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steve jaubert

steve jaubert

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    steve jaubert's comment 20-Mar-2011 3:21 am

    Its the corporate mission versus the reality and profits are not in congruence with service. Its an all around bend over for nurses these days from the boards of nursing, the doctors, the lawyers, the 'mange'ment, the ancillary finger pointers, the families and the patients to the drama stirring heartless wonders on the job. Every day is a new adventure in cost cutting bureaucracy and legalese minded strategies that tie our hands behind our back as we're more and more task directed which further enhances the setbacks from the corporate manipulation. All hail the stockholder bottom line and the insured. What a carnival when you try to adapt to this nightmare and are actually victimized by the system you think is in place. Oh, but smile when you bend over friends and find your little cold-blooded pack to run with and you'll certainly do well and maybe even work into upper 'mange'ment.



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£36 - £38k per annum, plus bonus and car

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£38 - £40k + up to 60% bonus + car allowance