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Aaron Bate

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Comments (3)

  • Comment on: Suicidal patients go unnoticed in A&E

    Aaron Bate's comment 2 August, 2010 5:57 pm

    As a mental health nurse i just dont know what the f**k people who work in A+E are expected to do?
    The amount of patients that come into pysch units form A + E is a massive represntation of people on the unfair is this on A+E to be expected to spot those who are at risk?
    Before some smart arse pops up...yes there is psych liason in most A +E, nut its not like the telly on casualty where that fit RMN works shifts and does the same job as evryone else but somehow manages to sort out every person with a mental health problem in each episode.
    But most psych liason i know of runs 9-5 mon-fri, which im geussing isnt the time that A+E is at its busiest?
    Yeah they can make a refferal to crisis teams...but you'd think with word crisis that it would be a quick service...not a six-seven hour wait, where A +E staff are trying to keep an eye them so they dont go off the ward as well as deal with every other patient that walks in?
    if 1 in 3 people have mental illness...would it not be sensible to have a rmn on every shift in a + e , do they do these pead nurses? im not sure...but whats the point of publishing research like that to make peope feel shit about themselves about an area they aren't trained in...but expected to be experts in!!!

  • Comment on: The ice cream that changed my approach to nursing

    Aaron Bate's comment 27 May, 2010 0:18 am

    Is this not an example for nurses to adopt solution focused approaches? please read or google steve de-sheza or sfbt....if we start to look and embrace "how" things are working rather than "why"...we might enjoy ourselves and the people we look after might be slightly happier...thats a beautiful piece of writing, thankyou for doing that article

  • Comment on: Student nurses call for longer clinical placements

    Aaron Bate's comment 11 May, 2010 5:30 pm

    Here, here for the anon student on the 10th may, I hated my general placement...the people who were in need of looking after were great, but the staff who some how thought i was lazy for wanting to spend half an hour talking to patients about the weather, football, politics etc instead of pretending to work at the nurses station where i could have read OK amgazine instead thought it was wrong for me want to get to know patients.....glad my general placement was only four weeks!