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Valerie Hindmarch

Valerie Hindmarch

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  • Comment on: NMC approves rise in registration fee to £120 a year

    Valerie Hindmarch's comment 2-Oct-2014 2:38 pm

    Do the police pay £120 to protect the public NO Do firemen pay £120 a year to protect the public. Do ambulance personnel pay £120 a year to protect the public NO Do army, navy, air force pay £120 a year to protect the public NO Then why the hell are nurses singled out and have to pay to protect the public. This is disgusting, it is to pay shape shifters (council Members with dubious MBAs sitting pushing pens around. Their names appear on other councils. These shape shifters are no independent as they would like nurses believe but are appointed by Privy Council i.e. the Government. Only 4 of the council are nurses who are letting their colleagues down badly. Much of the 'work' done by the NMC can and should be done elsewhere See Dear NMC on Nurses Blog International. Police should cover all abuse/neglect/forgery cases and Employer deal with the rest and report if convicted and dismissed remove from the register, removed form the register with appropriate appeal procedures in place When I qualified I paid a one off fee and was told it was registration foe life So every letter that goes out from them is a lie Other professional bodies such as Society of Biology, or Ins of Horticulture (also scientists) pay yearly but they know that their Council are all qualifies in their relevant fields The GMC are all Doctors. So why does the NMC have to put up with shape shifters who earn a lot more that qualified nurses. I feel that all nurses write to their MPs and the PSA (Professional Standards Association) another government appointed group and complain about the rise

  • Comment on: Former Mid Staffs A&E sisters lose appeal bid

    Valerie Hindmarch's comment 12-Feb-2014 7:36 pm

    "bullying of colleagues, poor care and dishonesty" WOW That relates to a lot of managers Ive worked for, even my last one. Who do I report them to? Can I do it online? Seriously, scalps were needed and theirs were chosen.

  • Comment on: Claire Goodman: 'We need to know how best to provide healthcare in care homes'

    Valerie Hindmarch's comment 2-Feb-2014 10:32 pm

    Trained staffing levels in care homes must be increased. At present many homes have HCA in charge of units. They have not had the training nor do they understand interactions of drugs. In one case a HCA was giving a new resident digoxin because he had bought it in with im. It was his wifes digoxin and he had a pacer!!! There was 1 RN to 71 residents This is not enough to give even basic care. The care providers dont care, they would cut it back further.

  • Comment on: Genetic effects of shift work examined

    Valerie Hindmarch's comment 1-Feb-2014 8:51 am

    I worked nights for 23 years, most of that 7 on 7 off. I haven't worked nights for 15 years but still have sleep problems, often being awake for up to 48 hrs. Even after going that time I will sleep for 7-8 hours. A good run is a few nights of 5 - 6 hours sleep. Thankfully I now have Facebook with games, twitter and newspapers on line

  • Comment on: Midlands trust drops ward manager title

    Valerie Hindmarch's comment 14-Jan-2014 10:45 am

    As long as the uniform indicated the job they do and not simply a badge change Nice to see the buckle still in use

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