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Accessing Nursing Times Learning units

How do I access a Nursing Times Learning unit?

  • To access a unit, you first need to choose which one you would like to study. To do this, please go to the list of Nursing Times Learning units and choose which you would like to start studying.
  • When you click on a unit, you will proceed to a page that outlines its key learning outcomes.
  • You should then click 'Start Learning Now'.
  • You will then be asked to register or log on to Nursing Times - this is so we can set up your Personal Learning Log, which 'remembers' who you are and your progress through each unit. Registering or logging on is free and also gives you the opportunity to sign up to free newsletters.
  • You will then see a short article asking you to accept our terms and conditions, before being asked to proceed into the unit itself.
  • Following the unit introduction, if you are not a paid Nursing Times subscriber, you will be asked to securely pay for the unit using a credit or debit card or PayPal.
  • If you have trouble, email

What is the Learning Log?

The Learning Log is a personalised part of the Nursing Times Learning site where you can keep track of your progress with learning units you have already started, as well as choose new units to undertake. It remembers who you are and your learning progress.

It also keeps track of which units you have passed, so you can print or re-print a certificate with your score for your professional portfolio, and access receipts if you have paid for units.

You can access you Personal Learning Log wherever you see the 'Go to my Learning Log' link.

For regular users of Nursing Times Learning, it is the fastest and simplest way to get back to your training, so be sure to bookmark the Nursing Times Learning homepage for all future learning.

If you have trouble with the learning log, email

I have just tried to log on to the Nursing Times Learning system but am seeing an error page - what has happened?

The Learning system is set up to time out after 60 minutes if you leave it inactive. This is to prevent other people from accessing your Learning page and using your free units or finishing off a unit if you have paid for it.

You may also see this error if you had not previously logged out of the system properly.

All you need to do at this point is to reset the system by refreshing the page to return to the Nursing Times Learning gateway. Log out, log in and then click on the 'My Learning Log' button. This should now take you directly through to your Personal Learning Log where you can start a new unit or continue with one you have already started.

If this doesn't solve the problem, it may be that there are compatibility problems with your browser. Please try using the Firefox internet browser, as some people have had problems with certain versions of Internet Explorer.

If you have trouble getting back on the site, email

Questions about paying for Nursing Times Learning units

I am a paid Nursing Times subscriber but have been asked to pay for a learning unit - why?

If you are a Nursing Times subscriber you get free unlimited access to Nursing Times Learning units.

However, you may be asked for payment to access a unit if:

  • You have not activated your online subscription - this means our website does not recognise you are a subscriber yet to give you your free units

If you have not activated your subscription click HERE so you can quickly access your free subscription units. For help activating your subscription, email, or call 020 7728 4651.

Why are you charging non-subscribers for the online units?

We offer our subscribers unlimited FREE access to our units, but we are charging non-subscribers a small fee to ensure we can deliver the best quality online learning possible. All units are written and peer reviewed by experts in the appropriate field.

Nursing Times Learning offers high-quality learning for nurses and we want to maintain this quality and to expand the range of units - to find out more about what nurses think of our units please go here and read our testimonials.

If you have further questions, email

Can I get my employer to pay?

This depends on your employer, so speak to your line manager. It may be that they would be prepared to pay for learning on your behalf and either allow you to use the organisation/company credit/debit card, or allow you to charge the cost back to them under expenses. The payment system allows you to print off a receipt to prove your expenditure if you have paid for a unit. Find it where you see this icon: Receipt

We can also offer free access to all nurses working for an organisation/company if their employer has a corporate subscription to Nursing Times. To find out more about corporate subscriptions, please email

Is your online payment system safe?

Very. We use a secure payment system that keeps your personal details safe. You may pay with a debit or credit card, or use your PayPal account.

If you have further questions, email

I tried to use a non-UK card to pay, but it was declined. What should I do?

Not all non-UK cards are accepted by our payment system. We recommend that you use PayPal to pay for your unit.

If you have further questions, email

Can I get a general or VAT receipt for my purchase?

Yes. If you have paid for a unit you will be able to get either a general receipt to claim your spend back or a VAT receipt if your employer can reclaim VAT.

If you have further questions, email

Questions about using Nursing Times Learning units

Why can't I click back to a question or case study once I have completed it?

The system is set up to only allow you to go forward. You cannot go back and change answers once you have filled them in. This is to ensure nurses are really learning and getting the most from the units. However, if you get answers wrong or get a low final score, you can re-take the unit as many times as you need to pass it. If you ensure you also read the resources and references included in the unit you should be well prepared to pass.

The final score that appears on your certificate is based on the final mark you get in the last multiple choice test of the unit, so if you answer some case study questions incorrectly this will not affect your final score - the case studies are there to help you to remember the content and prepare you for the final multiple choice test. So do not be concerned if you get case study questions wrong - you will always be told why.

If you have further questions, email

How do I print my certificate?

When you complete a unit you will have the opportunity to download a certificate. It can be accessed after you fill in the unit evaluation form. If you did not do this or have lost your certificate, you can go to your Personal Learning Log to do this. You can view or print your certificate by clicking on the certificate icon.

The certificate is produced as a PDF so if your computer can download PDFs you will be able to get your certificate. However, if you are having problems please email

You've not got any units in my field - will you be expanding the programme?

We hope to in the coming months depending on how popular our units prove to be. If we do expand, we will survey nurses to find out which new subjects we should cover. If you would like to take part in a future survey please email

To ensure you stay on top of the news when we do launch new units, please sign up to our Nursing Times Learning newsletter.

I have completed a unit - but the name on my certificate is not mine

Unfortunately, this can happen if you have completed a unit while logged into the system as another person. This can happen if someone else did not log out of before you used the system. We urge you to check that you are logged in as yourself on before you start a unit as we cannot issue refunds.


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