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children's nursing

School nurse numbers set to increase in Northamptonshire


A new focus on school nursing in Northamptonshire is set to see the number of school nurses increase over the next five years, according to local councillors.

Council to invest extra £2.5m in Hampshire school nursing service


Hampshire County Council has announced plans to increase funding for school nursing services.

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Nil by mouth: best practice and patient education

Nil by mouth: best practice and patient education Subscription Required

Nurses need to understand why patients must be nil by mouth, be familiar with best practice and be able to educate patients in the procedure and the reasons for it

Diabetes knowledge in patients’ adult offspring

Diabetes knowledge in patients’ adult offspring Subscription Required

Adult offspring of people with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of developing the condition so must have accurate knowledge about it and its risk factors

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Fran Entwistle_NT

Nurses don’t grow on trees: will NICE’s new safe staffing guidelines improve safety?


The second I walked onto the ward I knew something was wrong.

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Spoons lead to inaccurate medicine doses for kids

Spoons lead to inaccurate medicine doses for kids

“Using a spoon to measure medicine for children can lead to potentially dangerous dosing mistakes,” the Daily Mail reports.

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How it was fifty years ago

Watching some episodes of Melvyn Bragg’s series ‘Reel History’ on BBC television recently about the start of the NHS and the opening of the M1 Motorway, I was reminded of the time I was driven by ambulance on the newly constructed M1 Motorway from London to Birmingham when I was working as a staff nurse at the Bedford General Hospital in 1959.

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Just One of the Kids

Just One of the Kids: Raising a resilient family when one of your children has a physical disability


‘This book is ideal for any parents or carers who are caring for children with physical disabilities.’

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