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I trained as a State Registered Nurse (now RGN), Midwife and have a teaching certificate. I now work as a Practice Nurse and Practice Manager.
I have more letters after my name than I care to remember and with any luck will retire as soon as possible. I still love nursing - just hate whats happened to it!

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  • Comment on: Abortion charities may no longer provide counselling services

    Lynnie's comment 4 July, 2011 11:03 pm

    Well hang on a second. Many women dont get the counselling that they need prior to going to BPAS - they can do a pregancy test themselves and then self-refer. The counselling that they then get is centered around termination and not other options.
    There are many long-lasting psychological implications for women and girls surrounding a termination and any support and help they can get to come to the right decision for them has to be good.

  • Comment on: Advice sessions may increase breast cancer awareness

    Lynnie's comment 4 July, 2011 10:58 pm

    As a practice nurse its the standard part of my consultation when I'm doing a smear - to give a leaflet (if the patient wants one) and discuss breast self-awareness, however its a very limited amount of time we have to do this and its low on the agenda when there are so many other targets and data collection to meet at the same time.

  • Comment on: Repositioning older people every three hours reduces pressure ulcers

    Lynnie's comment 1 July, 2011 11:21 am

    What a revolutionary idea !
    We used to do it every 2 hours - that was 30 years ago ............ call this an improvement?

  • Comment on: Practice nurses under 'additional pressure'

    Lynnie's comment 5 March, 2011 11:30 am

    I have been a practice nurse on and off for the past 20 years. Over this period of time the job has changed dramatically. We now do much of the chronic disease management that was formally done by GP’s, as well as seeing more patients who would have been referred to specialist services. As care has moved from secondary care into primary care we have taken on much of the burden of follow-up for patients too – removing sutures, dressings, advice and support for patients discharged early from hospital. Along with this we are constantly faced with the changing agenda of government policy which is quick to bring in new guidelines but spends little time evaluating whether the changes have actually worked. Our PCT did employ an experienced practice nurse who was the co-ordinator in the area but she was the first to be made redundant with this wave of changes. She was invaluable for support, training and co-ordination of services but above all she gave us a voice in the PCT which we no longer have. GP’s will be forming consortiums on the basis that they know where the care is needed and which services should be commissioned for patients – but we have a different perspective on care and should have some say in the way these services are organised. But – no point in ranting – nobody’s listening anyway !

  • Comment on: 'Nurses must meet their own spiritual needs, not just those of their patients'

    Lynnie's comment 25 July, 2010 2:25 pm

    Hmmmm - didnt a nurse get into problems recently for this very thing? I seem to remember and article not too long ago in the Nursing Times about a nurse who offered to pray for her patient and was suspended when the patient complained that 'somebody might be offended' by it.
    I think keeping your views to yourself might the be the best policy and leaving patients to have their spiritual guidance from their 'chosen provider' would be at least the safest option for us.

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