimes feel like the meanest, least popular person on the planet.


'My horizons have been broadened more than I ever imagined' Subscription Required


One of the questions I keep hearing as a student nurse is “can you teach someone to care?”

'I qualify in six months and I'm starting to panic'

'I qualify in six months and I'm starting to panic' Subscription Required


Since I started training to become a children’s nurse I have been already qualified in the eyes of my friends and family.


Strengthening the Commitment to learning disability nursing Subscription Required


My course gives me the training to become both a learning disability nurse and a social worker and I aim to use my understanding of both these specialisms to draw health and social care together in the future.

'I’m aspiring to be a nurse, does this mean I can’t be a feminist?'

'I’m aspiring to be a nurse, does this mean I can’t be a feminist?' Subscription Required


I am about to start my fourth year studying children’s nursing.

Claire Docherty

Media coverage should show nurses in their true light Subscription Required


Negative news stories about nurses are all too common, but we must highlight exemplary care so that the morale of nurses and student nurses isn’t damaged and to restore public confidence in the NHS, says Claire

Phone apps for nurses

Useful apps for student nurses Subscription Required


Trisha uncovered the world of nursing apps during her course and found them invaluable for helping her through.

How to run a great student placement

How to run a great student placement


Well-organised placements have a variety of opportunities and time for reflection


'Does everyone think learning disability nurses are not real nurses?' Subscription Required


Learning disability student nurse, Vishakha Abbi, wonders what other cohorts make of learning disability nurses

'When it comes to jobs it's every student nurse for themselves'

'When it comes to jobs it's every student nurse for themselves' Subscription Required


There has been a change at university recently, a change that you can feel in the air, in the corridors and in the eyes of your colleagues and friends. 


“I was so angry when the manager asked me to wash up” Subscription Required


Habiba was shocked by the lack of activities for residents on her residential home placement, so she did something about it

'I want to make a difference to someone's day, for them to have hope'

'I want to make a difference to someone's day, for them to have hope' Subscription Required


Although my first year as a mental health nursing student is not over yet, so far it has been truly amazing.


'One thing I didn't anticipate was the level of paperwork' Subscription Required


I am not one of those nursing students who always wanted to be a nurse.


'I've heard mixed reviews about the second year, so I'm nervous' Subscription Required


Only 10 weeks of placement stand between me and my second year of adult nursing.

Using more healthcare areas for placements

Using more healthcare areas for placements Subscription Required


With more care being provided outside acute hospitals, placements in the private, voluntary and independent sector can widen newly qualified nurses’ career choices


'Students should be supported in questioning accepted clinical practice' Subscription Required


Student nurse, Oluwafemi Faniku, thinks student nurses have alot to offer


'I felt overwhelmed by the amount of new information and new experiences I was exposed to' Subscription Required


Niall found an innovative way of remembering everything he needed to complete mental state examinations

'Student nurses aren’t any less compassionate than nurses trained under the old system' Subscription Required


Student nurses are under attack. We lack compassion, we’re too posh to wash for daring to seek a degree and we’re blamed for care failings on wards we’re not yet staff on …

Health risks for students on overseas placements

Health risks for students on overseas placements Subscription Required


Student nurses on overseas electives often choose destinations with high health and personal safety risks. Thorough risk assessment and minimisation are therefore vital

'This is how I became a newly qualified nurse working on ICU'

'This is how I became a newly qualified nurse working on ICU' Subscription Required


After three years of waiting for this moment, it was a mixture of emotions stepping onto the ward for the first time as a newly qualified staff nurse.

'I wanted to explore what nursing was like outside the UK'

'I wanted to explore what nursing was like outside the UK' Subscription Required


As a second year adult nursing student I undertook a two week placement based at a Spanish charity’s hospital and school of nursing in India.


'I've realised it's normal to have a crisis of confidence' Subscription Required


I began my third year of training in March with an air of confidence and optimism. 


