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Assessing and managing primary hypertension

Assessing and managing primary hypertension Subscription Required

Hypertension is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, stroke and heart failure; accurate blood pressure measurement is essential for correct diagnosis

Treatment for early onset neonatal sepsis

Treatment for early onset neonatal sepsis Subscription Required

Neonates with suspected early-onset sepsis are often treated aggressively with antibiotics before infection is confirmed. NICE has recommended a gentler approach

Rabies: risk, prognosis and prevention

Rabies: risk, prognosis and prevention Subscription Required

Rabies is a lethal infection that is prevalent in many regions worldwide. It can be prevented by vaccination and by prompt post-exposure treatment

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Patient identification in blood sampling Subscription Required

Health professionals need to be aware of the importance of patient identification when taking blood samples to reduce adverse events

Functions and diseases of red and white blood cells

Functions and diseases of red and white blood cells Subscription Required

Red and white blood cells have a range of functions and a full blood count is the one of the most frequently requested routine tests to aid diagnosis

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Blood group warning over cancer

Blood group affects recurrence risk for prostate cancer

A man’s blood group has been shown to significantly influence the chance that prostate cancer will return after successful surgery.

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How 'good' cholesterol turns bad

Scientists show how 'good' cholesterol turns bad

Scientists have shown how “good” cholesterol can go bad and contribute to heart disease and strokes.

Blood pathology

Haemophilia should be 'no barrier' to life, writes specialist nurse

A haemophilia nurse consultant has contributed to a unique new book about the personal experiences of people affected by bleeding disorders.   

On Broadley Farm by Ingrid Andrew

King’s nurses organise centenary art auction

Local and world-renowned artists, as well as staff and patients, have all submitted work for a special one-off auction to raise money for King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust.

Blood donors urged to come forward

Call for blood donors ahead of Christmas

Blood donors are being urged to come forward in the run-up to the festive season as blood stocks run low.

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We all know how difficult it is trying to perform at work when you have had a disturbed night, from noisy neighbours or just being unable to sleep. Archive

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New learning units tackle anaemia in chronic disease

Anaemia is often overlooked as its symptoms – shortness of breath, palpitations, headache and dizziness, for example – can be put down to a range of other conditions.

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washing hands

Aseptic non-touch technique

Every year about 5,000 patients die unnecessarily in the UK from hospital-acquired infection (National Audit Office, 2000). Many become infected during simple procedures, such as administering intravenous drugs and managing wounds, owing to poor hand-washing and aseptic technique. Despite this, it has been shown that techniques and terminology vary greatly (Rowley, 1996).

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Can warm-water exercise help high blood pressure?

Can warm-water exercise help high blood pressure?

“Working out in warm water could be a radical new cure for high blood pressure,” the Mail Online reports. Results of a small study suggest that “hot aquarobics” may benefit people who had failed to respond to conventional treatment for high blood pressure.


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