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Mark Radcliffe

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  • Mark Radcliffe

    “We need to plan creatively to solve growing healthcare needs”Subscription

    22 July, 2015

    First, I have to get this off my chest. It isn’t a heat wave when it only lasts a day and a half and then gets cloudy. It’s a British summer. We’ve had them before, not every year, obviously, but we have definitely had them.

  • RADCLIFFE151210_0004.jpg

    'Why cut agency costs to pay management consultants?'Subscription

    19 June, 2015

    As you get older it feels as though things come around increasingly quickly.

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  • RADCLIFFE151210_0004.jpg

    'What the Tories’ victory means for the NHS’s future'Subscription

    22 May, 2015

    As the post-election dust settles and the nation divides itself between people getting excited about abolishing the Human Rights Act (what have human rights ever done for us anyway?) and wasting time on the internet playing with the Slap Michael Gove app, it is time to reflect on some of the advantages a Conservative government will bring the NHS and dump some of the scaremongering myths that might begin to spread now people find themselves in a world where we are expected to take Boris ...

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  • Mark Radcliffe

    Mark Radcliffe: 'We are selling the UK’s greatest institution without a debate'Subscription

    24 March, 2015

    Have you seen or heard of a TV programme called The Walking Dead? Premised on the idea that you could fall asleep and wake up to find that most of humanity had turned into slow-moving and wholly uncommunicative flesh-eating zombies, it is very popular among young people and to my old eyes quite hard to watch.

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  • 'The NHS is worth fighting for – and we must join that fight'Subscription

    24 October, 2014

    Ahh the change in seasons; getting out last year’s cardigans and wondering if you can get away with “retro” for one more year.

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  • RADCLIFFE151210_0004.jpg

    'Scotland debate shows NHS is of value, not a privatised play area'Subscription

    19 September, 2014

    If Scotland votes for independence, who gets Lulu? I know she is very small and hardly any trouble but we should be told.

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  • Mark-Radcliffe

    'Initial NHS contact can affect patients’ opinions of nurses'Subscription

    21 August, 2014

    Apparently I have to have a wisdom tooth removed. “It’s facing completely the wrong way,” the dentist said, as if I had somehow arranged for it to grow in the direction of Belgium on purpose. “I’ll refer you to the dental hospital - don’t hold your breath.”

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  • RADCLIFFE151210_0004.jpg

    'Nursing has for too long been outside assisted dying debate'Subscription

    25 July, 2014

    I have been writing this column for some time and there has been only one subject that I have completely and consciously avoided: assisted dying.

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  • RADCLIFFE151210_0004.jpg

    'Ask nurses the right questions so the profession can progress'Subscription

    20 June, 2014

    OK, mini quiz.

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  • RADCLIFFE151210_0004.jpg

    'Relentless attacks on nursing leave people tired to the bone'Subscription

    17 April, 2014

    How tired are you? On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is “I’m not tired at all - in fact I could jog to work, do a double shift, get home, feed the kids, polish the dog then jog out to my second job at Pete’s All-Night Car Wash and Curtain Repair Shop where I am in charge of ironing the drapes and colour coding the sponges.” And 1 involves a little bit of dribble slipping down your chin as you choose not to answer stupid questions in a magazine.

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