'A few weeks ago I experienced my first cardiac arrest' Subscription Required


Student nurse, Oluwafemi Faniku, is in his second year of adult nursing and discovering what it’s like to take responsibilty for what you know


'I have to be realistic, it's impossible to know everything' Subscription Required


Nicola is in the third year of her nursing degree and feeling the pressure

'I remember desperately thinking, I want this man to survive'

'I remember desperately thinking, I want this man to survive' Subscription Required


This week, Christine Haycock worked her first night shift. Find out how she got on …

'Why do we belittle ourselve in front of our colleagues?'

'Why do we belittle ourselves in front of our colleagues?' Subscription Required


How many of us have referred to ourselves (or been referred to) as ’just’ or ‘only’ a student nurse during a conversation?


'Just saying 'hello' can be really valuable' Subscription Required


Student nurse, Christine, thinks it’s the little things that make a difference …


'Planning my day on placement makes everything so much easier' Subscription Required


You’re on placement and your mentor asks if you want to manage your own group of patients, what do you say?


'I took a non-clinical elective placement at the DH' Subscription Required


I have just finished a six week placement in the nursing division in the public health directorate of the department of health. Sounds impressive doesn’t it, but all I had to do to get there was ask.


‘Will working as a HCA produce better nurses?’ Subscription Required


Nurse training is set to face some major changes.

Are you a ‘murse’, a ‘male nurse’ or simply a ‘nurse’?

Are you a ‘murse’, a ‘male nurse’ or simply a ‘nurse’? Subscription Required


Why is it so shocking that someone who watches football, loves cars, sports some facial hair, and is MALE can be a nurse?


'I have not lost faith in the UK's nursing workforce, I want to join them' Subscription Required


Ciar Ooi started off studying English but her expansive nursing work experience has persuaded her to try her hand at nursing

community nurse with patient

'I had a predisposed hatred of everything community-based' Subscription Required


It was no secret that I was dreading my community placement. I can’t even explain why.

Louise Daniels

Does first year count? Subscription Required


Many students feel that as “First year does not count”, the whole year can be spent coasting or partying away.


‘What do you think of the idea of basic rounding?’ Subscription Required


Following the publication of the Francis report, it has become clear that the quality of patient care needs to be put at the heart of the NHS through an overhaul of health and social care services.


'I'm a strong believer in volunteer work, it really helps me as a student nurse' Subscription Required


Nursing is like no other profession. Similarly, a student nurse is like no other student.

'As a third year nurse I have butterflies in my stomach for a different reason'

'As a third year nurse I have butterflies in my stomach for a different reason' Subscription Required


I still remember the first day that I started university, when my life as a student nurse had just begun. I felt the butterflies in my stomach as I stepped into my first lecture. I was shy, quiet and very nervous.

Ruth Perez-Merino

‘As a student nurse, I'm not sure what I should be competing for' Subscription Required


With the competition for places on nursing courses getting more and more fierce, Ruth asks: is nursing becoming too competitive?

Katie Ball

‘What would I expect of a nurse?’ Subscription Required


No matter what stage you are at in your nursing degree you still get incredibly nervous about a new placement.


'Completely clueless and in everyone’s way' Subscription Required


Starting your nursing course doesn’t always live up to expectations, whatever country you’re in.


'Mental health problems can happen to anybody, even student nurses' Subscription Required


I’m a second year mental health nursing student, but in a previous career, I was an actor.

'Maybe you can learn from the mistakes that I made as a fresher student nurse'

'Maybe you can learn from the mistakes that I made as a fresher student nurse' Subscription Required


Being a Fresher is huge. It’s the first time that many students have ever lived away from home, you’re thrown in with a bunch of strangers, and you enter a learning environment that is light-years different from anything you could have experienced in school.

'As a fresher take time to get to know your coursemates'

'As a fresher take time to get to know your coursemates' Subscription Required


When I did my English degree before I started nursing, I didn’t get to know any of my cohort.


'Becoming a care maker is one of the best things to have happened to me' Subscription Required


As a student nurse you have a lot on your plate. Assignments, exams, placements, trying to maintain some semblance of a social life and for some people there is also the responsibility of looking after children. The last thing you need is to take on something else, right?


