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For nurses working in the private and charity sectors

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waking up residents in care home 18 Last Post Posted Anonymously 14-May-2014 6:04 am
Aesthetic prescriber 2 Last Post By Jane Pe 6-Jun-2010 1:41 pm
Interview tomorrow 0 n/a
Is 1 RN and 1 HCA suitable cover on a ward 0 n/a
uniform 0 n/a
Hoist work.....please can you help? 0 n/a

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  • Posted Anonymously, 14-May-2014 6:04 am in waking up residents in care home

    Please can someone tell me where the guidance/legislation is in regards to waking residents up to do full body washes? As ...

  • From Jane Pe, 6-Jun-2010 1:41 pm in Aesthetic prescriber

    Apparently remote prescribing is against the law. See NMC guidelines - Standands Management, Standard 11, where is says that remote prescribing ...



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