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  • Baby death investigation uncovers systemic failings at trust

    HCA1972's comment 24 February, 2016 1:34 pm

    Falsifying the Babies records,( Fraud ) The midwife claimed she was told to make the changes by Angela Hughes who carried out the Original Investigation into the babies death.Hardly an Independent Investigation is it? You have a Supervisor Investigating the babies death who then goes on to tell the Midwife to Falsify the records.SHOCKING.

  • Bullying may have worse long-term effects than child abuse

    HCA1972's comment 3 December, 2015 2:14 pm

    I was bullied and Harassed out of a Job I loved.The bullies and harassers are still there.What happened to me is a form of psychological Rape.I am still suffering the effects now.

  • Senior nurses urged to tackle 'shameful' NHS bullying stats

    HCA1972's comment 3 December, 2015 2:11 pm

    Human Resources are not here for us ordinary workers.They are there to protect management and senior nursing staff.The whole damn system is corrupt.

  • Senior nurses urged to tackle 'shameful' NHS bullying stats

    HCA1972's comment 3 December, 2015 2:08 pm

    From my personal Experience of working for the NHS I found it was the senior nurses who were the Bullies.Management had poor conflict resolution skills and actually took part in the bullying themselves.

  • Francis to end 'climate of fear' as NHS whistleblowing review begins

    HCA1972's comment 19 August, 2014 10:15 pm

    I am a HCA and I have been working for my local Hospital for 15 months.I raised concerns in 2013 over poor patient Care,neglect,My manager showed my concerns without my consent to my colleagues.This has resulted in a systematic Campaign of Harassment and bullying against me.I lodged a grievance in and now I am being Harassed from managers,HR Department and colleagues which is still ongoing.It has got to so bad I am now under the care of the Psychiatric Home team who visit patients in their own home as an alternative to hospital admission.I have been forced to take time off of work due to what is happening.My concerns up to now have still not been Investigated.I have applied for many Jobs in the NHS and have not been successful.I have suffered from detrimental Treatment,ongoing Harassment.I am a carer and I care about the patients.They are not statistics,Bed numbers.They are human beings with feelings and deserve to treated with dignity and Respect.I believe I am being hounded out of a Job I once loved.There needs to be more support for people willing to speak out concerning what they see.I am now being bullied by the HR department and my Manager has concealed Malpractice in the workplace and has refused to take my concerns seriously and is now responsible for harassing me and the HR Department has been doing the same thing.I dont know what my future holds for me at the moment.

  • 'Dedicated' nurse wins payout after receiving threats for blowing whistle

    HCA1972's comment 7 July, 2014 7:55 pm

    I am a HCA and I have spoken out and raised Concerns on Patient Safety Issues since 2013 on a ward I work on in the NHS.Nothing has been done and sadly things have gone from Bad to worse for me.I have been subjected to Harassment and bullying.Malicious complaints have been made against me.I am still working but currently off sick due to what is happening at work.I am now waiting for a disciplinary hearing because another Malicious complaint has been made against me.It has and still is very stressful for me to cope with.My number one priority are the patients.They come first.I have been labelled as some sort of a troublemaker.I have been keeping a diary for over a year and I have dates,times of when things have happened.There should be more protection for people who speak up regarding poor patient Care but sadly this is not the case.Things need to change.I have applied for many jobs and had lots of Interviews but so far I have not managed to secure different employment.I am not sure how this is all going to end up for me.

  • NHS chief execs should 'beg' nursing staff to raise concerns

    HCA1972's comment 17 June, 2014 1:50 pm

    I think it should be made compulsory that Chief Executives of a Hospital are Informed when an NHS worker raises a concern on a particular ward they work in, in regards to Poor Patient Neglect and duty of care.
    I also believe there should be more support and protection when the whistle is blown on poor service.Employees seem to think that HR is on their side and there to help them.this is a Myth.The HR department are there to protect your employer,Not you.
    I have personal experience of this which is still on-going.