'I struggled as the only man in my first year cohort' Subscription Required


On my first day as a fresher, I felt like I had walked into an eery, ominous environment.


'Group work used to fill me with dread' Subscription Required


Group work is a really important part of working effectively as a nurse. 


How I cope with group work Subscription Required


Emily Kraus, third year studying adult nursing student, expalins why she’s found group work so helpful …


'It was so long since I'd written an academic essay' Subscription Required


Being a ‘life experienced’ (any attempt to avoid the word mature) student my biggest fear of starting university was writing an assignment.

'So, I find myself a student again!'

'So, I find myself a student again!' Subscription Required


Student nurse Kirstie MacCormack offers her top tips for successful study

How to make the most of your community placement

How to make the most of your community placement Subscription Required


As a student mental health nurse, it’s inevitable that a lot of your placements will be based in a community mental health team (CMHT) as this is where the majority of mental health care takes place.

First time: what's it like on community placement? Subscription Required


Are you wondering what it’s like to do a community placement? We can help with that …


Don't be a placement martyr Subscription Required


Placement is around the corner.


'A lot of what you have to do on placement is common sense' Subscription Required


Placements are where theory is put into practice on real patients, not your colleague in the skills laboratory.


'Swallow your pride - everyone needs to start with the basics’ Subscription Required


Second year student nurse, Natasha Bale, tells us about her first placement on a theatre ward …


'I dread the great expectations that come with being a third year on placement' Subscription Required


Claire Shirley is about to start her first placement of her final year, but she’s as nervous as ever …

Perfect Placement Week - Medway Foundation Trust Subscription Required


The expectations of many students heading to an emergency department are not always that high.


How to make a good impression on placement Subscription Required


Don’t forget your ps and qs! This may seem obvious, but it really is the small things that count in making a good impression on placement.


'Ask as many questions as you like but take the initiative too' Subscription Required


“Does this uniform make my bum look big? Where can I find the smoking area?”

Why you should keep a reflective journal during placement Subscription Required


As soon as you begin your nursing training, your tutors will immediately start mentioning reflective practice.


'My tips on how to have the perfect placement' Subscription Required


Third year student nurse, Lynzi Ratcliffe, has some advice for students looking to experience a successful placement


'My first week at uni has been a financial nightmare' Subscription Required


I can already clearly see that this is the first of many gruelling weeks of academic work, as well as practical experience and assessments.


'I want to be confident in my actions but humble too'


My first year has opened my eyes up to a lot of things.


How to get the most out of your first placement Subscription Required


Your first placement can be a fairly daunting prospect, but it’s your chance to experience the real life of nursing, to put all of that theory and simulation into practice.


'There's a huge difference in the standards of sheets between adult and mental health nursing' Subscription Required


During my previous employment as a healthcare assistant, and now as a student nurse at London South Bank University, I have noticed a fundamental difference in the standards and expectations gap between adult nursing and mental health nursing with regards to bed linen - more specifically, how frequently bed sheets are changed.

Brain and books

'I didn’t know what to expect'


I didn’t know what to expect. I felt nervous and excited at the prospect of starting my new career. After attending the open days and surviving the interview process, I was finally at university.

First time: how to bond with your placement mentor

First time: how to bond with your placement mentor Subscription Required


Feeling a bit daunted by the prospect of your first placement? Third year student, Iain Walker, offers his tips for nurturing a good relationship with your placement mentor.

My top 10 tips for new student nurses

My top 10 tips for new student nurses Subscription Required


Third year student nurse, Terri McCrum, gives her advice on how to cope as a new student nurse fresher …


Growth: reflections from a student mental health nurse


@laurengoudie, a third year mental health student nurse at the University of the West of Scotland who is doing her placements in NHS Ayrshire & Arran, gives her perspective on her time as a student nurse.


Getting your first year off to a flying start


@mz_kimb, a newly qualified MH nurse working in a community mental health team in NHS Ayrshire & Arran, gives a perspective on being a newly qualified nurse in Scotland.

