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Diabetes Nursing

Nursing practice and nursing news for diabetes nurses

Scotland launches plan to improve diabetes detection and care


A new strategy to improve early detection and treatment of diabetes, which affects one in 20 people in Scotland, has been launched today by the Scottish Government.

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Overweight seven year olds likely to be obese by 11, warns study


One in five children born in the UK at the beginning of the new century was obese by the age of 11, the latest evidence from a long-term study has suggested.

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Team Novo Nordisk

Find out about the world’s first all diabetes professional cycling team; with advice from Lisa Devine, the team's Senior Diabetes Education Nurse Facilitator

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Reflections on reducing insulin to lose weight Subscription Required


Some women with type 1 diabetes deliberately omit or reduce insulin dosages to lose weight. This diabulimia may lead to serious heart and neuropathic complications.


'People who acquire disability may grieve their loss forever' Subscription Required

In this fast-living digital age there have been astonishing developments in the field of biomechanics, prosthetics and transplant surgery, as well as stem cell research, which has already shown tremendous results.

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'Why do so many patients with COPD still have no access to specialist nurses?'


Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) must come to terms with having a progressive and incurable disease that will increasingly limit their capacity for physical activity, and is almost certain to cause their death. And the fact that it affects the ability to breathe means they are constantly reminded of this frightening prospect.

Weight loss surgery cuts diabetes risk in very obese

Weight loss surgery cuts diabetes risk in very obese

“Weight loss surgery can dramatically reduce the odds of developing type 2 diabetes,” BBC News reports.

Noncommunicable Diseases in the Developing World: Addressing Gaps in Global Policy and Research

Noncommunicable Diseases in the Developing World: Addressing Gaps in Global Policy and Research


‘This book would be relevant to any nurse with an academic interest in global health issues and politics, as well as those with a specific interest in overseas health policy, or those considering work in developing countries.’

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Peripheral arterial disease: diagnosis and management

NICE has issued a clinical guideline on the diagnosis and management of lower limb peripheral arterial disease.



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