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Mark Radcliffe

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  • mark radcliffe

    ‘A big problem is nursing’s perceived powerlessness’Subscription

    1 November, 2017Updated: 24 November, 2017

    Some of you will be familiar with the slightly scary social psychology research known as the ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’. It investigated the psychological effects of perceived power and took place in 1971.

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  • ‘Barcodes will not tackle the underlying problems’Subscription

    25 February, 2009Updated: 9 March, 2009

    News that some nurses are spending up to 40 hours a month looking for things has certainly given us something to think about. What are you looking for? Equipment? Other nurses? Secret doors to unexplored galaxies?

  • ‘Cardboard nurses are a credit to the profession’Subscription

    28 May, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    Cardboard nurses – say the BBC – are being used to tell visitors and patients to wash their hands before they go on to the wards in hospitals in Lincolnshire. Apparently, the life-size cardboard nurses contain a recorded message that is activated by people walking past.‘Please wash your hands’, it probably says, perhaps adding ‘and do it properly because I’m watching’.

  • mark radcliffe

    ‘Deep down, I knew she would never get off the ward’Subscription

    9 February, 2018

    I’m having coffee with a nurse friend. She has been doing what she does for 15 years and can’t remember the last time her feet didn’t hurt. She is on her fourth espresso and has the wide-eyed stare of a kitten that has just seen wool for the first time. She leans across the table and says; “I’m thinking of making a break for it.”

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  • mark radcliffe

    ‘Delivery of top-class care gets more challenging every week’Subscription

    1 August, 2017Updated: 24 November, 2017

    I ’m chatting with a friend I haven’t seen for a while. Lovely man, works far too hard, last did exercise in 1989, likes Chardonnay and won’t leave it alone until it likes him back. 

  • ‘Drunken teenagers need to respect one another’Subscription

    2 December, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    Before I blamed reality television for most things that were wrong with the western world, I used to blame soap operas.

  • ‘Europe’s training model is not the way forward’Subscription

    18 August, 2008Updated: 4 March, 2009

    I love the Olympics. Who knew it was possible to become so excited about the 70m women’s team archery event? Who knew there were so many different ways to have rowing races?

  • mark radcliffe

    ‘Even anti-ageing drugs can’t solve the current staffing crisis’Subscription

    1 April, 2017Updated: 24 November, 2017

    A drug that can reverse aspects of ageing has been successfully trialled in animals by scientists at Erasmus University Medical Center in The Netherlands.

  • ‘GP's receptionists, ward clerks and administrators set the tone for the care experience’Subscription

    13 January, 2009Updated: 4 March, 2009

    There are few things in life more annoying than a bad GP receptionist, ward clerks or administrators. Recently I found myself talking to one and asking if a home visit for an elderly patient who had fallen and appeared breathless and confused might be possible and was told: ‘We’re very busy you know, the doctor would like to go home and some of us have baking to do.’

  • ‘Healthcare is somewhat different from shopping’Subscription

    26 November, 2007Updated: 4 March, 2009

    We’ve known for a while that health service managers would like the NHS to function the way proper ‘businesses’ like supermarkets do. From a managerial perspective, it lacks a little something – like balloons, for example, and the nice ca-ching noise the cash register makes

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