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'Does anyone else find the stress of the course is affecting their life?'

Do you have any advice for this student nurse?

“I’m having problems dealing with stress. I knew that the course would be stressful but more and more often I come home and just can’t stop thinking about patients. I always worry that there’s something I’ve forgotten to do or forgotten to hand over. Sometimes I get too anxious to eat and wake up really early worrying. I’ve rung the night staff a few times because I’m convinced that a patient I’ve been looking after has died.

“If I’m this stressed as a student, am I going to be able to cope as a qualilfied nurse?

“Does anyone else feel this way? How can I stop feeling like this?”

Claire, London


Do you have any advice for Claire?


If you have a student nurse problem and would like the input of your peers, email your problem to, letting us know if you wish to remain anonymous.



Readers' comments (2)

  • I know it sounds too simple but writing lists of what you need to do hwile on shift really helps - that way you know you've not forgotten anything. And debriefing with your mentor or another nurse at the end of your shift is really helpful as well.

    You don't need to feel this way. Most importantly, tell someone what's going on!

    I really hope things get better for you, it can't be easy dealing with this anxiety all the time x

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  • Louise Goodyear

    When your on placement you hand over to the next shift, so your handing the responsibility to other nurses then. I totally understand I have phoned my ward up many times as I have forgot to do something or tell them something, and they are really grateful I have remembered and phoned, but it isn't the end of the world. Putting so much pressure on your self will undoubtedly cause you anxiety.Try to calm down when you leave your placement. Any thoughts late at night I write in a little note book on my bedside table and then deal with them when I am next in. Talk your concerns through with your mentor and I bet your surprised how many others feel the same wayxxx

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