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Nursing graduate jailed for fraud

A nursing graduate was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment for fraud by Liverpool Crown Court.

Christine Teboho Molapo, 29, of Dunlop Avenue, Leeds, used forged papers to obtain an NHS student bursary while she did a three year operating department practitioner course at Edge Hill University.

Between April 2006 and her graduation in 2009 she had defrauded the NHS of £27,697.62, according to the NHS Counter Fraud Service.

Readers' comments (8)

  • Ah, so now we know the real story. Treating this person as a criminal was decried as victimisation by a lot of Nursing Times online readers. This was premeditated fraud by someone who was not fit to become a nurse (or ODP either). she had no intention of doing nurse training and took a bursary that could have gone to someone who did want to pursue a nursing career. As nurses we should not be judgemental but find out the whole story, however, we should act on criminal, bullying and negligent acts. It is good that this person has been prosecuted as I hope it will act as a deterrant to other would be fraudsters.

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  • she did finish her study, and was willing to work as a nurse. What the problem appears is that she was black and did not allowed legally to do it. I feel so sorry for her that she was born as a "wrong person" for you.

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  • Hang on a minute! What is about " used forged papers to obtain an NHS student bursary" that you don't seem to understand. It was nothing to do with her being black, she broke the law. Black, White, Asian etc, it doesn't matter if you intentionally forged documents then it is criminal act.

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  • Anonymous | 26-Aug-2010 12:00 pm, Hmm, I was wondering how long it would take for some bleeding heart to try and play the race card.

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  • This is not a race issue it is a dishonesty issue! The lesson knew she was committing fraud - full stop. It's a disgrace that a professional nurse can be in agreement that thus is an ok thing to do. She did not commit an act of fraud by accident - it is a calculated act- and one can assume she would have to continue to commit fraudulent acts to continue as a nurse- no sympathy

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  • I agree with Mike and the others, this was not a racial victimisation! A nurse/ODP or any member working in healthcare should be trustworthy, if they are not trustworthy before graduating then there is no promises that they will be trustworthy in practice.

    My mother is half Jamaican so I have an tanned complexion and It annoys me that people play that card when they do the wrong thing!

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  • If it is not a race issue, what brought about the previous comments about the need to "return her to where she comes from?" If you cannot be honest about your primary hatred for this person, what makes you better than her? Racism and lying is in fact worse than fraud.

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  • You wil find that this lady probably tried to obtain a legal stay with the home office and guess what they refused her leave to remain. I personally trained in the uk, and guess what i got two jobs and both employers were more than happy to take me on because i'm an asset ( and I know It). Anyway the point of the matter is i was denied a work permit on two different occassions. I was clever and simply looked for a job overseas and instantly got one. They value me and what i bring to their country and the profession. So sometimes genuine people are not given a fair chance thus turn to other means.

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