Student and mentor

'It is okay to ask questions and it’s normal to not know'


“I don’t know” is a simple and effective phrase, but one many of us find difficult to say.

My time nursing in Ghana...

My time nursing in Ghana...


At the end of my second year of nurse training I had four weeks off.

'It was the first time I'd met a patient who wanted to die at home'

'It was the first time I'd met a patient who wanted to die at home'


Student nurse, James Merrell, discovers how easy it is to become emotionally involved


Sarah-Jane Rexon: my first year as a mental health student nurse


I am currently coming to the end of my first year studying mental health nursing and what a year it’s been.


'If I'd change anything about my first year it would be to ask for more help'


It has been a year full of challenges and amazing opportunities.

'I feel so nervous every time I do an OSCE'

'I feel so nervous every time I do an OSCE'


As a student nurse it is expected that our practical skills are monitored throughout the course.


'I have ever only known one hospital and their routine'


Having a placement in a new hospital is a very different experience; the shift patterns, how they work under pressure, even simple things of how different members of staff speak to each other can be overwhelming to a student nurse.

'Don't be disheartened by a nursing home placement'

'Don't be disheartened by a nursing home placement'


How different can a nursing home placement be from a ward placement?

hand shake

'It's a fine line between too much and too little mentor support'


I am currently on my final placement and nearing the end of my course. The concept of becoming a registered nursing is now starting to dawn on me.


'If it's not on the marking criteria, it's not worth it!'


When I am given an assignment brief I always feel a sense of panic.

'I had never written an essay before my nurse training'

'I had never written an essay before my nurse training'


I have almost completed my nurse training and I have two final essays to complete before July.


'I found the Florence Nightingale Commeration day moving and emotional'


This May I was nominated by the University of Brighton to attend the Florence Nightingale Students Day which was being held at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.


'I've got to remember that I'm a student and I need to practice my skills'


As a first year student out in practice I’m often asked to “check the obs”. In practice this is one of the most fundamental parts of nursing care as observations show what’s going on inside the body.


'My A&E placement is the best I've ever had'


I am very busy at the moment with my final placement. 


'What can we do about 'difficult' patients?'


It’s no secret that some patients can be incredibly challenging to look after, but what exactly constitutes a difficult patient?

'Nothing could be worse than my 12,000 word dissertation'


I am sat in my first job interview applying for the position of a district nurse, when the interviewer starts to tell us we must complete 14 calculations questions, fill out a drug chart and write a care plan for a patient, all in 30 minutes.

'Remember why you became a nurse during the tough days'

'Remember why you became a nurse during the tough days'


Why do you want to be a nurse? It’s the million pound question asked of every prospective student nurse in their university admission interview.


'I'm torn deciding which specialty to pursue in the future'


During my first year at university training to be an adult nurse I have had a number of clinical placements in a variety of specialties from out of branch placements to core hospital placements such as an orthopaedic elective ward.

'How can I be a nurse one day if I can't do drug calculations?'

'How can I be a nurse one day if I can't do drug calculations?'


Jenny talks to us about struggling with drug calculations in practice

'I still have nightmares about my practical exam'

'I still have nightmares about my practical exam'


Even though my practical skills exam was over a year ago I find myself still traumatized by the memory of it, and I am sure I am not alone.


'Nursing isn’t about being judgemental'


Is it our role to pass judgement on patient behaviour? Does it help or hinder care?


'Nursing is tough and it's easy for students to feel isolated'


Third year adult nursing student, Laura Carter, believes that everyone has days when they think about giving up nursing.


'There is no denying that some days on placement are awful' Subscription Required


Speaking to my gran, a traditional ex-matron who trained in the 1950’s, it is clear that her view on how student nurses train these days isn’t great.


'Mental health nursing has given me the challenge I was after'


It has been a real journey through my mental health nursing course, but what an experience.



Custody Nurse/Bank Custody Nurse - Dyfed Powys

£29,000 - £30,000 per annum


£26000 - £47000 per annum


£26000 - £47000 per annum


£26000 - £47000 per annum


£26000 - £43000 per annum


£36000 - £38000 per annum