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Nurse suspended for putting photographs of patients in surgery on Facebook

A nurse has reportedly been suspended after putting photos of patients having operations on social networking website facebook.

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The pictures, which were posted on Facebook, were thought to have been taken at a Glasgow hospital, the Daily Record reported.

Patients are not thought to be identifiable from the pictures, according to the newspaper.

A source told the paper: “Most, if not all, of the other staff were completely unaware this was happening.

“But the room where they were taken was able to be identified from the NHS insignia in the background.”

The paper claimed the member of staff who put the images on the social networking site was a nurse.

A spokeswoman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “We can confirm a member of staff has been suspended pending an internal investigation.”

Readers' comments (25)

  • Goddess34

    She should be sacked! I can't believe that someone would even do that. Patients need dignity and respect and to take pictures of them while they are under anesthesia is not only unethical but morally wrong. The lawsuits that could come of this are horrendous, and I hope that the nurse in question or staff in question loose their registration and their right to practice.

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  • Yes, that is very unethical and to think nurses are thought to keep the patients privacy at all times. I did not see the actual photos but even without looking at it, it is not good as a nurse. I hope that it will be a lesson not only to the nurse involve but to all of us. We should have empathy and respect not only to our patients but to all living things above on earth.

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  • My God! That nurse should be brought back to schooling. Didn't that nurse know the nurse's jurisprudence and the patient's bill of rights? The nurse was so unprofessional.

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  • stupid is as stupid does...

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  • I am speechless this person is an idiot not a nurse

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  • I can't believe anyone would take photos, never mind posting them on a networking site!! Why did she do it?? Did she honestly think that was ok to do?

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  • I think it is totally disgusting that he/she could even think of doing something like this. NO if NO buts this nurse should be removed from the register never to be trusted in this valuable profession again!!.

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  • How stupid. Why on earth would anybody want to put pictures on about work at all ??? Why would anybody be taking any pictures at work. Obviously not doing her job. Should be sacked on 2 accounts - not doing her job and for breaching patients privacy and dignity. It is disgusting. Facebook is a network site for keeping in touch with friends

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  • Steve Williams

    To play Devil's advocate, just for a moment, I am just wondering why she did such a crazy thing and then why did she do such an crazier thing as posting them on an idiots blog like FaceBook?

    Did she - perhaps - have some misguided idea that she was "whistleblowing" about NHS conditions?

    Remember, it was just 6 months or so ago that we were all praising the lady who took a camera with her to work for the "Panorama" TV programme.

    Whatever her motivation - noble or self-publicising... she is way out of line... Posting ethically dubious material on FaceBook is for sensationalist, ADS, terminally bewildered dummies....

    Whatever they do to her - she deserves a lot more. She breached every tenet that our profession is founded upon.

    I Hope it doesn't go to the Nurses Professional Body - it should go straight to the police force first!

    What are we coming to?


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  • I think the Nurse in question should be sacked immediately.I was astounded that the Nurse was only suspended.No matter what any judicial enquiry may determine, the fact that a Nurse in a professional capacity would even contemplate such a blatant mindless act of professional misconduct and stupidity should be struck off the professional register.

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  • It is stupid.
    But patients were not identifiable so in reality no harm has been done.

    There is more furore over this than there was over disclosure that whole classes of medical students used to practice gynae or rectal exam of patients who were anaesthetised for totally unrelated procedures.

    Time for us to wake up and smell the coffee?

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  • This is facebook taken to extremes. Did she not read her Code of Conduct?

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  • Completly unproffessional, sack her and give her job to one of the many unemployed qualified nurses who are struggling to get a job.

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  • Absolutely the last thing that nursing needs is an idiot like this!

    But did other people in the theatre not notice that she was taking photographs??

    I think that she should be removed from post immediately!

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  • After struggling for years to make the public stand up and recognize nursing as a profession on its own you get this sort of stunt!

    Surely nurses must realise that any sort of unprofessional behaviour ultimately tarnishes any good work that has been done by the profession.

    And as one other commentator stated why didn't people in the theatre put a stop to the antics and get it sorted there and then?

    Is she misguided or just plain stupid?

    Anyway no place for her in nursing.

    Unfortunately, sometimes you only realise when it is too late what you have done is wrong.

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  • This nurse should be struck off for gross professional misconduct.
    What happened to being the patients advocate whilst they are under anaethetic..
    When you go into hospital you expect to be treated with respect and dignity.
    Not be photographed and paraded on a social networking site.
    This nurse has broken every rule in the book, and does not deserve the title of being a professional.
    I would be very suprised if the hospital is not sued.

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  • I notice there are no reports of any reason(s) why this person acted in this way and I also notice the vehement responses of people without this vital piece of information!!

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  • Evelyn Khan-Panni

    I think this is a very serious breech of ethical and professional standards. I agree with a lot of the comments already submitted and I think that this nurse should come in front of the Fitness to practice committee in order that he/she may realise the seriousness of the action. The fitness to practice wil be able to deliberate on the outcome in the proper atmosphere.

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  • At least the patients were not identified.
    And IF the nurse took these pictures were there not any other staff around at the time?

    there are pictures of surgery all over the internet in fact to be more gross, there are pictures of people who have been blown up in explosions, people who have been executed or in terrorist attacks. Some posted on you tube under the guise of education.

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  • I find some comments on here quite puzzling. What other photos appear on the internet has no bearing on what this nurse did. Two wrongs don't make a right. The personal reasons behind this action are of no matter either. The nurse's actions brought the profession into disrepute and make us resemble a "Carry On" nurse only out for a giggle and to impress our friends (for those of us who can remember the "Carry On" films). Ethics and professional conduct are what our registration requests and if you can't understand the privacy and rights of your patient then you are in the wrong job.

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