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Is compassion possible in a market-led NHS?

While nurses have been accused by the media of lacking compassion there is little evidence of a compassion deficit in the profession

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Lloyd Page_SNT

Death by Indifference Subscription Required


Support Mencap in campaigning for better healthcare for people with learning disabilities

What can US nursing students learn from the UK health system?

What can US nursing students learn from the UK health system? Subscription Required


American students from Loyola University in Chicago have been given a unique opportunity to experience the UK health system

Kirsty White_SNT

Ever been asked why you chose to be a nurse? Subscription Required


When you first start a nursing course, you are asked countless times, “why do you want to be a nurse?”. Some answer it without thinking; for others it takes more time.  

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My shyness is stopping me from becoming the nurse I want to be

My shyness is stopping me from becoming the nurse I want to be


Do you have any advice for this student nurse?

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Older problems

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Victoria Robins_SNT

Does being supernumerary hold us back? Subscription Required


Let me start by saying, I completely understand and agree with the reasoning behind student nurses having supernumerary status.

Alice Donnelly_SNT

The first week on a new placement Subscription Required


Starting a new placement is probably the scariest, yet most exciting, part of the student nursing calendar

Emma Corbett_SNT

Seeing a dead body for the first time: The calming effect of performing last offices Subscription Required


Student nurse, Emma Corbett, recalls her first experience giving last offices, having never experienced working with a dead body before

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'The momentum of that life cannot simply have ended with her last breath'

'The momentum of that life cannot simply have ended with her last breath' Subscription Required


Caroline found herself considering death and humanity after nursing a patient at the end of her life

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Louise Foster_SNT

Top 10 tools for your first surgical placement Subscription Required


Get ahead of the game in the high-pressure, fast paced life of the surgical ward by keeping these crucial tools to hand.

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Alice Eveleigh_SNT

Tackling the exam-room nerves Subscription Required


We go into the exam room, leave our bags, coats and scarves at the door and wander around the maze of tables to find the correct, alphabetically allocated chair. The time starts and papers are turned over.

Rachael Starkey Student Nursing Times editor

Getting your head around assignments Subscription Required


First assignments can be daunting, but these tips will help you start writing your first essays

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Who provides end-of-life care in care homes?

Who provides end-of-life care in care homes? Subscription Required


A study looked at the responsibility for end-of-life care in care homes without nursing staff. It highlighted that formal carers need support to care for frail older people

What to do if you are referred to the NMC

What to do if you are referred to the NMC Subscription Required


Being subject to disciplinary proceedings can be a daunting experience; knowing about the process and being properly prepared can help reduce this anxiety

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Philip Keeley

'The best students are willing to challenge conventional ideas and ask questions' Subscription Required

We speak Philip Keeley, director of undergraduate education at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at The University of Manchester.

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'It's okay if you can't always be strong, even if you're working in mental health'

The 'ordinary people' need to talk too


Mental health branch student editor, Katie, deals with the after effects of ‘coming out’ about her own mental health needs and finds much-appreciated support from her peers

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Have you ever come close to leaving nursing?

We asked: 'Have you ever come close to leaving nursing?'


Last week the student nurse community discussed on twitter those moments when they felt close to throwing in the towel


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Metropolitan Police

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Starting salary will be between £36,375 and £37,974


Registered General Nurses - Accident & Emergency - Croydon

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Accident and Emergency Nurse (RGN)-Manchester

£17.09 - £23.93 per hour + Limited Company Nurses welcome

Healthcare Assistant (HCA)- Manchester

£7.20 - £11.52 per hour

Theatre Nurses (RGN), ODP,Recovery,Srcub

£21.50 - £30.10 per hour + Limited Company nurses welcome

Registered General Nurse (RGN), Stockport

£15.00 - £21.00 per hour + Limited Company Nurses welcome