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  • 'I want to be confident in my actions but humble too'

    Dean Berry's comment 1 October, 2012 11:58 am

    Well done Faye, really good to read your positive attitude and approach to the "caring profession". Nursing is difficult and challenging and it's not always easy to put my difficult feelings of the day aside to provide my professional, upbeat "unconditional positive regard" for my patients, but it is by reminding myself about the common goal and why I became a nurse that helps get me through, and provide balance to the demoralising parts of the job.
    Keep it up and good luck!

  • World Cup criticised for promoting fast foods

    Dean Berry's comment 3 June, 2010 9:40 pm

    Coca Cola Corp. and McDonalds Corp. would like to remind the public of all age groups that consuming their crap in moderation will kill you moderately slower... or some other propaganda "Product health information"

    Unsuitable or offensive? .... err which one, Coca Cola or McDonalds?

  • Oh, to be ruled by bloggers, ice skaters and Lady Gaga

    Dean Berry's comment 13 May, 2010 2:48 pm

    Thanks for my regular doses of wit that helped me through my nurse training and still help me laugh instead of cry with despair at our worlds insanity.
    Always valid and insightful points made, like my favorite medical series Scrubs.

  • Upload of patient care records suspended

    Dean Berry's comment 23 April, 2010 2:33 am gives explanation and opt out letter template

  • Call to ban trans fats to cut heart attacks

    Dean Berry's comment 23 April, 2010 2:28 am

    If u want the lowdown on good & bad fats check out Udo Erasmus

  • Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be a Jedi?

    Dean Berry's comment 20 February, 2010 4:48 pm

    Ha Ha!! i scrolled down this story half expecting to see me being named and 'shamed' as one of the people who put 'Jedi' as my faith when replying for my PIN. I see it simply as personal choice and if 40000 of us aspire to learn the ways of the Force then i am inspired. If i want to rebel against the system i start to think for myself. ooooh! send out the thought police

    BIG PHARMA. Most of us have eaten the gifts of the Pharmaceutical Reps, often fruit (coz they care about our health) or accepted their pens (coz they know we get through about 2 pens a day with the amount of paperwork we have to do) or their keyrings (coz they care about us and don't want us to lose our keys). We know how it works in GP surgerys' and hospitals, "You buy £Multi-million worth of products from us and we'll give you a tenners worth of cakes and donuts. Oops i mean fruit coz we care about you... here have a swine flu jab keyring for the panicdemic that we made up to make more £"

    Anyway where was i before my sarcasm got the better of me. Oh yeah, selling out.
    Next time you need to procrastinate from that essay or FLAP course turds, sorry, Logs, then google Big Pharma to see how the health system has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical companies.

    ps. hope nobody finds this comment offensive, but i been diagnosed with 'sarky tongue "conspiracy theory"-so-can't-be-true cynicism syndrome. Luckily Bill Gates has decided against spending $10B on infrastructure, but instead on vaccines, so the 3rd world can live on a $1 a day in "good health" and i can get a jab for my diagnosis.