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  • Could statins treat common cause of vision loss?

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 7 October, 2016 7:04 pm

    This is really a poor study and can mislead doctors of all types to prescribe a drug that may ultimately make macular degeneration worse? Cholesterol is a shuttle system that carotenoids in the xanthophyl family use to get to the end organ . The eye needs lutein , zeaxanthin and meso zeaxanthin to keep macular pigment density at a level that is protective to the macula. If these levels drop because cholesterol has been lowered too much then progressive geographic atrophy of the macular is quite possible. Also lowering cholesterol too much may have negative impact on cognitive abilities and increase risk of dementia. So think twice before prescribing statins for armd. Long term studies are needed. Just like these long term studies now showing high dosage of zinc is actually bad for certain patients with armd based on their Dna. Dr Michael Lange.

  • Stem cells used to improve low vision

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 23 July, 2015 0:48 am

    Stem cells will be taking patients out of the dark soon. We are now having great results using stem cells via amniotic membranes on corneal problems. The stem cell for retina will take a bit longer to perfect . Dr Michael Lange

  • Aspirin no help for sight loss in the elderly

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 23 July, 2015 0:46 am

    These patients may benefit from a half a baby aspirin along with a tg form omega 3 fish oil at bed time, of course another great idea is for them to take a supplement with lutein , zeaxanthin and astaxanthin along with a soft or hard boiled egg. the phospholipids in the egg help the carotenoids absorb into the retina. Dr Michael Lange

  • Number of people with AMD predicted to rise

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 5 August, 2014 0:27 am

    I have had great success at the Lange Eye Institute using nutrition to help patients with macular degeneration. I recommend all armd patients consume more foods that exhibit anti vegf activity like green tea, red wine ( pino noir) , gogi berries and organic miso soup . I also recommend consuming more dark green leafy vegetables for the lutein, orange bell peppers and gogi berries for the zeaxanthin and wild Alaskan salmon for the astaxanthin. I also recommend making sure vitamin d levels are above 70 and omega index is above 8.5%. If patients will do this and practice weight management along with cardio exercise we will see much less macular degeneration blindness.

  • Aspirin linked to macular degeneration

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 5 August, 2014 0:04 am

    I don't recommend stopping aspirin therapy on patients at high risk for stroke or heart attack. I do however recommend adjusting their diet to consist of more dark green leafy vegetables , orange bell peppers and wild Alaskan salmon. There carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin are crucial for all macular degeneration patients . I also recommend doing DNA test to see if the patient needs zinc or zinc is bad for their retina. Without doing a DNA test for armd I recommend No Zinc!!

  • 'Sight-saving' drug approval hailed

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 6 July, 2014 3:44 pm

    The key is early detection! Proper nutrition thru dietary changes and proper supplementation may help prevent the dry form from turning into the wet form. Anti veg f drugs like lucentis, avastin and eyelea are fantastic and have really helped the treatment protocol; of our wet ARMD patients. New DNA studies prove that a high percentage of patients with armd genes are harmed by high dose zinc. So be careful when recommending zinc to your patients. A dna test will let you know if zinc is good or bad? if you don't know recommend a zinc free macular defense vitamin. Exciting research may bring a topical drop to the market that has anti veg f activity similar to the injectable drugs. A drop will be able to be used by local optometrists so it will improve accessibility to patients in rural areas. This will help decrease the chances of your patients going blind from this disease. Michael Lange OD

  • Eating oily fish 'can extend life' by more than two years

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 6 July, 2014 3:35 pm

    I recommend taking triglyceride form omega 3 like Nordic Naturals or Fortifeye Super Omega ! The levels I have studies for years that will bring the omega index over 8% (hearth healthy zone) is between 850-900 epa and 550-600 dha. This is 2 gel caps of Fortifeye and 3 gel caps of Nordic. If you cant get either one of these brands then recommend a liquid form that you can purchase otc in many countries. Most liquid fish oils are in the tg from. most otc gel cap fish oils are ethyl ester form that I recommend staying away from. Michael Lange OD

  • Eating fish may fight AMD sight loss

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 6 July, 2014 3:28 pm

    I have been using nutrition for macular degeneration patients for over 22 years. I agree that patients with an omega index above 8 ( the heart healthy zone) have a decreased risk of macular degeneration. Omega 3 lowers triglycerides, lowers crp, improves circulation, acts as a shuttle system for the important macular carotenoids like lutein, zeaxanthin and meso zeaxanthin. Omega 3 also helps astaxanthin cross the blood retinal barrier. I think we should all recommend our patients to consume more good quality wild fish like salmon, herring, mackaral and sardines. If you cant consume mush fish then take a good triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil, the dosage I have been studying at Lange Eye Care and The Lange Eye Institute is 1600 mg of EPA and 580 dha. Most otc fish oils are ethyl ester so be careful with these , this type is very unstable and goes rancid quickly, also a very inefficient omega 3 must pass thru liver to cleave off the ethanol molecule and replace with tg molecule before absorbing to blood. so start with tg (triglyceride) molecule to begin with. Michael Lange OD

  • How do you spot the signs of dehydration?

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 14 December, 2013 0:31 am

    I recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of good water. Good water is spring water in glass bottles. Stay away from reverse osmosis water and distilled water since both are very acidic and leached of any minerals. New science indicates that due to the laws of osmosis minearls may leach out of your body into the water you drinking and this could cause some serious issues later on. So dont drink it unless it says spring water and drink from a BPA plastic or glass. I also like to add coconut water to my patients daily regiment since it has some potassium and magnesium! If an extreme athlete drink coconut water instead of sugary dyed sports drinks and add a little pink sea salt.

  • Could being kept in the dark cure lazy eye?

    Dr. Michael Lange's comment 8 December, 2013 4:23 pm

    Amblyopia therapy is very effective if the child is detected early. This is why it is imperative to have a child evaluated as early as six months of age if the eye turns in , out , up or down. Amblyopia therapy can be done successfully by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. We really have to detect these kids by 2-3 years age to get great results, however I have had great results in children at the ages of 7 and 8.

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