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  • Comment on: Are junior doctors right to strike over seven-day working?

    A C's comment 3 May, 2016 9:34 pm

    I totally support the doctors and agree with the comments above. Are we really naive enough to believe that our colleagues who we all know already work often without meal breaks, over long hours, often putting themselves on the line every day for patients are prepared to strike over a simple and ultimately harmless but necessary change to their contracts?
    The government would have us believe that they will be working "fewer hours" than ever, but that these will be spread "more effectively" over 7 days at no extra cost. So something for nothing - which is always possible in the NHS - especially if you call blood sweat and tears nothing. Even those members of the public who can't follow the arguments due to all the spin don't buy it.
    The truth is that any enforceable safeguards which prevent Doctors from being asked to work too many hours by managers are being removed in these contracts. leaving the same work force to cover the same services, while being compelled to cover more weekend services than they already do - on even lower pay. Ultimately more work, by fewer than ever staff, for less money.
    Go to Scotland junior doctors where you will be cared for. Or fly abroad where you will be paid for what you do, forget this NHS that you love because very soon it will no longer exist. There is far too much profit to be had in sickness and death to let our perhaps 'humanly imperfect' but ultimately altruistic NHS continue. US health insurers and care providers need to move in because they have to make more profit,to them we are the past and we are in their way. A feeding frenzy is about to begin, Cameron is set to introduce TTIP at which point it will be possible for private companies to sue any government in Europe that creates any law which stands in the way of profit. A 7 day NHS - for 7 days of profit - not for patients.