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Healthcare assistants (10)

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For all healthcare assistants

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Air Mattress 10 Last Post By Luci Jane 20-Mar-2014 7:23 pm
hca or nurse 6 Last Post By Luci Jane 20-Mar-2014 7:19 pm
Hi to all HCA'a! 7 Last Post By Luci Jane 20-Mar-2014 7:17 pm
HELP!!!! urgent advise needed 4 Last Post By Luci Jane 20-Mar-2014 7:15 pm
Advise please 2 Last Post By Luci Jane 20-Mar-2014 6:03 pm
INCONTINENCE 1 Last Post By Gage 13-Oct-2009 1:37 am
Challenging Behaviours in Elderly Care URGENT 0 n/a
Band 3 recovery area 0 n/a
Hi, I'm new to this world!!! 0 n/a
What are the main role differences between Band 2 and Band 3? 0 n/a

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  • From Luci Jane, 20-Mar-2014 7:23 pm in Air Mattress

    I had an RN student shadowing me today. We put an air mattress, I believe it is called a prime air ...

  • From Luci Jane, 20-Mar-2014 7:19 pm in hca or nurse

    As a health care assistant or nursing auxiliary you help professional staff to look after patients in hospitals, nursing homes or ...

  • From Luci Jane, 20-Mar-2014 7:17 pm in Hi to all HCA'a!

    High Content Analysis (HCA) and High Content Screening (HCS) are imaging based multi-parametric approaches of cell analysis at the single-cell level. ...

  • From Luci Jane, 20-Mar-2014 7:15 pm in HELP!!!! urgent advise needed

    I believe that learning is a lifelong process and you can never have too much nursing education. And I can really ...

  • From Luci Jane, 20-Mar-2014 6:03 pm in Advise please

    Get perfectly clear about what it is that you want. Often in life we are very certain of what we don’t ...

  • From Gage, 13-Oct-2009 1:37 am in INCONTINENCE

    No, why would lavender oil be added to an incontinence pad?
    This could irritate her skin, and staff should never ...




Up to £58 per hour


Up to £58