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How should I communicate with someone with dementia?

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26 February, 2013


Stokes G (2013) Tackling communication challenges in dementia care. Nursing Times; 109: 8, 14-15


Graham Stokes is director of dementia care, Bupa

This article will tell you about

  • What a diagnosis of dementia means
  • The four stages of dementia
  • Strategies for communicating effectively with dementia patients


You would be likely to reference this article if you were researching

  • The experience of dementia patients
  • How to communicate meaningfully with patients who have this diagnosis


In what situations will this article be useful for me?

This article would be useful for anyone working in any elderly care setting. Knowing how to communicate with patients with dementia will be beneficial even if you are not working specifically in a dementia setting.

Questions for your mentor/tutor

Do you feel I am communicating effectively with patients who may have difficulty understanding?

What do you do that works well?

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Dementia is a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) that is associated with an ongoing decline of the brain and its abilities (NHS Choices).

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